PLANEKS Wins Clutch 2022 Leaders Award for Top Python & Django Developers

PLANEKS Wins Clutch 2022 Leaders Award for Top Python & Django Developers

Technology is the biggest gift to our generation. Here at PLANEKS, we help you turn your ideas — whether it’s simple or complex — into life. Located in the heart of Kyiv, Ukraine, our team is filled with passionate professionals dedicated to helping you achieve your digital goals. We pride ourselves on our love for our clients. They are the reason why we continue to grow and thrive.

It’s because of their support and great reviews that we celebrate a wonderful milestone today. Just recently, we caught wind that PLANEKS was ranked as one of the best-performing companies on Clutch, a development research site. Our team was recognized for its dedication and excellence in Python & Django development!

For further context, Clutch is an independent review and ratings platform designed to help browsers go through different B2B markets across the globe. Each and every year, analysts from the site go through a meticulous evaluation to see which service providers stand out. One of the biggest factors taken into consideration for these Leaders Awards is client reviews. Knowing that our clients’ played a huge role in helping us achieve this award is truly empowering.

Thank you so much to each and everyone who believed in us! This award is a collective effort. Without your trust and great reviews, we wouldn’t be celebrating this moment.

“The most impressive thing about the team is their ability to get the job done exactly correctly when clear instructions are given. We see rock-solid deliverables from PLANEKS every time.”

General Manager, Diversified Media Company

“Plenty of agencies will accept any project for the money, but PLANEKS did their due diligence to ensure that we, collectively, would be successful.”

Founder, GMDY

At PLANEKS, we have a lot to offer besides Python development services. We’re not a five-star partner for no reason. Send us a message and let’s get down to business.

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