Flask Development Services

Flask Development Services


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PLANEKS is a Flask and Python web development company. Our clients are startups, small businesses, and enterprises that need our engineering expertise to boost their operations and step up their game. In this effort, these companies can benefit from Flask development more than Python or Django. If you need help with Flask web development, you’ve come to the right place.


What Is Flask?

Flask is an open-source Python microframework. It is lightweight and easy to set up, yet powerful tool for both front-end or full-stack apps and software development. It provides unique flexibility and can be perfect for large and complex apps. It was designed with minimum functionality out of the box, but it can be easily enriched with libraries and extensions. It allows engineers to play with it, tweak and twist its functionality to achieve the best results for the project.

Built-in Development Server & Fast Debugger

Flask provides multiple built-in ways to run a development server and has a well-designed debugging mode.

Easy Work with Databases

The framework optimizes work with databases using SQLAlchemy with PostgreSQL and Alembic for DB migrations.

Support for Unit Testing

Flask provides a way to test individual units of your application using a stripped-down version of the CultureMesh FFB app.

Request Dispatching Using REST

Within its ecosystem, Flask provides a variety of libs to implement the OpenAPI standard. Its Open Oriented Design code base is easily extendable to create RESTful views.

Templating Using Jinja2

This is a template engine for Python and is free to use. It allows you to build the basic layouts and to minimize the number of changes to be made.

Secure Cookies Support

Flask helps you solve several security challenges, allowing you to configure cookie settings and providing multiple security measures out of the box.

What Are the Most Popular Tools to Be Used With Flask?

The Technologies Often Used with Flask

Learn which solutions we typically use when developing web applications with Flask.


Python is one of the most in-demand programming languages on the market and one of the hottest trends. This general-purpose technology allows you to build virtually any tech solution.


PostgreSQL is a powerful open-source RDBMS that is extensible and compliant with SQL. It works well with a wide range of data types and is a top choice for projects that demand scalability.

Celery and Redis

Celery and Redis represent the task distribution tech stack used to improve and optimize the application's performance. These technologies are often used in building scalable and flexible enterprise-level solutions.

React JS

React is one of the most widely used front-end frameworks. It provides convenient access to the view layer of all components, allows the use of versatile components to create complex yet scalable solutions, and has a great ecosystem.

Vue JS

Vue.js is another popular JS framework with a simple syntax and great architecture, making speedy and flexible development much easier. It also helps developers ensure the optimal performance of the app or software.


Docker is an ecosystem of PaaS products used for the virtualization and containerization of software applications. It’s a great option if you need to ensure agility, scalability, and excellent performance.


Flask Services and Solutions

For a backend, we provide offshore Flask development services to many companies around the globe. This open-source technology is compatible with virtually any database, operating system, or tech stack. We have experience building server-side functionality that powers multiple web and mobile applications.

Hiring Flask Developers

Are you looking for a way to extend an in-house team of specialists? We will help you tap into the global tech talent pool and hire experienced Flask & Python developers to complement the expertise you already have. Whether you are looking for a single engineer or a whole team of experts, we are here for you!

Flask App Development

Have you been looking for an offshore Flask development vendor? Need a helping hand with the engineering of a Flask-based web application? PLANEKS has a strong pool of experts with versatile technical expertise. We also have a portfolio of successfully delivered projects across several domains.

Web App Development

Experts at PLANEKS build scalable and well-performing applications that help our clients introduce new products to the market, streamline their processes, and expand their operations. Our wide domain expertise and unique technical expertise have helped several dozens of startups and small-to-midsize businesses worldwide.

API Development and Integration

Flask has built-in support for API development, allowing you to take advantage of the massive amounts of structured data without processing it yourself. If your outsourcing project requires API integration or even development from scratch, our experts can help you even with the most complex API.

Migration to Flask

If Flask wasn’t a part of your tech stack initially, but you would like to migrate your software to it, we can help you with that as well. Our experts will carefully examine your project and its architecture, plan the migration, and meticulously execute it. We will ensure the integrity of your data and the transparency of the process.

Python and Flask Version Update

Upgrading your software can be a challenging task. It might turn into a nightmare if you need to migrate over several major versions. Here at PLANEKS, we will help you prepare for, plan, account for any dependencies, resolve any deprecation warnings, and successfully upgrade your app to the version of your choice.

Hire Offshore Flask Developers

If you are in dire need of top-notch Flask development services, choose an agency that will care about your project. Choose a company with experienced engineers, extensive knowledge, and relevant domain expertise. Opt for a vendor that will become your trusted tech partner. Choose PLANEKS.


Our Expertise


Advance your electronic health records (EHR) or electronic medical record (EMR) systems. We can also help with processes automation or other niche web applications for other needs of small-to-medium private practices, clinics, and labs.


Improve the online presence or expand to new marketplaces. We also support our clients with automating processes and integrating various APIs, such as payment gateways and third-party APIs for delivery, tracking, and other services.

MVP Development

Impress your potential investors, clarify the requirements, and see how the market responds to your idea in general. We provide prototyping and rapid MVP development services with attention to detail, business goals, and tech requirements.
MVP Development Services

eSports and Live Streaming

Enhance your live-streaming platform or introduce a new part of the supporting ecosystem. Our experts can help you with eSports feed coverage, gaming chats, payment solution integrations, forums, or any other type of software development.
eSports and Live Streaming

Software Development for Startups

Benefit from our extensive expertise in working with various startups. We understand your needs and concerns and will provide you with excellent software development services, regardless of the size of your startup or the complexity of your technical challenge.
Software Development Services for Startups


Automate your processes and make informed decisions. PLANEKS can help you with data analytics solutions, administrative portals for documentation management, or complex industrial automation solutions to tackle process control.

Here’s why you should approach PLANEKS

Our Benefits

Why Choose PLANEKS as Your Flask Software Development Company


Going an Extra Mile

Our portfolio consists of over 150 successfully completed projects for more than 100 clients. One of the things that our clients value is the way we treat every project—as our own. Focusing on the needs and expectations of your company, we analyze requirements, interview stakeholders, meticulously plan our work and find the best way to complete every task and help your business bloom.

Expertise Working in Dedicated Environments

Planning to hire Flask developers at PLANEKS? You will not only get a team of experienced engineers but also benefit from our unique expertise of working as dedicated engineers in the teams of our clients. All of our experts apply their technical knowledge, experience, attention, and time to deliver the best results for your project. Whatever your request is— we are here to help you succeed.

Deep Expertise in Python Development

We won’t say we are the best Flask development company, but our expertise goes beyond just Flask engineering. Our experts specialize in Python and everything related to it. They know everything about this tech stack, what type of solutions can be built, the best practices and potential challenges, what domains and businesses can benefit most from such services, and much more.

Flexible and Responsive Teams

Another thing we are proud of is our flexibility and adaptability towards the needs of our clients. Whether you need to hire a single engineer or a whole team, scale the size of the project or involvement of our specialists, adjust the scope of work—we will find a way to adapt to your needs and achieve the best possible results without compromising the quality of our work or integrity of your project.

Reasonable Price

Working with many startups and small-to-medium businesses, we understand that our clients expect us to respect their budgets and make smart decisions. Before the project begins, we will carefully analyze your request, estimate the scope of tasks, schedule the delivery process and agree on major milestones for your project. You will be able to see where your money is going and what you are getting for it.

Startup-Focused Approach

Over the years, we have helped more than 50 startups to launch their products and break into the market. You may even say that this is our specialty. We understand the business and technical challenges of such projects, as well as the amount of work that goes into them. We will take care of every aspect of your project during every phase, from planning, through development, to post-production support.
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