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The full-stack development services from PLANEKS cover a solid range of solutions to bring your novel concept idea to the real product. Get a scalable backend system, optimized database management, sophisticated user frontend interface, and enhanced DevOps processes with our proven in-depth expertise. With our dedicated team, you are guaranteed to obtain an accelerated development flow, a budget-friendly and qualitative range of tech services, and flawless products tailored to your requirements.


Our Services

PLANEKS guarantees quality, reliability, transparency, and affordability, making us your trusted partner for full-stack development projects. Hire a dedicated team of professionals who will comprehensively take over your project implementation, ordering the absolute spectrum of necessary IT services covering a dedicated team of professionals formed exactly for your project, efficient full-stack outstaffing, and reliable custom software creation services.

Dedicated Full Stack Teams

Our dedicated full-stack software development company has solid competence to satisfy your project's specific requirements and handle any tech challenges, ensuring in-depth professionalism from concept to deployment. For this, we gather a cohesive group of talented and engaged professionals covering frontend, backend, and DevOps capabilities, providing seamless collaboration and a rapid development lifecycle. Get a dedicated team at your disposal, partnering with technicians equipped with cutting-edge tools and technologies, ready to handle a challenge and bring innovation. We at PLANEKS are pleased to assist you in every aspect of your tech roadmap, like releasing a new product to the market, scaling existing software, or performing digital transformation.

Full Stack Developers Outstaffing

Extend your existing team with our highly qualified full-stack developers through our flexible and adaptable outstaffing services. You can hire motivated talents who perfectly align with your project needs, smoothly integrating them into your workflow as augmenting team members. PLANEKS specialists are ready to share their expertise, meet tight milestones, or cope with specific tasks. Our full-stack developers bring rich experience in the leading technologies and domain-specific proficiency to your business, helping you reach your goals and gain a competitive edge. With outstaffing full-stack developers, you have full control and flexibility over your project, while the expertise of our developers boosts your development flow with a guaranteed top-class output.

Custom Full Stack Development Outsourcing

Gain all the benefits of custom full-stack development outsourcing tailored to your particular requirements. PLANEKS' end-to-end development services cater to every stage, from efficient ideation and prototyping to deployment and ongoing maintenance. Outsource your full-stack development needs to our professional team, which is adept at working with cutting-edge technologies to maximize your software quality and innovation. We at PLANEKS provide scalable and cost-effective outsourcing services that meet your core business objectives, processes, and financial opportunities. Putting quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction first, we help you focus on your business value-added tasks while we handle the technical peculiarities of full-stack development.

Hire Offshore FullStack Developers

Cooperate with our dedicated full-stack teams to gain flexibility and efficiency to adapt to your business and project requirements.

What we do

Our Full Stack Solutions

The right full stack development agency can make you become the next success story within your industry. At PLANEKS, we are dedicated to assisting businesses across various niches with innovative full-stack development services that cater to their particular needs. Covering a wide range of domains and continuing to elevate our professionalism, we have the proven expertise and background to make your business achieve prosperity and elevated efficiency.


Backend Development

At the foundation of every powerful application lies a strong backend infrastructure, and our services are designed to provide for this requirement. We implement scalable, high-performance backend systems matching your exact requirements, ensuring seamless data processing, security, and performance stability. For this, our experts engage time-tested and robust technologies, such as Python, Django, FastAPI, and Flask, to build RESTful APIs and microservices that set the core of your product. Having our backend development expertise on hand enables you to get efficient and scalable software that caters to the growing number of customers and provides excellent usage experience.
Offshore Backend Development Services

Database Management

Streamlined database management is inalienable for efficiently storing, organizing, and accessing data. We have a profound background in designing and optimizing databases for performance, scalability, and reliability, involving both SQL and no-SQL DBs; particularly PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, and more. The PLANEKS team provides services and solutions to match your specific use case, whether it requires relational databases for structured or NoSQL databases for unstructured data. Our database management expertise covers schema design, indexing, replication, and sharing, as well as taking care of secure data storage and accessibility to enhance your decision-making and deliver perfect user experiences.

DevOps and Deployment

Optimized development pipelines and smooth deployment are critical aspects of any software project, and our best practices combined with automation techniques can skyrocket the workflow. We accelerate iteration cycles and implement continuous delivery and deployment processes, providing consistency, scalability, and reliability across environments. Technologies like Docker, Kubernetes, and CI/CD pipelines further elaborate our capabilities. With any desired cloud platform, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS,) Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform (GCP), our DevOps expertise allows you to speed up time-to-market, minimize downtime, and enhance the flexibility of your development flow. Gain robust infrastructure, extensive services, global reach, scalability, and reliability with our cloud-powered DevOps practices.

Frontend Development

Seamless user experiences begin with visually pleasing and intuitive frontend interfaces and the top quality of our full-stack development company services. With PLANEKS, you can create user-friendly, responsive, and appealing user interfaces engaging essential technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. If your project necessitates modern frameworks like React or Vue.js, we have the expertise to implement your designs. Our front-end development services cover wireframing, prototyping, implementation, and testing, focusing on usability, accessibility, and performance. This guarantees that your solution reflects the preferences and tastes of your target audience, driving high customer engagement and retention.
Offshore FrontEnd Development Services


Why Choose Our Full Stack Development Services

Here are the benefits you will get by choosing PLANEKS as your dedicated offshore partner in full-stack development services.


Partnership with PLANEKS offers you the team of credible full-stack developers who will introduce enhanced quality and efficiency in every phase and aspect of your project, bringing maximum value to your business. We possess years of profound experience and deep comprehension of frontend and backend technologies, equipping you with thorough tech assistance. Cooperate with our full-stack web development company to delegate the tech processes, from stylish and intuitive user interfaces to scalable backend systems. We strive to achieve a deep understanding of your business concept, not just to meet but exceed your expectations. Hire a profound IT vendor to meet your every requirement, who you can trust to become the next successful market player.

Custom Solutions

Every business is unique, and that's why we are ready to implement and deliver bespoke solutions to meet your specific requirements and peculiarities. The core PLANEKS approach is cohesive collaboration, guaranteeing that we fully comprehend your requirements and objectives before proceeding to build a product that addresses the set purposes and goals as needed. We have broad experience in working with companies of diverse scales, helping them fulfill their core aims and delivering customized solutions that effectively cope with their challenges and maximize opportunities for success.

Technology Stack

We're proficient in advanced technologies and frameworks, which serve as key factors in providing high product quality. As for the front-end frameworks, we leverage React and Vue.js. The main backend technologies we use are Python, Django, and FastAPI, combined with the skills and expertise of our software engineers. To ensure boosted deployment, efficiency, and flexibility, you can make use of our cloud expertise in AWS, Microsoft Azure, and GCP. The PLANEKS team never pauses in its progress and acquiring knowledge, ensuring we keep up with the newest trends and best practices. This enables us to deliver full stack web development services to you, enhancing innovation and competitive edge for your business.

Agile Approach

We follow an Agile approach within software development, achieving a flexible and adaptive process that focuses on fast delivery and consideration of customer feedback. With iterative development methodology, you gain incremental improvements and adjustments based on dynamic requirements and market changes. Agile breaks down complex projects into manageable elements, delivering value early and often to minimize risk and maximize efficiency. A broad range of benefits you gain cover reflecting changing market conditions, accelerating time-to-market, or adopting new opportunities. Due to using an Agile approach with PLANEKS, your project remains on track and adaptable to modifications, ultimately offering faster deployment and greater prosperity.

Offshore FullStack Services

Partnering with us means accessing a Ukraine-founded dedicated team of profound experts passionate about delivering flawless results at every step of the project. We’re here to help you achieve your even more complex goals, providing tangible results for process automation or optimization, custom software development, business digitization, and many other objectives.


Our Industries

With PLANEKS, you have no limits in your original tech ideas and opportunities. Contact our full-stack software development company today to learn more about how our services can boost your business and establish new value streams. Let us become your dedicated partners to turn your vision into solid software and obtain endless possibilities for growth and expansion.


Within eSports, we offer bespoke full-stack development services to enhance user experiences, streamline tournament management, and optimize platform performance. Our expertise spans the entire eSports ecosystem, such as building seamless user interfaces for eSports platforms or implementing robust backend systems for match scheduling and player analytics. In case you’re a gaming organization, tournament vendor, or eSports platform provider, our services can come in handy to help you engage audiences, drive participation, and elevate your competitive edge in this growing industry.
eSports Tournament App Development Services


In the insurance sector, we provide in-depth full-stack development services to modernize processes, enhance customer relationships, and take your operational efficiency to a whole new level. Create reliable software for policy management and claims processing or integrate advanced analytics and solid underwriting solutions to keep your insurance company ahead of the market competition. We will eagerly become your partners in digitizing your services, providing higher efficiency and automation, or helping your Insurtech startup disrupt the industry with an innovative idea. Deliver seamless Insurance experiences and drive growth with PLANEKS.
Insurance Software Development Services


Our innovative full-stack development helps healthcare providers enhance patient serving and care, optimize clinical workflows, and improve treatment outcomes. Order everything from developing telemedicine platforms for remote appointments to designing electronic health record (EHR) systems for secure data management or e-prescription platforms for seamless medicine prescribing, ordering, and delivery. Each of our products is designed to be firsthand compliant and meet the special needs of medical vendors and patients. For hospitals, clinics, or digital health startups, our expertise in healthcare technology allows you to adopt the latest advancements to deliver personalized care and optimize health outcomes.
Healthcare Software Development Services


In the hospitality sector, our expertise allows enhance guest experiences, streamline procedures, and provide stable revenue growth. You can hire full-stack developers to get a seamless platform for online reservations and guest feedback, implement integrated property management systems (PMS) and loyalty programs, or any other solutions that enhance your operations within this domain. PLANEKS services cater to hotels, resorts, restaurants, and travel agencies, enabling you to deliver excellent experiences that delight guests and build lasting relationships.
Hospitality Software Development Services

Real Estate

For the real estate industry, we provide end-to-end services that allow digitizing processes, streamlining transactions, and enhancing customer engagement. This may imply developing a property listing website, virtual property tour, building CRM system, and transaction management platform, addressing the needs of real estate agents, brokers, developers, and property managers. Our tech expertise enables you to leverage technology to optimize operations and drive business growth for selling and purchasing residential properties or managing commercial real estate portfolios more effectively.
Real Estate Software Development Services

Fleet Management

The fleet management sector is also the one where we have experience in delivering customized full-stack development services to optimize vehicle tracking, route planning, and fleet maintenance operations. We know how to design telematics platforms for real-time vehicle monitoring to build handy applications for driver communication and scheduling. Order reliable solutions that are dedicated to helping fleet operators improve their workflow, cut down costs, and elevate safety. For companies of any size, from a small fleet of vehicles or a large logistics operations, our expertise in fleet management technology enables you to optimize your operations and maximize fleet performance.
Fleet Management Software Development Services
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