MVP Development for Startups

MVP Development for Startups


Prepare to launch a world-class product with a reliable tech partner at your service

PLANEKS offers a minimum viable product software development for enterprises, small to midsize businesses, and startups. We’ll guide you through the preparation for a successful product launch, taking care of all engineering matters. Our experts will help you reach the full potential of your product and ensure the best results.

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What is MVP?

Minimum viable product (MVP) is a software prototype that is equipped with minimalistic design, core features, and basic infrastructure. MVPs help collect maximum feedback from your potential users.


Benefits of building an MVP

Analyze The Market Demand

Test the waters and see how the market reacts to your idea by giving them a real taste of what your full product might look like.

Bulletproof Your Idea

Getting extra clarity about your project is critical in the early stages. You might think that things will work one way, whereas the reality might differ. It might be features, flows, or even user needs that can change.

Test The Chosen Tech Stack

MVP software development allows you to test the technological decision and see whether selected frameworks or tools work as expected. It also helps you find the best architecture solutions to ensure potential scaling and expansion.

Verify Monetization Strategy

MVP helps you understand the value you can bring to potential clients and form the most effective monetization strategy.

Lower The Risks

Having an MVP and testing it with real-world customers will help you pivot and make necessary changes to the project, including costs, design, technologies, and more.

Engage Potential Clients

It is always easier to get people to try a potential product and then choose its full version, rather than commit blindly to unknown software. Find early adopters and engage potential clients.

Build Customer Loyalty Early On

If you listen to your users and improve the product based on their feedback, they fall in love with your brand faster.

Find A Reliable Tech Partner

If you plan to outsource, choosing a reliable MVP development agency will be critical for your success. MVP will help you find a vendor for future cooperation without having to invest heavily or commit long-term right away.


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MVP product development
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MVP Technology Stack

We specialize in a development stack that allows us to build fast, secure, and scalable MVPs. Our primary technology is the #1 language - Python, including Django and Flask frameworks, that let us build literally any idea no matter how innovative or crazy it is. Our engineers will choose the best technical approach and help you select the deployment platform. You will get detailed recommendations and explanations about the preferred approach and high-level architecture.

MVP Roadmap

Having a great plan helps you set the ground for the success of your project. One of the things we do here at PLANEKS is roadmapping. In order to create a roadmap, we perform an in-depth analysis of your business needs and market placement, pinpoint the project objective, compile a go-to-market strategy, and identify the integral parts of a particular MVP. We also help you identify the technical challenges and accelerators and explore the options for platforms, technologies, and tools.

MVP Development

We engage an experienced team to work on every project. They will set up the environment, design the project, develop it, and deploy the solution to the chosen platform. Our service includes the development of back-end logic, API, and third-party integrations (if needed). You can constantly monitor the progress and expect deliverables to be shipped according to the schedule. You can plan for future scaling, system, or third-party (3P) integrations, as well as devise your monetization strategy.


Our MVP development process stages

6 Steps


Discovery Phase

We analyze your idea, gather requirements, information about business processes, and growth expectations during this phase to strategically choose the best technological approach and prioritize features design. Based on the findings from the Discovery phase and our experience, we will help you finalize the tech stack and prepare for the planning phase.


We follow the principles of Agile development, which allows us to deliver cost-effective solutions in a timely manner. During this stage, a dedicated MVP development team will be working on your project. Whether you need a website, an application, or a custom solution, we will employ the best practices, principles, and patterns. Every feature will be well-designed, developed with attention to detail, and properly tested before reaching the end-user. By the end of this phase, you will get a working MVP and supporting documentation.


During this phase, we break the scope of work into deliverable parts and plan their development. We will help you make proper estimations about the project's timeline, plan size, and composition of the team that will be working on your project, as well as establish the major milestones. This phase also allows us to set straightforward tasks, identify their dependencies, and allocate the resources needed for effective development.


Product delivery to the end-user is critical. Our engineers can deploy your product to major clouds (AWS, MS Azure, GCP, DigitalOcean, Heroku, etc.) or set it up on your local infrastructure. If you are working with sensitive data or there are any other restrictions for accessing the on-premises infrastructure, our specialists will prepare detailed step-by-step instructions so that you can do it on your side.

Prototyping & PoC

If needed, our engineers can create a simple prototype or develop a proof of concept (PoC) to visualize the end-user journey, clarify the requirements, or verify them with involved parties. This can help validate the expectations and improve user experience way ahead of the actual development. Of course, the prototype will include the minimum functionality, but it will help you get the stakeholders excited about further development.

Maintenance and Support

Once the product is deployed, we will help you maintain it and optimize the product's performance. We can also make small changes if this is covered by your SLA. During this stage, you will see the product up and running and collect real-world feedback from users to understand what needs to be done next.

Make sure you need an MVP not a PoC

Prototype vs PoC vs MVP: What’s the difference?

Prototype PoC MVP
What is it? A plain clickable piece of software that needs no coding A simple solution with minimum features and virtually no design The first version of your product that will be tested by real users
Why? Visualize user flows and basic features of the product Prove feasibility of your concept Collect feedback, engage potential customers, and test the market
For whom? Investors, stakeholders, and focus group Stakeholders and internal experts, possibly next-round investors Early adopters and potential clients
When? During or after the  discovery and planning (if needed) After the discovery and planning (if needed) During the development phase, before the launch of the full product


How to balance your efforts and expenses?

Spend more time on research and analysis
Learn about your potential customers as much as possible: their needs, struggles, and financial opportunities. It will help you find a unique selling point and the best monetization option.
Refine the requirements
The better you understand what needs to be done, the faster your development team will deliver the product you expect. Typically, changing requirements can add 15 to 30% to the overall costs.
Prioritize the features you need
One of the key factors is to decide what features need to be in the MVP (from a technical standpoint), what features will help you sell the product from the start, which features can be added in upcoming iterations, and what would be the benefit of the final product.

Okay, but how do you do all of that?

One option is to find and hire an internal team of experts. On the bright side, you will be able to monitor their work constantly. On the downside, a typical staffing time in the US and Europe is 12 weeks, so you might be losing precious time you could use as a market advantage. Another option is to outsource. Despite the resounding success of outsourcing activities and examples of well-known companies like Google, IBM, BMW, Vodafone, and thousands of others, many companies are still hesitant.


Why outsource for MVP development


Typically, well-established outsourcing destinations like Eastern Europe can provide high-quality services for a lower price compared to Western Europe or the US.

End-to-End Service

Software development life cycle is a complex process that includes many activities. When outsourcing, you don’t have to think about every single step that needs to be taken and can focus on your business instead.

Larger Pool of Experts

When you are hiring locally, the number of available experts is low, and the competition on the market is extremely high. With outsourcing, you can have access to global tech talent.

Rapid Project Delivery

Teams that work on MVP projects have vast experience in this type of development, thus they can provide fast and effective delivery of your product.


If you decide it’s time to grow at a certain stage of development, your vendor can easily scale up the team working on your project.


Outsourcing allows you to pick a vendor that has a great experience in building minimum viable products in specific domains.

Get a quote for your MVP immediately!

We are a fully-remote company, which allows us to hire top tech talent in Eastern Europe without setting up an office. Here’s why we are different.


Here’s what you get with PLANEKS


A comprehensive analysis of the requirements and business needs, as well as an overall strategy that best fits your scenario.


A detailed roadmap of your MVP app development, along with realistic milestones and recommendations about the team composition.

Prototype or PoC

A simple prototype or PoC that will help you test your hypothesis or clarify necessary requirements.


A secure and scalable MVP that is tailored to your needs and expectations.


Supporting documentation with all the details about technical decisions and business logic of your MVP


Maintenance, support, and preparation for the full-scale launch of your product.

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