Dashboard Development Services

Dashboard Development Services

Dashboard applications are the best way to make the most out of your business-generated data, as you can monitor, track, and analyze key metrics related to your company’s operations.

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By ordering certified dashboard development services from us, you can obtain the full capacity of your data with the power of a bespoke solution tailored to your specific requirements. Our team of experts specializes in delivering top-notch software solutions that optimize monitoring, processing, and organizing essential business indicators. We will eagerly implement an intuitive dashboard, which will deliver a clear view of your company’s details in real time and assist in identifying trends and opportunities to accelerate growth and achieve success.


Our Services

PLANEKS team will eagerly provide you with unlimited data representation forms, such as graphs, charts, and tables, which transform your raw data into comprehensive details for informed, smart decisions.

Custom Dashboard Development

The custom dashboard development process comprises creating a personalized dashboard to meet the specific needs of your business activities. We conduct thorough initial research of your demands to develop the most relevant solutions for your business. As an output, you’ll get a personalized, efficacious, and meaningful dashboard for a company. The key purpose of customized dashboard development is to ensure a centralized location for the business to view, track, and process its data and make data-driven decisions. Our qualified software engineers will apply the best approaches to make it intuitive and visually appealing and implement exclusive, maximum-relevant functionality for your specific case.

Dashboard Maintenance

Dashboard maintenance and support services are a vital part of our offshore tech agency expertise. Our critical mission is to upkeep your dashboard product and help you get the most out of it. Continuous support ensures that your dashboard always functions correctly, remains up-to-date, and provides accurate and relevant information to users. Within this process, we include software updates, bug fixes, data refresh and validation, performance tuning, and user support. Regular performance and operation tracking are integral to its long-term reliability, security, and usefulness. The goal of dashboard maintenance is to ensure that the dashboard continues to meet the evolving needs and requirements of the organization and to ensure value to your business.

API Integration

Our dashboard development company will execute a seamless API integration for your dashboard platform. This process enables communication and data exchange between a dashboard application and one or more external APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). This allows the dashboard app to access, retrieve, and display real-time data from external sources, such as databases, cloud services, and other third-party applications. Smooth API integration enables instant updates of the extracted and assembled data from various sources, delivering an all-in-one hub for metrics and indicators. At PLANEKS, we will integrate the required range of data sources for further visualization through graphs, charts, and tables.
API Development Services

Dashboard Integration

Combine various data sources into a single, unified interface that provides real-time insights and analysis. Dashboard integration allows organizations to monitor, manage, and visualize important business metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in a fully-fledged, user-friendly approach. Dashboard integration solutions involve using software tools and technologies, such as data warehousing, Business Intelligence, and third-party dashboard software, to gather, process and display data in meaningful ways. With a dashboard integration, you can optimize information access, accelerate decision-making, and enhance overall company efficiency and performance.

Data-Driven Report Generation

Data-driven report generation enables you to use meaningful reports based on data insights. It retrieves information from diverse environments, storages, and repositories. Empowered with data analysis, the reports will become truly indispensable assistants for your business. They will help you primarily consider the organization's performance and operations as well as create effective plans. Data-driven report generation services incorporate the use of specialized software, such as Business Intelligence tools, data visualization solutions, or custom applications, to collect, process, and present data accurately and concisely.

Data Visualization

This enables the graphical representation of information to enable better comprehension, research, and accurate decision-making. The aim of data visualization is to transform complex and large datasets into easily understandable and actionable insights. charts, graphs, maps, and dashboards grasp data visually and make it more transparent. As a result, valuable details are much easier to perceive and grasp the details which could remain hidden before. Aside from that, you will be able to easily identify patterns, trends, risks, and correlations in your data, which will provide the opportunity to take more reasonable, wise, and strategic steps. This results in overall business enhancement and renovation.
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How you can benefit from custom dashboards

Benefits of Custom Dashboards

Customized Visual Insights

Dashboards can be designed to display specific data points and KPIs in a highly readable and easy-to-understand format, making it simple to gain insights into performance, as well as control the progress and patterns. Made-to-order solutions will have only the required functionality having all the features crucial for your business implemented, and lacking the excessive and irrelevant ones.

Easy Performance Monitoring

Dashboards allow businesses to monitor performance metrics and their dynamics in real-time, helping them to stay informed and take timely steps. The required indicators vary from business to business so that you can track the most valuable metrics within your case. This will help you detect weak spots and efficiency within the organization.

Detailed Reports

You can configure your dashboard to generate comprehensive reports in order to support decision-making, view and monitor progress, and detect areas for renovation and upgrading. With an in-depth understanding of your company’s internal details, you will define new ways to expand and boost your business in an innovative way.

Facilitated Decision-Making Process

As a data hub that comprises a readable, comprehensive representation of the business-related details, a dashboard solution will significantly ease up the process of making decisions associated with the company. Market indicators, tendencies, and trends become more transparent and easy to view. Therefore, with our dashboard development company, you will get software that will show a clear and clear picture of all your business processes which eases the process of developing the right strategy.

Broaden your business opportunities with a dashboard app

Our Tech Stack

With Python, Django, and Flask we form the backbone of the dashboard software, making use of the required framework for handling and processing data. Django and Flask frameworks can be applied to design the core system. One of the valuable benefits of Django is the built-in admin panel. It ensures a model-centric interface with which you can manage content on your platform.

API (FastAPI, Django REST framework)

Such API instruments as FastAPI or Django REST framework ensure a seamless, secure, and efficient method to access the data stored in the back-end, allowing the front-end to display data dynamically in real time, which is a critical feature for any data visualization system. An API also connects the front end with the data storage layer.

Visualization (AmCharts, Google Charts, Matplotlib)

AmCharts, Google Charts, and Matplotlib are the visualization tools used to turn data into an accessible and visually appealing picture that will be easy to view and understand. Such instruments are used to design interactive charts, graphs, and other visualizations to display data in a required way that makes it easy to grasp and act on.

Data storage (MySQL, PostgreSQL)

MySQL and PostgreSQL are the databases used to store the information that is being displayed on the dashboard. The listed database management systems are great options for keeping data such as customer information, sales data, and all possible business information. They also deliver seamless access and integration with the dashboard application.

Cloud (AWS, Heroku, Google Cloud)

AWS, Heroku, and Google Cloud are cloud platforms that can provide the essential infrastructure to host and run the dashboard application. This list of cloud technologies can be used to deploy the dashboard and make it accessible to users from anywhere at any time.

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