Offshore Web Application Development Services

Offshore Web Application Development Services


Award-winning web app development services for a reasonable price

If you need to build a web application and are looking for a custom web application development company that will understand your needs—you came to the right place! Here at PLANEKS, we specialize in web app development for startups, small-to-medium businesses, and enterprises.

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What do we offer?

PLANEKS provides end-to-end development services. We can help you plan and execute even the most complicated projects.

Web Development Project Planning

A properly planned project is destined to succeed. However, it is important to analyze the needs and align them with the goals of your business. We will help you gather the requirements and transform them into actionable tasks for our engineers. After a thorough analysis, we will create the scope of work and prepare the schedule with major milestones and deliverables.

MVP Development

If you want to test the market response to your web app or need a minimum viable product to show to potential investors, we can create a fully-functional application. First, we will outline a roadmap for this project. Then we will develop a piece of software with a minimalistic design, back-end logic, API, and third-party integrations (if needed). Finally, we will deploy it to the chosen platform.
MVP Development for Startups

Web Application Development

We will assemble a team of our in-house experts or will hire a team specifically for your project. They will carefully engineer, rigorously test, and meticulously deploy the final product to the cloud or set up an on-premise infrastructure. You will also get post-deployment support and maintenance that ensures the optimal performance of your application. The combination of the best practices and agile methodologies helps us deliver the maximum value to every client.

API Integration

Most modern applications don’t just exist in a vacuum. They are part of larger systems or have integration with other services. We can help you integrate your web app with third-party services like payment, marketing, social network, SMS/email sending APIs. We have experience in сustom API integration and building various APIs (including marketplace APIs, eSports APIs, maps APIs, and healthcare APIs).
API Integration Services

IT Consulting

If you have faced a business challenge but have no idea how to tackle it—we provide IT consulting services. Our experts will analyze your business case thoroughly and will suggest ways to approach the solution. You will get an in-depth explanation about the technical choices made and the road we suggest taking.

Hiring Web App Developers

Get a full-fledge dedicated team of web application developers with a deep expertise in your niche. Our well-experienced programmers will turn your business needs into income generating IT solutions.
Who are we?

We are an offshore web application development company with a range of services, experienced engineers, and wide domain expertise.


Our solutions

For the majority of our clients, we are a one-stop shop, as we provide all major services you may need regarding web app development.

Cloud Web Apps

If you are looking for a partner that will help you with cloud adoption and deploy your web application to the cloud—we can help. Our engineers have practical experience with major platforms, such as AWS, MS Azure, GCP, DigitalOcean, Heroku, and more.

Enterprise Web Apps

Maybe you need a custom web app for task management, finances, or document management solutions. Even if you are interested in complex solutions like CRM or a whole ERP, we can help you with any type of custom enterprise web application.

Software-as-a-service (SaaS)

We can assist you in building a SaaS platform by analyzing requirements and choosing a proper tech stack. Our experts will carefully match the requirements to the SaaS features, create the scope of work, and plan future integrations and deployment.

Inventory Management Apps

Manufacturing companies and their supply chains rely on well-designed and managed inventory. We can help you with periodic, perpetual inventory management software, warehouse management applications, solutions for enterprise mobility to speed up order management and goods tracking within your inventory.

e-Commerce Apps

e-Commerce is one of our specialties. Our experts have experience in building e-commerce websites, automating marketplaces, and integrating Amazon MWS API. However, we can also integrate your app with payment gateways and third-party APIs for delivery, tracking, and other services.

Healthcare Apps

As for the medical industry, we can help healthcare institutions with their electronic health records (EHR) and electronic medical record (EMR). We also have experience in building telemedicine solutions for remote care and consultations, as well as web apps for small-to-medium private practices and clinics.

Haven’t found what you are looking for? Just contact us, and let’s discuss your project.

Custom Web Apps

We specialize in custom software and web app development. Our portfolio includes projects for 20+ industries, and we are ready to take up a new challenge. Everything from requirements management to post-production support – you can find it at PLANEKS.


Cooperation models at PLANEKS

We are a web app development company that specializes in highly customizable services. You can choose between fixed monthly compensation and hourly engagement. What is the difference between these options?

Cooperation model When is it used? How is it billed?
Fixed monthly compensation When you have a well-defined project that requires full-time involvement of the team  (8 hours a day, 5 days a week). On a monthly basis
Hourly rates When you have a small project with the undefined scope of work and changing requirements. Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly. If your project is small, you can be billed once the work is done.


Tech stack we work with

Python is a general-purpose language, which means it can be successfully used for any type of project, be it an MVP or enterprise software.
  • Django is often called a framework for an idealist on a tight schedule. We can build better apps with less time and code.
  • Flask is a dedicated web app framework. It comes with no third-party libraries or restrictions and allows us to customize the code to your needs. Django REST is a fully-featured library that offers customizable architecture. It helps engineers build fast web APIs.
  • FastAPI is a fast and modern web framework that helps engineers build APIs easily and seamlessly integrate them with other software.
  • Celery is a speedy and flexible framework used for task queueing and improves the overall performance of your web app. It integrates well with other frameworks.
JavaScript is one of the world’s most popular and widely used programming languages. It allows engineers to build a variety of projects.
  • Vue.js is used for building user interfaces and single-page applications. Simplistic and customizable, it allows easier integration with other services.
  • React.js is a free, open-source JS framework that is often used in front-end development. It is effective, flexible, and makes JavaScript coding easier.

Okay, but how do you do all of that?

Here at PLANEKS, as a leading web development agency for startups, we understand that choosing a modern and robust tech stack is one of the cornerstones in successful development.


Why choose PLANEKS as your web development company

Our portfolio includes more than 150 projects for 100 clients around the globe. We know how businesses work and understand your needs perfectly. Here’s why our clients have chosen us for offshore web development services

Experienced Web Developers for Hire

We hire seasoned experts with an in-depth knowledge of technology and hands-on expertise. As a fully-remote agency, we are not limited by the size of a local tech talent pool. We will go far and beyond to find specialists with the needed experience and qualifications.

Scalable Web Apps

Often, startups and SMEs hire offshore web developers to create an MVP or a prototype for their project, but it turns out to be a throwaway that cannot be properly scaled. On the contrary, we create top-quality software that can be scaled as your project grows.

Robust Web Development Stack

We have focused on the tech stack that allows us to build fast, scalable, and secure applications. In web development, we use Python and its frameworks for back-end development and JS with its frameworks for front-end engineering.

Complex Web Solutions

Our engineers have experience working in the most complex web apps for a variety of industries, such as e-commerce, eSports, healthcare, manufacturing, and many others. We have helped clients with building advanced web software.

Customer-Centric Approach

For us, your interest and business needs are at the heart of our services. No matter how small or big your project is, we will approach it with attention to every detail, relentlessness in finding the best approach, and consideration of every aspect.

Competitive Price

As a web development agency for startups, we understand how important it is for our clients to make smart choices about their funding. We will help you plan the work and schedule and achieve the best possible results within your budget.

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What do people praise about PLANEKS?

Outsourcing web app development can be a challenge. However, finding a reliable tech partner will take a lot of weight off your shoulders. As a custom web application development company, PLANEKS is ready to take up a new challenge and help you launch your web app and conquer the market.

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