Django Development Agency for Startups

Django Development Agency for Startups


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We specialize in Python & Django development services, helping our clients tackle their technical challenges. We partner with startups, small businesses, and enterprises to bring their business to a new level. If you are looking for a dedicated team or a senior Django developer, hire them at PLANEKS.


What Is Django?

Django is one of the top Python frameworks used for the rapid development of websites, web apps, or applications in general. It is used in top services and apps like Instagram, Spotify, The Washington Post, National Geographic, and even the official website of NASA.


Django has many features that come out of the box, with all the components working seamlessly together.


Judging from the list of services that use the framework, its resourceful nature allows building virtually any web-related product.


Its architecture allows developers to scale any part of the software or any level that needs additional resources easily.


It’s easily supportable, as it offers many tools from the box to avoid code repetition or duplication and improve its reusability.


Django has default protection against many vulnerabilities, including request forgery, SQL injection, or cross-site scripting.

Why Django?

Why and When to Use Django?

As a top Django web development company (according to Clutch), we recommend considering Django for your project if at least one of the following resonates with your plans or business goals.


Customizable Web Apps

If your project needs tons of customization and unique solutions, you need to cover your basics as fast as possible and have time to tweak and adapt the code. Django, as well as Python itself, works well with many open-source (thus, free) third-party libraries, plugins, and extensions, allowing you to get a truly exceptional product.

Web Apps with a Minimal Amount of Code

Django walks you through typical parts of the code as a highly structured framework and saves time for coding boilerplates or standard solutions. It helps build modern and robust applications, focusing on the business logic and unique features rather than typing the code. And it’s a great choice for the services that require security.

Secure Web Apps

The framework has a great security base. It hides the source code as a default, has strong authentication models, different access levels, and much more. Moreover, Django is one of the first frameworks to react to any security threats.

Scalable Web Apps

Django consists of many Python components independent of each other. You can easily pick, replace, unplug, or scale each sub-system separately. You can achieve top performance without having to scale the whole system.


Django Services and Solutions

Software development can be a tricky thing. You need to find a reliable tech partner who will understand your needs and help you jumpstart your best game. Here’s why 100+ clients have chosen us for professional development:

Web Application Development

By choosing PLANEKS, you access the top tech talent and our unique expertise. We build scalable, high-performance applications that help our clients streamline their processes, reach their business goals, and step up their game. We partner with startups and small-to-midsize businesses worldwide. We have wide domain expertise and hands-on experience with Django and Python web development. If you were looking for offshore Django developers, you have come to the right place.
Web App Development Services

Backend development

Django is the backbone of many great products. It’s an open-source technology compatible with virtually any database, operating system, or tech stack. Here at PLANEKS, we provide offshore Django development services to many companies. Our expertise includes building server-side functionality that powers web and mobile applications. Such systems can communicate with a front-end framework via a dedicated RESTful API (check out our API development services).
Backend Development Services

MVP Development

If you need to prove the feasibility of your idea, test the market, or even pitch the idea to potential investors, you need a minimum viable project. MVP development can be quite a challenge. Django allows developers to create prototypes or fully-functional MVPs fast without compromising the quality or risk the future scalability of the whole system. We will engineer an MVP that will serve as a foundation for your future product.
MVP Development for Startups

API Development and Integration

If you need assistance with API development or its integration, our engineers will help you leverage the massive amounts of structured data without having to deal with it yourself. We specialize in custom API development based on Django and integration of third-party services. For example, the Django REST framework is a great way to save time and resources and get the best possible results. Highly customizable, it allows engineers to build even the most complex APIs.
API Integration Services

Migration to Django

Sometimes the initial tech stack or particular decisions do not live up to your expectations, or you have to change integral requirements. And that’s completely normal. Whether you have a legacy product that needs to be rewritten or you want to change your tech stack, migration to Django is our specialty. Our experts will analyze your product, its architecture, and related dependencies, plan the migration, and execute it properly. You don’t have to worry about data loss or the transparency of the process.

Python and Django Version Update

Version migration can sometimes be one of the top challenges in any development process. It can be especially painful when you need to migrate over several major versions. Our engineers will help you prepare and plan for a successful version upgrade. First, they will consider all release changes, deprecation timelines, and all the incompatible changes that they will have to cover. Then, they will analyze all dependencies, resolve any deprecation warnings, and migrate your project to a new version.
Python Development Services

Hiring Django Developers

If you want to take full control over the project or need to extend your in-house team, you can always hire Django developers here at PLANEKS to become an integral part of your workforce. We are a fully remote Django development company that offers the service of certified engineers with excellent technical expertise and in-depth technical knowledge. In addition, our specialists have experience working as part of dedicated teams or as freelance experts that you need to engage part-time for startups and global projects across a variety of industries.

Tech Stack That is Often Used with Django

Our Tech Stack

Here at PLANEKS, as a leading web development agency, we understand that choosing a modern and robust tech stack is one of the cornerstones of successful development.


Python, a general-purpose programming language, is one of the most in-demand and trending technologies.

Django REST Framework

Django REST framework, flexible and functional toolkit that allows building REST web APIs.


PostgreSQL, an open-source RDBMS that is extensible and compliant with SQL. It allows you to store large data safely.

Celery and Redis

Celery and Redis – task distribution tech stack that allows building scalable and flexible enterprise-level solutions.


jQuery, a simple yet powerful JS library that simplifies HTML DOM manipulation and event handling.


Vue.js, a JS framework, is perfect for the fast development of modern UI interfaces.


React.js – one of the most popular libraries for front-end applications with one of the largest ecosystems.


Docker, an ecosystem for the virtualization and containerization of software applications.


Industries We Serve


Partnering with small-to-medium private practices, clinics, and labs, we help them successfully streamline and automate their documentation processing (including electronic health records (EHR) and electronic medical record (EMR) systems), introduce telemedicine solutions to reach their clients, or create any niche web applications.


PLANEKS partners with SMEs all over the globe to help them with their software. Whether you need a data analytics solution for an informed decision-making process, an administrative portal for documentation management, or a complex industrial automation solution to deal with process control, we are here to aid your needs.


Need a helping hand with the prototype development? Want to wow your potential investors or simply need to clarify the requirements and see how the market responds to your idea in general? We offer prototyping and rapid development services with attention to detail and requirements.


We work with different eCommerce companies, helping them improve their online presence and expand to new marketplaces. We also support our clients with the automation of processes and integration of various API, such as payment gateways and third-party APIs for delivery, tracking, and other services.

Software Development for Startups

Our portfolio has many projects for blooming startups. We know exactly what you are looking for, what are your needs and concerns and will provide you with excellent software development services, regardless of the size of your startup or the complexity of your technical challenge.
Software Development Services for Startups

eSports and Live Streaming

Suppose you are looking for some assistance with a live-streaming platform or a different part of the supporting ecosystem in eSports. In that case, our experts can help you with eSports feed coverage, gaming chat applications, or various services, like payment solution integrations, forums, news sites, wikis, and any other type of software development.
eSports and Live Streaming
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Why Choose PLANEKS as Your Python & Django Development Company?

Our Advantages

Going an Extra Mile

As an offshore Django development agency, we have successfully completed over 150 projects for 100+ clients. With every project, we treat it as our own. Focusing on your business needs and objectives, we carefully examine the requirements, communicate with stakeholders, meticulously plan the work, and find the best way to overcome any technical challenges that may come our way.

Expertise Working in Dedicated Environments

If you opt for a dedicated team of Django engineers, they will be working solely on your project. All their attention, time, and resources will be focused on delivering the best results for your project. Whether you need a web software, mobile app, or a complex CMS solution - we will deliver.

Vast Expertise in Python Development

We are a boutique engineering Django development company whose primary expertise is Python and everything related. We know what type of solutions can be built within this tech stack and can help you make the right decisions. We also have a versatile technical background and diverse domain expertise.

Flexible and Eesponsive Teams

Whether you are looking for a team or a single Django developer, hire them at PLANEKS. We are flexible towards the needs of our clients. If you need to change the size of the team, adjust the scope, choose another engagement model—we will adapt to your situation, so you don’t have to worry.

Reasonable Price

The majority of our clients are startups and small-to-medium businesses. We understand that you have to make smart choices when it comes to your project's budget. Therefore, before we do anything, we will carefully estimate the scope of work, plan the delivery, and set the major milestones to ensure that you get exactly what you need with respect to the budget you have planned for the project.

Startup-focused Approach

Over the last few years, we have partnered with more than 50 different startups. We understand all the business nuances and technical challenges of such projects. From project planning to the final deployment, we approach every phase with great attention and bring this attitude into every project that is at the core of our services.
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