Offshore Software Development

Offshore Software Development


Get qualified backend development support to deliver complex software requirements.

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Benefits of offshore development within your existing workflow

Offshoring has proved itself as the best strategy to acquire the right talent for your project. The future of offshore software development services are bright, as the software vendors have become trusted partners for both technical and non-technical clients. Product apps erase distances between companies and customers, thus giving them a substantial competitive advantage of being one step ahead of the competition.

Backend development services you can get

Our Services

Our offshore outsourcing software development company has vast experience in developing applications and has a significant client base across the USA and Europe comprising small, medium, and large enterprises. Our team consists of skilled software developers who have honed their skills in all the trending technologies and frameworks to build high-end software. You can outsource your software development process to PLANEKS, and we will guarantee that it fulfills all of your requirements.


We design, develop, and deploy custom software applications that meet your specific business needs. Our developers have the required skill set to handle all aspects of the custom software development process, from requirements gathering to deployment. Create bespoke cloud-based, analytics-enabled web apps that deliver incredible business value. Incorporate cloud computing or other cutting-edge technologies into your products to give them a competitive edge.

Why you should consider our offshore software development services

Our Benefits


By hiring Python offshore developers, you can prevent your business from running out of money. You will not have to spend on additional expenses such as office rent, salaries, insurance payments, vacations, and many others. Instead will be routing funds into your business’s most crucial areas, developing your projects.

Core Business Focus

You need time to focus on your business and its core functions, as you cannot spend all your time guiding a team of programmers crafting your software. When you offshore a software development project, you get a full-scale team with the product manager to take it over completely.


PLANEKS completed copious projects and you won’t need to explain every step we have to take on the way to accomplish the project. We bring years of strategic planning and technical expertise to oversee and execute on every phase of development.


All our tech specialists come with a university degree. They are T-shaped full-stack professionals who know everything about Python for web development with a wide variety of frameworks and libraries to meet your specific needs. Moreover, we clearly know what do you expect from us.

Transparency and Accountability

Everybody knows that the foundation of any partnership or business is transparency and accountability, and being a reliable offshore software development agency, we can ensure this. We operate with a flat organizational structure that provides you direct access to the project manager and developers working on your project. This helps in quicker solutions and better communication.

Lean Approach

We apply a lean approach to develop your app right from the initial planning and investigation stage until the deployment to ensure that you have robust, scalable, and secure software. This helps in delivering higher ROI as we use cost-effective measures for development.

Wise Talent Augmentation

PLANEKS has a huge talent pool of experienced software developers who can work on your project with the required skill set. We also have a well-defined recruitment process and stringent quality checks to ensure that you get only the best developers for your project.

Strategic Technology Selection

Our team helps you choose the right technology stack for your project based on your specific business needs and budget constraints. PLANEKS has a team of experienced technology consultants who can guide you in making the best technology choice for your project.
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How we develop custom software

Our Software Development Process


Concept Development

PLANEKS starts this process by understanding your concept and the project's business objectives. This helps us understand how to apply technology to a project and what is required from an operational perspective and design, build, test, etc., for achieving those business goals efficiently.


Software bugs and errors can cause significant financial and reputational damage to a business. To avoid such pitfalls, we have developed a systematic approach towards writing test cases before starting development which is carried out during all development phases. Our offshore software development firm's experienced team of testers follows a robust quality assurance process to ensure that you have reliable, bug-free software with every release.


Then we move on to creating prototypes for the proposed system/application. This helps in validating the concept, requirements, and user interface. We also get user feedback from this phase used for further development of the product.


After the software is thoroughly tested and meets all the requirements, it is deployed in your environment for end-users. We deliver rapid, flexible application deployment and implementation services utilizing well-known schemas and methodologies to maximize customers' most efficient application delivery procedure.


After finalizing the design, we start building your application. This is the stage where we do the actual coding and create software modules integrated into the system. Our experienced software developers ensure that your time and budget are optimally utilized by following an agile development process to maintain frequent updates of your project progress.

Post Release Support

Even after the software is deployed, we continue to provide support for a certain period of time as per mutual agreement. This helps ensure that the system runs smoothly and meets all your business needs. Our software implementation service aims to discover suitable solutions for end-users, keep track of their post-deployment actions to assure success, and produce reports on user metrics that influence the ROI.


Technologies We Use


Python has become the most popular backend development technology due to its ease of use, readability, and comprehensiveness. It is extensively used in web application development, data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, web scraping, etc. Level Up Your Backend Development With the Power of Python!


JavaScript is the most popular front-end development technology used to develop dynamic and interactive web applications. It has a huge ecosystem with a large number of libraries and frameworks, which makes it an attractive choice for web development. Boost Up the Frontend Development with Feature-rich JavaScript Libraries!

Outsource Software Development to PLANEKS

If you are looking for a reliable and experienced offshore software development company, then PLANEKS is the perfect partner for you.

We are experienced players in the software development industry and have developed a strong reputation for delivering quality software solutions. Having a solid team of skilled developers, designers, project managers, and consultants, PLANEKS has the caliber to take on any kind of software development project.


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