Software Development Consulting Services

Software Development Consulting Services


Elevate your business with our trusted IT consulting in Ukraine, obtaining a competitive advantage in your industry.

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Do you need professional assistance to navigate the complexities of software development? With PLANEKS, you can define how to align your software development endeavors with strategic business goals. Partner with our team and order cutting-edge software development and consulting services to skyrocket your business to future heights. We offer you the opportunity to take advantage of our team’s extensive expertise in providing smooth and efficient software development. PLANEKS professionals incorporate deep technical expertise with a comprehensive understanding of your business strategy. With us, you are guaranteed to get invaluable insights, expertise, and qualified guidance, delivering optimized processes, enhanced innovation, and successful project outcomes.


To Whom It May Concern

We are dedicated to empowering the growth, innovation, and success of startups, private investors, and Venture Capital funds alike with our custom software development consulting.


For startups needing to handle the dynamics of business reality, our consulting services serve as excellent guidance to reach success. We grasp startups' unique challenges and opportunities, offering tailored solutions to accelerate growth. You are borderless to get services from adopting Agile methodologies to developing recommended scalable software architectures; we help startups boost operational efficiency, accelerate time-to-market, and achieve sustainable prosperity. Our team's expertise provides tactical direction to assist startups in making informed decisions that align with their vision and market demands. With PLANEKS' support, startups can confidently complete their roadmap, turning challenges into opportunities and setting a solid foundation for long-term success based on professional insights.
Software Development for Startups

Private Investors

Investors striving to maximize returns in the technology sector can get immense value from our consulting services. We are profound in assessing the viability and potential of technology investments and executing reasonable steps within software development projects. Our insights assist private investors in making enhanced due diligence on technology investments, informed decisions, efficiently eliminating risks, and maximizing returns on their investment portfolios. By applying our expertise, investors gain a comprehensive view of the technical aspects of potential ventures, ensuring that their capital is strategically deployed in projects with the highest potential for further elaboration and success.

Venture Capital Funds

Venture Capital funds play a core part in forming the future of innovation. At PLANEKS, we ensure consulting services for VC funds with the strategic advantage of in-depth technical assessments for potential portfolio companies. We evaluate the scalability, security, and innovation potential of software solutions, furnishing VC funds with the insights integral to making wise investment decisions. We also collaborate with portfolio companies to optimize their technology stacks, enhance product-market fit, and drive rapid growth. Partnering with us, Venture Capital funds can confidently invest in the next generation of tech disruptors, creating a portfolio directed to sustainable success in a competitive market.

IT Consulting Services

At PLANEKS, we believe in delivering more than just technical services. Our comprehensive approach involves collaborating transparently and cohesively with clients. We identify opportunities for efficiency enhancements using the latest technologies and delivering deepened insights that result in a tangible impact on your bottom line. Partner with us to build a relevant strategy with expert software development consulting that equips you with a competitive advantage in your niche.


Why Choose Our Software Development Consulting

What will you obtain by ordering our professional software development consulting services? At our software development consulting firm, we don’t just give advice – we partner with you to make you a true success story. Choose us for software development consulting that covers everything you need to obtain professional strategic assistance, innovation, and process streamlining to take your projects to new success levels.

Strategic Guidance

Our consulting services stand out for the gradual guidance we offer throughout the software development lifecycle. We accurately design a roadmap that aligns with your business goals. Our knowledgeable professionals work thoroughly with clients to obtain their vision, challenges, and market dynamics. With this comprehensive view, we deliver strategic insights that surpass exclusively technical aspects. From project origin to release, we guide our clients in making informed decisions, ensuring that every line of code contributes to the overall success of their business.

Innovation Acceleration

Staying ahead in the ever-changing market is a real necessity if you are striving to become a huge market player. Our consulting services are designed to implement innovation and keep our clients up with the most powerful trends within their industries. While adopting the most promising and relevant ones, we treat innovation carefully — thoroughly analyzing the pros and cons of new versus existing solutions for your specific needs. Leveraging in-depth knowledge and tech savviness, we bring solidity into every project. This may relate to anything like developing cutting-edge applications, implementing tech-driven solutions, or integrating emerging software – we help our clients become the next market leaders. Order our consulting services and adopt a strategy of continuous innovation that sets you up for a win in a crowded market.

Process Optimization

Efficiency and solid performance are indispensable for successful software development output. Our consulting services focus on optimizing development processes to deliver results that exceed your and your client's expectations. We determine areas for improvement through meticulous analysis and industry-proven methodologies and implement streamlined processes. PLANEKS, as a software development consulting firm, adheres to Agile development practices for continuous integration and deployment, optimizing workflows, cutting down time-to-market, and enhancing overall project efficiency. By following process optimization, we ensure that our clients not only receive high-quality software but also experience a development journey boosted by expertise, transparency, and cost-efficient rates.

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Our Consulting Approach

Cooperate with PLANEKS and experience a result-oriented consulting approach that exceeds dry recommendations, focusing on in-depth analysis, customized solutions, and professional support during implementation. Get an IT partner that will comprehensively consult you in your journey to success. Within our cooperation, we essentially sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) as well as any other additional agreements upon request. This way, you provide a crucial legal framework that protects sensitive data, establishes trust within our partnership, and ensures the confidentiality of proprietary details, thereby saving intellectual property and promoting secure work.

Comprehensive Analysis

Our consulting roadmap begins with the research to understand our clients' specific needs and existing enterprise processes. We execute a comprehensive examination that delves deep into your business objectives, setbacks, and current workflows. Our specialized team of experts communicates with you, obtaining a broad understanding of the project's peculiarities. Through scrupulous investigation, we identify possible bottlenecks and sectors that require betterment, suggesting optimal strategies to align our services with your integral business goals. With the comprehensive analysis, current operations analysis, market research, regulatory compliance checks, feasibility study, and many other steps, we set the basis for successful project results.

Customized Solutions

There is no one-size-fits-all approach, and we value the importance of tailored solutions to each business’s peculiarities. Our consulting approach focuses on building bespoke strategies and solutions that address the specific requirements of each customer. This may relate to streamlining existing processes, implementing innovative technologies, where we prioritize customization, or developing a brand-new software product. Our team keeps the clients up to date throughout the project lifecycle, ensuring that every solution is appropriately tailored to meet their unique needs. The personalized approach we apply with every partner of PLANEKS enhances the effectiveness of our solutions and facilitates collaborative cooperation that is foundational to our clients’ prosperity and progress.

Implementation Support

The process is followed by seamless implementation. We ensure robust support during the implementation phase to achieve a smooth transition from strategy to reality. Our team stands by your side, offering guidance, addressing any arising obstacles, and ensuring that the proposed solutions integrate seamlessly into your existing workflows. We facilitate you with our expertise in any process, such as staff training, issue handling, or making real-time modifications. Our custom software development and consulting company directs your product to success not just with the effectiveness of our services on paper but by our tangible impact on your day-to-day operations.

Software development consulting

Skyrocket your business with the PLANEKS software development consulting company, your trusted partner in bringing your project to success. Our team brings rich expertise to elevate your efficiency, offering individual guidance, state-of-the-art solutions, and a primary focus on your success. From in-depth technology assessments to smooth project management and team partnership enhancement, we tailor our services to elevate your projects to new heights. Experience the value of professional software development consulting services with our meticulous technical audits that provide streamlined software development. Cooperate with PLANEKS for a consulting journey aimed at elevating software development initiatives.


Key Consulting Services

The services of our software development consulting company bring technological progress, ensure successful project management, enhance team collaboration, and provide a strategic roadmap through detailed technical audits. We are committed to boosting your business with sustained growth and innovation.

Technology Assessment

Our technology assessment services are particularly beneficial for strategic and relevant decision-making in software development. Our team of experts meticulously evaluates the latest technologies and industry trends to accurately recommend the most relevant ones for the unique requirements of each project. Through this process, we identify the most suitable technologies that align with your business goals, ensuring optimal performance, scalability, and future-proofing. Our technology assessments cover delving into the aspects of each option to provide clients with a clear roadmap for technology adoption that maximizes value and handles any issues that arise.

Project Management Consulting

Successful project delivery requires more than technical expertise; it demands effective project management. Our project management consulting services are designed to ensure that your projects are accurately guided from initial planning to execution and delivery. Our experienced Delivery department guides the best practices, risk liquidation, and resource optimization. We make use of time-tested techniques in combination with project management methodologies to ensure that your projects are delivered on time, within the established budget, and at the highest level of quality.

Team Collaboration Enhancement

Effective collaboration is essential for success. Considering that, our consultancy services focus on enhancing team collaboration within development teams. Through proven strategies, communication frameworks, and collaborative tools, we help your team work seamlessly towards common goals. Our custom software development and consulting company brings in a collaborative environment of open communication, shared ownership, and continuous improvement, ensuring that your development teams are not only efficient but also adaptable to the changing needs of your projects.

Technical Audit

Our technical audit services introduce a creative perspective on product development, aligning every aspect with current business objectives. We conduct in-depth assessments to optimize development strategies, identify potential elevations, and determine and cut down risks, along with routine checks. This audit serves as a roadmap for ensuring that investments are technologically sound and strategically positioned for steady progress. Our technical audit is a comprehensive analysis that guides clients in making informed decisions, facilitating a development environment that aligns seamlessly with their long-term business vision.
Software Audit Services
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