10 Reasons Why Remote Work Is the Future

A few years ago, one of the main questions in finding a job was the office: the location, the layout, a shared kitchen and some other points that used to seem important. Things that influence decision making are changing rapidly. For example, according to a study by FreshBooks, a cloud-based accounting company, the number of freelance and remote workers is set to triple by the year 2020. According to other reliable sources, remote jobs are the future of work. So, what is the reason? Why is remote work gaining more and more popularity? Let’s figure it out with an example of work at an IT company!

1. Work-life balance

Work-life balance is one benefit that often comes to mind first when thinking about remote work. Working remotely you are the king of your schedule. Attending doctor’s appointments, picking up the children from school, visiting the gym, cooking or even meeting a friend for a cup of coffee can all be done easily when you work from home.

2. The office can be anywhere

Remote work is not only working from your home. You can also work from anywhere (of course, find wifi first). And I am not even talking about the nearest cafe: you can do your job while traveling, moving to another city, listening to music at a live concert or enjoying perfect weather at the park. Remote work is a great opportunity to do whatever you want in your life without the fear of losing your job.

3. Dream office

Who ever said that a home office is boring? Imagine an office in which there are no restrictions. Pink walls, fluffy animals, perfect music or a favorite blanket. Everything is possible when you’re in charge! Are you still arguing about air conditioning with workmates? Forget that! You can have your office wherever it suits you.

4. Time and money savings

No need to worry about traffic jams or crowded public transport nor waste time on it. And you can also save on clothes and petrol costs. No more dress code: work in your favorite unicorn t-shirt and forget about ties and suits. What could be better?

5. Huge environmental help

The existing telecommuting population (3.9 million employees) reduces greenhouse gas emissions by the equivalent of taking 600,000 cars off the road for one year, according to the “State of Telecommuting in the U.S. Employee Workforce” report. By staying at home, you help reduce emissions. Needless to say, there will be less use of paper, water, and electricity which also has a positive effect on the environmental.

6. Productivity

The FlexJobs annual survey found that 66% of professionals think they would be more productive working remotely than in a traditional office, with 52% saying they go home or to their home office when they really need to buckle down and get some work done. Since working from home is quieter, there are fewer distractions and less disturbance from your colleagues. According to the researchers, working from home helps you concentrate and perform tasks more efficiently. That is because you control your working situation yourself.

7. Flexibility

Early bird? Or night owl? Feeling more efficient in the evening? Pick the working hours comfortable for you. It is also worth considering the fact that now during work you are able to do things that were not allowed in the office: 10 minutes yoga or a spot of gardening. You are guaranteed to come back feeling more refreshed than you would after 10-minutes rest.

8. Health

Working from home can lead to better health in a variety of ways, such as: healthier homemade food, more time for sports activities, a reduction in the risk of getting a cold, less stress and pressure, and the possibility of arranging a more comfortable workplace.

9. Efficiency

Since you cannot discuss working issues with a cup of coffee all day, you need to be more inventive and faster. Just one click and you have already organized a meeting with 5 people and it only took a minute instead of forty five . Calls are made in an instant. Your colleagues work more efficiently and results are achieved faster. Isn’t it really great to find the one you need in seconds, and not waste so much time searching for an office? Furthermore, do not forget that you will value your time more and this will also give an excellent impetus to your efficiency.

10. Independence and Knowledge

On the one hand, it may seem that you are completely alone and there is no one nearby who will answer all your questions. Honestly, your colleagues are still with you, but online and of course you can still ask them questions and get help if you need to. However, at the same time, in front of you, the possibility opens to find a solution by yourself.

Moreover, you will also end up with some skills simply because you need them to work well remotely. In remote work, there are numerous emails and video calls, and you will notice over time, that you’re writing more clearly. You now know exactly what you need: you can easily and comprehensively formulate ideas and you have become a great listener.

Summing up, look again at these 10 reasons your life can be different when you work remotely and decide to change your life for the better with PLANEKS!

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