Outsource Software Development for Startups

Outsource Software Development for Startups


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Do you have a great idea and need help bringing it to life? Looking for a tech partner for end-to-end software development for your startup? Trying to locate the best app developers for startups? Want to make your idea bulletproof before committing to a long-term project? Need a prototype before you meet potential investors?

According to Projection Hub, B2C software startups generate $66,000 on average during the first 2 years while B2B tech startups receive about $450,000. Get your chance  to turn your startup into a unicorn with reliable software!

Here’s what we offer at PLANEKS

Whether you need to hire developers for a startup, develop an MVP, or create a complex solution – we are at your service. Our portfolio consists of 150+ projects for over 100 clients. We specialize in:

Custom Software Development

We provide a full cycle of software development services for startups. We have experience in designing, engineering, deployment, support, and scaling various software types such as eCommerce, eSports, eHealth, streaming apps, and industrial automation solutions. We partner with startups and SMEs to build software that lasts.
Offshore Software Development Services


A software prototype is a plain and simple piece of software, which requires no coding, creates a visual representation of basic features and flows in your application. We will help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of the future product before actual development to ensure you spend your budget on necessary features only.

Proof of Concept (PoC)

A proof of concept is typically a simple solution with minimum features and almost no design. It allows you to prove the feasibility of your idea to your investors or discuss it with the key stakeholders and internal experts to clarify the requirements. We will help you impress your partners with a great solution that is worth financing.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Development

MVP is a software prototype that is equipped with minimalistic design, core features, and basic infrastructure. We will engineer the first version of your big product that will be tested by real users. You can collect feedback, test the market response to your idea, make changes to your initial plan, and engage potential customers early on.
MVP Development Services

Product Development

We provide end-to-end services that include requirements analysis, planning, engineering, testing, and deployment of your product. You will be able to monitor the progress closely and regularly communicate with the engineering team.
Product Development Services


Migration to microservices is a needed step if you want to upgrade an existing product and introduce new features, components, or products. Our engineers will help you create the best plan for decomposing and decoupling existing services into a new cohesive architecture.

Web Apps

Our web developers will create a robust application, whether it is a customer service app, eCommerce web app, or enterprise web application, that includes but is not limited to a CRM, knowledge and learning management system, and web portal of any type.
Web App Development Services

SaaS Development

We build great teams that create legendary SaaS products. Our engineers will define and prioritize SaaS features, analyze the best customization and integration approaches, etc. We will make smart technology choices and consult you on deployment platforms.

Our services

Software development outsourcing for startups can be a tricky thing. You need to find a reliable tech partner who will understand your needs and help you jumpstart your best game. Here’s why 100+ clients have chosen us for professional development for startups:

Custom Development From Scratch

We have a profound understanding of processes and hands-on experience in building software for startups. It allows us to analyze your case and create tailored solutions that satisfy your needs. Our engineers will apply both their in-depth knowledge and the best software development practices to deliver a top-notch solution.

Smart Technology Selection

In each case, we apply a tech stack that allows us to build fast, secure, and scalable products. Our engineers will analyze your requirements and select the best approach, tools, and deployment platform. You will get detailed explanations about technological decisions and high-level architecture, along with recommendations for further scaling.

Scalable Solutions

Often startups suffer from the MVPs that cannot be scaled properly and turn out to be just a throwaway. Instead, you need a product that can withstand future growth and changes. As a software development company for startups, we build solutions that can be scaled easily and serve as a great starting point for further software development and the full-scale product launch.

Lean Approach

We understand how businesses work, so we know that requirements and market demand change, and businesses need to adapt. We are flexible in both our research and development. We adopt the principles of lean software development to deliver top results faster, empower you and let you focus on your business needs.
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Software development process for startups

Custom software development for startups differs in its nature from traditional software development. It requires more attention at the beginning, a profound understanding of requirements management, and a proper grasp of technology. Here at PLANEKS, we work a lot with startups, so we created the following roadmap:

Concept Development

To build a great product, we will start with a comprehensive analysis of your idea and related technical requirements. We will evaluate the chosen monetization strategy, growth expectations, and your business processes to select the best tech stack and set the solid ground for development.


To help you envision the final product, validate it with involved stakeholders, or pitch it to potential investors, we will create a prototype or develop a proof of concept (PoC). It also improves the understanding of the end-user journey and enhances the user experience before the actual development even begins.


A dedicated development team will design and develop every feature with great attention to details. We will help you get the software you need within the reasonable budget and according to the schedule. We will also provide you with the supporting documentation that describes milestones and technical decisions made in the process.


Nothing drives stakeholders or users crazier than bugs, crashes, and unstable performance.
In parallel with the development process, we provide both manual and automated testing of the application. We test the app's performance, stability, and security to ensure its running smoothly and according to specifications.


The next step is to deploy your application or software. Whether you choose to have everything on-premises or in the cloud, make sure to create a step-by-step deployment plan. If you decide to outsource software development services for your startup, make sure your provider/tech partner can do this for you.

Post-release Support

Once the product is deployed, it is critical to monitor its performance and make adjustments when needed. We will provide the necessary maintenance and help you optimize the application or its processes to achieve the best results. We can also scale your system once you are ready for it. Don't worry, we will take care of everything.


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Industries we serve

PLANEKS has a versatile industry and domain expertise portfolio, including financial services, media, hospitality and leisure, business services, and more. We have served over 20 industries, but these four domains got the biggest boost due to the pandemic:



Assets management software, data analytics solutions, admin portals and documentation management systems, industrial process controls as well as complex industrial automation.


Electronic health records (EHR) & electronic medical record (EMR) integration, telemedicine solutions, niche web apps for small-to-medium private practices and clinics.

If you are looking for the top offshore software development services for startups, PLANEKS is here for you. Whether you need a prototype to pitch your idea to investors, an MVP to test the market response to your idea, or full-cycle software development – we are here to help.

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