API Integration Services

API Integration Services


Award-winning API integration services for a reasonable price

PLANEKS provides custom API development and third-party API integration services. We help our clients expand their operations, make their applications and platforms feature-rich, provide better services to their own customers, and get results faster. API integration also helps you access massive amounts of structured data that are later processed and used within your service.

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What do we offer?

PLANEKS provides API development and integration services. We can help you improve your project functionality for an adequate cost.

Custom API Development & Integration

What is Application Programming Interface (API)? Think of a custom API as a data pipeline that connects two systems. These interfaces allow businesses to leverage large amounts of information without having to store it within the application.

Third-Party API Integration

What is a third-party API? It’s the type of API that allows you to use services provided by another company (e.g., run ads on Facebook) or benefit from a technical solution delivered as SaaS. You don’t have to build a solution from scratch.
Who are we?

We are an offshore API development company with experienced programmers and wide domain expertise.

Do you need to integrate an existing API into your project?

API Integration Solutions

API integrations help companies automate day-to-day tasks, enrich their technical solutions, gain a better understanding of their processes, connect their systems, and overall—provide better services to the clients. Here’s how we can help you.

Payment Gateway Integration

Choose one or several of the many gateways and systems that provide secure and fast processing options. To process payments faster, automate recurring plans and subscriptions, integrate your application or existing eCommerce platform with leading payment gateway APIs like PayPal and Stripe to process payments faster.

Marketing APIs

Gather information about your target audience, leads, current and past clients, daily activities, and tons of other things. Automate your marketing activities, improve your marketing campaigns, find new customers, and manage your tasks easily by integrating APIs like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Linkedin Ads.

Marketplace APIs

Have trouble tracking your stock? Need help with price optimization and repricing? Take care of billing and invoices, integrate shipping APIs, gather and analyze customers’ reviews, and much more by integrating marketplace APIs that include Amazon API, eBay API, and Etsy API.

SMS & Email APIs

Send SMS notifications and emails to your users. Such integrations allow you to target specific user groups, gather analytics, and provide instant notifications to your users. Integrations like Twilio, Sengrid, and Mailgun help you stay closer to your clients and receive feedback faster.

Social Network APIs

Connect any social network like Facebook and Twitter or use them as a single sign-on. Major networks have dedicated APIs that allow you to enrich your user profiles and get more data with our custom API integration services. Help your customers share your content and engage with other users.

Maps APIs

Whether you provide terrain orientation training or work on the next Uber app—you will need map integration. Add a map from Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, Bing, or any other routing service to your website or mobile application for more straightforward navigation, precise locations of your destinations, traffic predictions, street view, and/or saved places.

Healthcare APIs

Integrate a HIPAA-compliant API with your existing system to manage patient data, automate mundane processes, and gain better insights into the operational activities. You can optimize registration, scheduling, and data management with secure APIs like Healthjump API, Redox, and NextGen Healthcare.

eSports APIs

Keep your community tight: provide constant communication and updates. Add single sign-on solutions, enrich data analytics, provide streaming options, get game statistics, the latest news, and much more by using the capabilities of such application programming interfaces as Abios API, Twitch API, and Discord API.

Do you need a custom application programming interface?

Custom API Development

If you need a high-end API development and none of the existing solutions work for your case, we can create a custom API for you from scratch. Here’s what we can do for you.

Requirements Analysis

Our experts will thoroughly investigate your business needs and come up with a solution that will align with your goals perfectly.

Design and Implementation

We will compose a scalable and secure API that will integrate with your existing systems.


We will integrate the API with your application, website, or platform and set it up to bring maximum value.


Once we connect the API to your platform, we closely monitor it to ensure optimal performance and stability.
API Development & Integration

Whether you need an enterprise API integration or a simple connection to a third-party service, we can help!


Benefits of APIs and their integration

A properly developed or integrated API has multiple benefits to both the company and its customers. Here are just a few examples of the value API integration brings to any business.

Ease of Integration

APIs allow you to connect software components or even different systems easily. They share information, carry out various tasks, and streamline processes.


APIs are integral to modern systems and the digital transformation of legacy platforms, allowing businesses to transform their existing services.

Cost Reduction

Instead of complex software developed from scratch, companies can enjoy the benefits of existing solutions integrated via APIs.


APIs allow you to streamline and automate recurring processes and operations without dealing with them on your own.

Faster Development

If you are working on complex software or application, API integration allows you to speed up the development process and reduce the time-to-market significantly.

Access to a Large Amount of Data

You don’t have to create complex data solutions when you can access technical solutions someone has already created.

Need help with API and data integration?

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Why choose PLANEKS as your API integration company

In many cases, APIs are an integral part of success for many mobile and web applications, as well as other platforms. In order to successfully integrate an API or develop a top-notch custom API, you need a reliable tech partner that understands your business needs and can deliver high-quality services. Here’s why over 100 clients have chosen PLANEKS.

API Consulting

Before we start any work, we take a deep dive into your business. We carefully analyze your processes and technical requirements. After that, we assess an existing ecosystem and plan future integration. If we are working on a custom API, we plan integration points and evaluate the infrastructure.

Result-Oriented Approach

With over 150+ successful projects, we know how to get the job done. With every project, we focus on our clients' business goals and gather the team that delivers the expected results.


We understand that every step we take should be effective in terms of budget use. We will help you find the optimal API integration solution, properly plan the work, and deliver the final result in time.

Client-Oriented Approach

Your interest and business needs are at the heart of our services. No matter how small or big your project is, we will approach it with attention to every detail, relentlessness in finding the best approach, and consideration of every aspect.

API-Driven Approach

If you build a software solution from scratch, we can help you create a custom API. Then, we will build a whole ecosystem around it to ensure seamless integration, scalability, and stable performance.

Robust Tech Stack

As a web development agency for startups, we understand how important it is for our clients to make smart choices about their funding. We will help you plan the work and schedule and achieve the best possible results within your budget.

Extensive Tech Expertise

Our engineers have both in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience in building and integrating APIs. We create secure and easily maintainable APIs for startups and enterprises, regardless of their complexity.

Quality Assurance

We test API separately and as a part of integration testing. Our experts thoroughly test every API (whether we work on integration or deliver a custom solution) to ensure that performance, functionality, and security are up to the highest standards.

Scalable Solutions

Our teams have a proven track record of building and integrating scalable APIs. We design and develop every API with scalable architecture and make sure it's capable of handling large amounts of data and requests even in high-load situations.


Technologies we use for API integration

One of the biggest challenges in API development and integration is to ensure fast and secure connectivity, along with stable performance. Typically, we use a a certain tech stack for API integration.


REST API is one of the most widely used options in public APIs. It is often a go-to option for social media APIs, location and navigation APIs, and other common services. It is highly flexible and can work with any data format (including XML, JSON, YAML, or any other).


JSON relies on universal data structures to easily transmit and parse information and works well with almost any client application. It allows engineers to manage multiple data formats and multiple APIs at the same time.


SOAP protocol is often used in the enterprise-level API to provide secure transmission of data. It’s the preferred choice for payment gateways and financial platforms, CRMs, and software solutions that deal with identity management. It requires solid experience and an in-depth understanding of procedures for successful development.


Effective API technology stack

Take advantage of our expertise to speed up development processes and enhance the capabilities of your application.


Industries we work with

Our portfolio includes projects for over 20 industries. We have successfully delivered projects for fintech, media, business services, hospitality and leisure, and many other companies.


One of the main uses of APIs in healthcare is integration with electronic health records (EHR) and electronic medical record (EMR) systems, allowing secure access and management of patients’ data.


Add single-sign on and get better data analytics with custom APIs. For example, we have integrated Twitch into one of the projects, allowing the login, data management, and extensions management.


Most eCommerce platforms (like Amazon or eBay) provide their own APIs. We have recently worked with the API that processes customers’ reviews, payments, and invoices.


Manufacturing companies can also benefit from integration with third-party services.
We successfully integrated Autodesk Forge API with the client’s existing services.

We are ready to take up a new challenge!

If you haven’t found your industry — contact us to find out how we can help you.


What do people praise about PLANEKS?

The use of APIs have revolutionized the use of data in modern apps and software. It has opened up new horizons and enriched existing business models. If you are looking for a tech partner that will help you with integration of an API platform and cloud service, custom API development, or a complex API integration, we are happy to help!

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