Hospitality Software Development Services

Hospitality Software Development Services

Streamline your operations and drive your hospitality business forward

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In extremely demanded hospitality niche, staying ahead of competitors is impossible without new technologies, attracting and retaining customers to a business. That’s where our travel & hospitality software development services come in. We are ready to implement and deliver innovative, customized digital solutions to hotels, tourism agencies, restaurants, and bars to cover lodging, food and drink service, event planning, theme parks, travel, and tourism. Tech improvements will optimize operations, grow your efficiency and productivity, as well as enhance the guest experience and satisfaction.


Our Services

Take your benefit from the broad spectrum of opportunities offered by PLANEKS – credible travel and hospitality software development services provider.

Custom Hospitality Software Development

We specialize in custom software development for hotels, restaurants, and other businesses like travel agencies, restaurants, hotels, as well as similar ones. Our team of experts mindfully collaborates with clients to create tailor-made solutions that meet their unique needs and goals. From booking engines to property management systems, we can build software that streamlines workflow, improves performance and management, and drives revenue growth.
Custom Software Development Services

Digital Transformation

The adoption of digital products is a critical component of success in the hospitality industry. We help businesses transform their operations and enhance the guest experience through the use of technology. From web food ordering apps to booking management platforms, we can help businesses embrace the latest digital trends to stay ahead of the competition. Our offshore team will eagerly provide you with professional assistance and technical expertise for a reasonable price to maximize the value that the product will bring.
Digital Transformation Services

Third-Party Integration

Hospitality businesses may use a variety of third-party software solutions. That's why we offer integration services to help businesses seamlessly interact with their existing systems using our custom software. Our team has experience working with a wide range of third-party software, and we can ensure that the final product works together seamlessly, as required. Elevate your solution with payment gateway integration, hotel and flight booking services, review and restaurant APIs, transportation solutions, loyalty programs, or even weather forecasts.
API Development Services

Custom Travel Software Development

PLANEKS team offers made-to-order software development services for travel businesses. This spans tour operators and travel agencies. We are able to design tailored software products that simplify the process of planning the trip for tourists, comprising booking, traveling options, and available apartments. The PLANEKS hospitality software development agency will scrupulously analyze the specific needs of your organization and offer a relevant software solution that fits your specificity best.
Who are we?

From reservation systems to web apps, our solutions are designed to address the extraordinary demands of each business, helping them save time, reduce costs, and ultimately boost income. With our cutting-edge technologies, field-proven approaches to development, and deep domain knowledge, we are proven to help our customers stay at the forefront of the industry and ahead of competitors.

Restaurant Automation

With PLANEKS, you can implement software to automate challenging tasks and processes in a restaurant setting, efficiently manage inventory, schedule, analyze customer data, as well as reduce the time and labor required.

Restaurant Inventory Management Software

Our custom hospitality software development company will provide you with restaurant inventory management software that will help your business keep track of your inventory levels, organize and enhance ordering processes, and monitor available resources reasonably. With our software, businesses can set par levels, receive alerts when stock is running low, and track usage patterns to optimize inventory management.

Dashboards and Reports

Get bespoke dashboards and reports solutions that will provide your business with real-time restaurant-related insights into your performance. With dashboards, businesses can monitor personally chosen key performance indicators and quickly identify sectors that can be enhanced and renovated. You are absolutely borderless within which aspects of your restaurant business you would like to track, as we’re passionate about putting the right set of instruments in your hands to strengthen your workflow. The reports will provide detailed analytics that can help businesses make wise data-driven decisions and bring top-quality service delivery.

Online Ordering System

You are welcome to apply to PLANEKS - development agency for hospitality and get a fully-fledged online ordering system. Within this service, we aim to design a solution that will help restaurants expand their services and become outstanding. With our software, businesses can easily set up online ordering and payment processing, allowing customers to place orders directly from their platform. This makes the order placement and completion more convenient and intuitive, highly reliable, and functional for your customers, which attracts and retains them. We also offer you to integrate restaurant management solutions, making order management a breeze.

POS Systems

POS stands for Point of Sale, which is a system used by businesses to manage their sales and inventory. With our POS systems, businesses in the hospitality niche can operate orders, streamline payments, monitor resources, and more, all from a single platform. Within the whole hospitality niche, such solutions have found their application primarily in the restaurant management field. Thus, the POS system will enable your organization to manage tables, assign servers to tables, and track which tables are available. Besides, you can generate reports concerning sales and productivity.
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Travel Portals

The PLANEKS team can develop custom travel portals for businesses in the hospitality industry. These portals include online booking and trip planning platforms.

Travel Agency Software

Custom software solutions for travel agencies can significantly streamline all the processes associated with trip planning, traveling, and booking, thus increasing customer retention. Hospitality app development solutions will handle everything you need - from booking management to customer relationship management, making it easier for travel agents to operate their businesses.

Travel and Expense Management Web Apps

Our developers can develop hospitality and travel expense management web apps to optimize the cost-reporting process for travel businesses. PLANEKS is proven to be a reliable website development agency for hospitality, so we can robotize expense tracking, ensure comprehensive real-time analytics, and simplify the approval process. This solution not only can save businesses time and costs but bring high transparency to the financial flow.

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Solutions for Hotels

We are ready to implement hotel software for businesses of any scale – from small independent hotels to large hotel chains. Hotel solutions from PLANEKS can help streamline and automate a range of procedures, such as reservations, check-ins, room assignments, and billing.

Hotel Management Solutions

Order robust hotel management software from our website development agency and efficiently manage all aspects of your hotel’s operations. Starting with room inventory management to tracking guest preferences and requirements, our team can develop a solution for hotels with the tools they need to run their businesses efficiently.

Booking Systems

Are you striving to handle the challenges of managing bookings in your hotel? Let’s renovate the booking procedures and operation with a solid booking system that will allow your hotel to manage room inventory and bookings from one seamless hub. We will focus on making the software user-friendly, customizable, and efficient. Such a solution will deliver real-time availability information, enabling hotels to maximize their occupancy rates.

Document Management Software

We will eagerly implement document management software which is a must-have for hotels to ease the procedures of managing their paperwork and streamline their workflow. At PLANEKS, we can develop software that guarantees secure, centralized storage for all hotel documents, making it straightforward and convenient to access and manage important information.

Hotel CRM

Customer experience is vital to becoming a strong element of the hospitality market since building strong relationships with hotel guests is important for hospitality businesses. We can deliver hotel CRM software to assemble and analyze important customer details, stay history, and other important information, providing hotels with the all-around details they need to personalize the guest experience and increase guest loyalty as well as retention.

Why you should cooperate with us

Our Advantages

Our certified software development team has solid expertise in hospitality software development and high-qualified domain tech professionals ready to implement your product and elevate your performance.

Clear roadmap

Prior to implementing the project for our clients, we outline a clear product strategy and development pipeline that aligns with their business goals. This helps ensure that the software we develop is tailored to their unique demands and provides maximum value.

Deep expertise

We are certified experts in designing custom hospitality software products that reflect the unique demands of hotels, resorts, restaurants, and travel agencies. At PLANEKS, we can build everything, including central reservation systems, resource planning, flight services, and revenue management systems.

Reasonable price

Our team can offer competitive rates for high-quality hospitality software development services. Our Agile-oriented team can reduce the time required to implement the digital product and thus help you reduce costs by utilizing the expertise of our software engineers without the overhead of hiring the team yourself.

We have a wide variety of technologies at our disposal, allowing us to provide top-notch software development services. We stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and solutions, ensuring our clients receive the most advanced and efficient outcomes.


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