Hire Dedicated Python Developers

Hire Dedicated Python Developers


Hire a strong team of dedicated developers & programmers

Things are going well, your company is growing, and you need to hire faster? You lack internal resources to deal with a software development challenge? Need solid technical expertise to conquer a complicated task? Feel overwhelmed by having to deal with both the business and technical side of a project? If you answered yes to at least one of these questions, you certainly need to hire dedicated developers.

What is a dedicated development team model?

Dedicated development team for hire is a group of software engineers and other IT specialists brought together to help you solve a technical task or provide you with extra hands to deal with in-house software development challenges. They can work as your employees, become part of your tech team, or deal with the tasks on their own under your supervision. We will take care of all the administrative procedures. Dedicated development teams are the best fit for:

Big projects with a versatile tech stack

Long-term projects that require full-time resource involvement

Niche projects with specific domain expertise

Aspiring startups that are ready to take it to the next level

Here’s what we offer at PLANEKS

PLANEKS specializes in custom software development, MVP development, prototyping, and IT staffing for startups and SMEs. We have successfully completed over 150 projects for more than 100 clients all over the world. Python development can be used for just about anything, which is why it’s considered so versatile.

Custom Python Software Development

Our team is proficient at handling complex business challenges with our dedicated software development services. The primary step for this covers a requirement analysis, comprehensive initial research, and scope of work defining that enables us to tailor the software to your particular requirements. Then, we will deliver your project with the help of the most relevant specialists matching with the set needs. As we stick to the Agile project management approach, you will be able to make any necessary modifications and adjustments on the go, as well as expect regular deliverables. After qualitative software development and testing, our technicians carry out the product deployment based on the project's peculiarities. Our dedicated developers are experienced at seamlessly deploying the product to the selected infrastructure, such as on-premise or cloud platforms. You will be provided with transparent and efficient end-to-end software development services by the team that takes care of each step within the software development life cycle, delivering high-quality software.
Offshore Custom Software Development

Python Backend Development

With a strong experience in Python backend development services, we make sure that the functioning of your web applications is seamless and reliable. Our dedicated team of experienced developers leverages the capacity and flexibility of Python to create scalable and efficient backend solutions aligned to address your specific business requirements. From designing database architectures to implementing solid server-side logic, we’ll make use of industry best and reliable practices to provide optimal performance and stability. When implementing the backend, we highly prioritize security, employing encryption and authentication measures to safeguard your data. Our Agile software creation approach enables adapting to the dynamic requirements of your project within the development flow, getting timely updates and enhancements. Partner with us to experience the full potential of Python backend development, extending your digital infrastructure for enhanced functionality and performance.
Python Backend Development Services

IT Staffing

If you are looking to hire dedicated developers to have an extra pair of hands in your core team, or you are seeking a particular narrow specialization, our services are at your disposal. You will be delivered with experts possessing solid qualification levels, experience in the required domain, and strong technical expertise. We’ll provide you with top-skilled experts or form a dedicated software development team with the competence and proficiency to match your profiles perfectly. They will smoothly integrate with your in-house personnel and provide you with extra flexibility, eliminating the traditional hiring or re-training procedures. This will help you improve the team's velocity, scale easily, and access the required technical expertise. Our experts will deliver top-notch results, allowing you to focus on business processes instead.
IT Outstaffing Services

Python-based Web App Development

Our cutting-edge Python web app development services efficiently cater to the evolving needs of modern businesses. Leveraging the versatility and efficiency of Python, our skilled development team crafts robust and scalable web applications tailored to meet your unique requirements. From concept to deployment, we guarantee a seamless development process, incorporating time-tested techniques and Agile methodologies. Our expertise spans across a variety of industries, enabling us to design solutions that boost your innovation and bring user experiences to the next stage. Having a keen focus on performance, security, and interface design, our Python web app development services help your business become the next market winner. Cooperate with our team to fulfill any requirement, like implementing a new, reliable web app or upgrading an existing platform. With PLANEKS, you get the delivery of failure-free, high-performance web applications that make your business outstanding in the competitive market.
Web App Development Services

API Development and Integration

Our company specializes in API Development and integration, introducing bespoke solutions to connect and optimize your digital ecosystem. Leverage our expertise to build robust APIs that enable your systems to communicate efficiently, bringing in enhanced interoperability and data flow. Our team of Python developers for hire meticulously designs and implements APIs, ensuring they fully reflect your unique business requirements. We focus on delivering scalable and highly protected integration solutions that streamline processes, deliver new opportunities, and unlock the full potential of your applications. Connect internal systems and adopt third-party services, elevating the capacity of your software. Our API development and integration services ensure new perspectives, high efficiency, and competitive advantages to skyrocket both external and internal processes. Trust us to modify your IT infrastructure, turning it into a seamlessly interconnected network, elaborating productivity and user experience, as well as accelerating your digital goals.
API Integration Services
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Our Approach

Get familiar with the PLANEKS efficient approach to fruitful cooperation.

Tailored Solutions

At the core of our approach is providing tailored software that precisely aligns with your project requirements. Every project we work on is remarkable due to its peculiarities, so we apply a customized approach for enhanced results. Our dedicated team or outstaffing services are meticulously built to integrate with your existing flows, making the collaboration smooth and well-organized. We will serve you with specialized skills for short-term work or a dedicated team for a long-term project. Hire Python developers to get a flexible and highly adjustable approach catering to your specific requirements. With prioritized customization, we equip your project with the right expertise precisely and fill in the competence gaps, resulting in a successful and efficient partnership. Trust us to augment your team with the perfect set of skills, extending the overall capabilities of your project.

Seamless Integration

We comprehend how vital it is to integrate external developers with your existing workflows smoothly. With our team of experienced developers, you can not just hire the required expertise but smoothly integrate it into your current business ecosystem. We ensure a smooth and non-disruptive onboarding process, minimizing onboarding time and optimizing efficiency. By seamlessly embedding our solid competence into your business, we deliver a cohesive integration experience that aligns with your unique business processes.

Transparent Communication

We believe that transparent communication between us and our customers is the key to project success. For this, our vital technique lies in establishing clear and open channels to ensure a collaborative experience throughout the development process. Hire remote Python developers and stay up-to-date within every phase, making sure you grasp insights into the progress, potential challenges, and solutions. Transparency facilitates effective partnerships where your input is valued and decisions are made collectively and wisely. By maintaining an open dialogue, we strive to align our efforts with your vision, creating a seamless software development experience that not only meets but surpasses your expectations. This enhances the development process and builds a foundation for a long-lasting and successful partnership.

Our Focus Frameworks

Let us introduce the robust set of tech tools our skilled developers apply to bring your product to success.


For modular applications, Flask is our framework of choice. Tailored for simplicity and flexibility, Flask is adept at backend development, enabling our professionals to structure applications as required. Flask’s concept is genuinely advantageous for small to medium-sized projects. Our team leverages its flexibility to tailor solutions that meet the specific needs of our customers. With a keen eye for flexibility and effectiveness, we consistently deliver robust, high-performance applications. Our Flask development services are not only about coding skills but also imply the strategy of continuous improvement, making every project outstanding and flawless.


FastAPI is an outstanding framework with its high speed and automatic generation of OpenAPI and JSON Schema documentation. It excels in API development and integration, offering high performance with Python-type hints. FastAPI's asynchronous support allows our team to build responsive, scalable applications, enhancing user experiences. Our experts know how to achieve exceptional capacity, delivering feature-rich applications with reduced development cycles. FastAPI's versatility and performance not only elevate the team's coding proficiency but also set new benchmarks in application development.


Why Team Augmentation?

Explore more opportunities you can achieve when cooperating with our dedicated professionals.

Focus on Core Competencies

Initially, team augmentation is a strategic approach that enables organizations to optimize their internal resources and focus on core objectives. By leveraging our credible team augmentation services, you can delegate software engineering tasks to professionals, freeing up your in-house specialists to concentrate on other business initiatives.

Establish and achieve any goal, like product enhancement, market expansion, or technology advancement. With PLANEKS team augmentation and outstaffing, you are borderless with opportunities. Balance your in-house team’s time, skills, and energy among areas that directly contribute to the organization's competitive edge, guaranteeing that the technical tasks will be carried out qualitatively and efficiently. Having a wide range of specialists, you can benefit from a diverse skill set without the need for extensive recruitment processes. We’ll not only enhance your efficiency but also create a flexible and adaptive organizational structure, ready to respond to market dynamics promptly.

Faster Time-to-Market

Accelerate development timelines with the productivity and efficiency of our IT experts. By integrating additional skilled talents seamlessly into your existing team, your project development will be instantly optimized, with a significantly reduced time-to-market.

You can also respond to market demands and concentrate on emerging opportunities, becoming an innovative market player. With a flexible workforce at your disposal, you can scale up development efforts without the delays associated with traditional hiring processes. With PLANEKS, your team can navigate complex projects more efficiently and meet tight milestones easily. Addressing specific technical challenges and implementing top-tier solutions, our experienced augmented team from Eastern Europe aligns precisely with your objectives. Our collaborative capacity will both accelerate development and enhance the overall quality of the deliverables.

Risk Mitigation

Experience efficient risk mitigation and enhanced project resilience with our company's team augmentation services. You can strategically augment your existing team with our skilled professionals, gaining access to diverse expertise while reducing dependency on individual skill sets and mitigating project risks. Our team augmentation service is customizable, guaranteeing that your project demands are successfully fulfilled with optimal efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Collaborating with our technicians provides an additional layer of risk management through shared responsibilities, serving as a foundation for finding innovative solutions to any tech tasks. The PLANEKS adaptable team ensures across-the-board knowledge transfer, safeguarding your project against unforeseen challenges. Elevate your project outcomes by navigating complexities with confidence.


Our team augmentation services address the dynamic needs of your project development, providing outstanding scalability and flexibility to organizations. In the ever-evolving environment of IT projects, demands and deadlines can substantially vary. We allow businesses to adjust their development capacity as needed, either up or down, in response to the current project requirements. During peak periods or when struggling with setbacks, augmenting your team with the PLANEKS skilled professionals allows for a rapid increase in productivity without the complexities of time-consuming hiring processes.

This scalability is particularly beneficial for handling diverse project requirements, ensuring that the right expertise is available when you need it. We offer high service flexibility, optimizing resource utilization and avoiding the challenges associated with maintaining a consistently large in-house team. This approach also works vice versa, during breaks or project completion phases, scaling down the augmented team helps you control costs and resources efficiently. Therefore, at PLANEKS, we fit in the changing dynamics of project scopes, ultimately enhancing your productivity and harmonizing the dynamic business ecosystem’s workloads.

Expertise On-Demand

Demands for specific expertise can arise depending on your project idea, business requirements, and industry peculiarities. You can gain the flexibility to fill in the expertise gap and extend your development capabilities swiftly. Our curated team of Python developers possesses a wealth of experience, assisting you on a wide range of tech tasks.

Hire offshore Python developers with specialized skills when essential, eliminating the challenges of recruitment timelines and overhead costs. We at PLANEKS facilitate a fruitful development environment where your project benefits from the collective knowledge of our proficient software engineers. Whether it's a particular technology or a need in the full stack expertise, our profound team seamlessly integrates with your in-house staff, delivering a cohesive partnership that accelerates the development lifecycle and enhances overall productivity. Get the full power of expertise on-demand to win the market competition and obtain the required skills with our experts, focusing on the success of your projects.


Our Python team augmentation service is the best fit for businesses seeking cost-effective solutions without compromising on talent and performance quality. By augmenting your in-house team with our experts, you gain access to a pool of specialized skills without the long-term financial commitments associated with hiring full-time employees. This approach allows you to scale your team based on project requirements, optimizing contributed costs and resources. Moreover, you can hire dedicated Python developers from PLANEKS to efficiently liquidate the expenses related to recruitment, onboarding, and employee benefits, offering a transparent and more flexible cost structure.

Cooperation Models

Here at PLANEKS, we are set on delivering top services to our clients and adapting to their needs. The cooperation models with dedicated Python development teams at PLANEKS

Hourly Engagement

This type of cooperation works well when you need to hire a team or an expert for an unclear period of time, don’t have a clear scope of work, or are not limited by time constraints. However, make sure that you have clear and realistic expectations about the team’s involvement in the process. Flexible for projects with changing scope and requirements.

Fixed Monthly Price

When you hire dedicated developers & programmers, you have a specific budget in mind. You can lock the prices of their services on a monthly basis and thus be sure you will fit into the budget. It is the best option if you plan long-term involvement, have a large and complex scope of work and need a fully committed team to your project.


What do you get when you hire dedicated developers?

Great Result

Companies need to be smart about their IT spendings, especially if you are a startup. Every year more and more companies resort to hiring an IT team offshore. Typically, a dedicated development team for hire in Ukraine or Eastern Europe allows you to save up to 30% of your expenses, compared to hiring similar experts in the US or the UK. And you get the same quality of services as you would have in your local area.

Faster Start

The competition for tech talent is fierce both in North America and Western Europe. A typical staffing time in the region is 8 to 12 weeks, or even more. However, in Ukraine, you can find an expert with the needed qualifications and experience faster and wait less for them to start working on your project. A typical start time for our projects is 4 to 8 weeks which is impressive if you are limited by your time-to-market or are competing for market share.

Flexible Scaling

Unlike your in-house teams, your dedicated development team is flexible. You can easily scale the size of the team that is working on your project to find the best ratio between your budget, needed IT resources, and expected timeframe. You can easily change both team size and composition. If you need to speed up the process, simply add team members to the project and get to destination faster.

Transparent Management

As the team becomes a part of your in-house processes, you remain in control of what is happening. You communicate regularly with the team, see their progress, and can easily make amends in the plan when needed. Hiring dedicated developers also allows you to dive deeper into your business processes without the need to babysit every engineer.

Needed Technical Expertise

By accessing the global tech talent pool, you can easily find specialists with a unique mix of technical and industry expertise or reach engineers with rare and unique qualifications. As the majority of IT specialists in the region are working for outsourcing companies, they have versatile backgrounds and experience working with different solutions.

Knowledge Retention and Management

Knowledge loss is one of the reasons projects fail or take longer than planned. People may come and go—get reassigned within your units or simply quit. A dedicated development team focuses on your project and keeps the record of technical decisions, documents major milestones, and performs knowledge transfer once the project is over.

Decreased Administrative Overhead

Having an in-house team, you need to deal with their recruitment, provide them with workplaces, take care of their onboarding, and provide them with HR support. When you are hiring dedicated developers, you don’t have to pay for administrative support, HR activities or spend your time on daily management activities.

Daily Interaction and Regular Updates

You can interact with a team as often as you need to for a smooth development process. We will help you set proper communication channels and provide regular updates with a frequency that is comfortable for you (on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis).


What do people praise about PLANEKS?

How do we build dedicated development teams?

Creating a perfect dedicated team is a complex process that requires a lot of attention to detail, analysis of requirements and needs, management of expectations, and interactions between you, us, and potential team members.

5 Steps



First, we will carefully gather requirements about the candidates you need and your expectations. Then, we will analyze the pool of potential candidates, match them against the requirements, shortlist the most promising ones, and prepare for the interviews.


In order to help you succeed, we create the optimal team composition based on the scope of work, the complexity of the tasks, and the expected delivery time. You can interview every candidate on your own or let us hold the interviews to find the perfect match.


Once the hiring process is over, the team needs to be introduced to your in-house personnel. Following your detailed instructions on onboarding and knowledge sharing, we will help the new team integrate seamlessly into your processes.

Set up

At the outset of the project, some things may be confusing. We create proper communication channels and optimize the critical processes during this stage to ensure fruitful and smooth cooperation. We provide support throughout the whole cooperation.


We can expand your team based on your needs and find engineers even with the rarest expertise. We will carefully select the top engineers and build the team that will fit perfectly into your processes. Stay flexible and match the size of your team to your needs.
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Benefits of hiring dedicated developers at PLANEKS

PLANEKS brings together people passionate about technology and ready to help our clients level up their business game. We combine our entrepreneurial mindset, customer-centric approach, and industry best practices to achieve the top results. Here’s why we are different:

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    It's out pleasure to have a chance to cooperate.

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