IT Outstaffing Services in Ukraine

IT Outstaffing Services in Ukraine


Elevate your business with our trusted IT outstaffing services in Ukraine, obtaining a competitive advantage in your industry.


Elevate your business with our trusted IT outstaffing services in Ukraine, obtaining a competitive advantage in your industry. PLANEKS is your experienced IT partner in custom Python web development that will seamlessly bring your ideas to life through reliable and innovative technologies wrapped into the efficiency of Agile methodologies. We ensure a vast pool of highly qualified experts, carefully managed and chosen to address your specific requirements. Whether it’s a long-term partnership or a short-term project, we’ll eagerly deliver qualified specialists at an excellent value-for-money rate, tangible value, reliability, client-centric approach, and innovation.


Our Services

We appreciate and value the originality of each project we work on, delivering the appropriate skill set and close attention. IT outstaffing services in Ukraine are designed to cater to your project’s individual needs, providing you with a team of highly skilled professionals ready to contribute exclusively to your success.

Dedicated Python Developers

Whether you need developers for a particular project or continuous support, our dedicated teams are available to provide their expertise. Our PLANEKS professionals have in-depth knowledge of a wide range of technologies, Python-based libraries, and frameworks, like Django, Flask, FastAPI, and many others. This ensures that you get the right talent for your requirements. You can be sure that our specialists will seamlessly integrate with your existing team, working as an extension of your in-house employees. This guarantees that we’ll achieve a collaborative environment with transparent and streamlined communication and aligned project goals. Benefit from the flexibility of scaling your dedicated team up or down based on your project requirements, having professionals who’ll adapt to changing needs, and optimizing resource allocation efficiently.
Hire Dedicated Python Developers

Customized Teams

For projects with diverse needs, our IT outstaffing services in Ukraine allow you to build a team aligned with specific requirements, ensuring that each introduces the unique skills and experience needed to achieve the set goals. Create a team with an extensive skill set that perfectly matches your project's demands. This may be a mix of frontend and backend developers, UX/UI designers, QA engineers, or professionals in a specific technology – we’ll provide you with the essential expertise. Your team composition will be tailored to the project's scope, ensuring you have the right balance of specialization at every stage. At PLANEKS, we apply this targeted approach to enhance efficiency and accelerate project delivery timelines.

Cooperation with us enables you to meet the evolving project requirements by scaling your team as needed. Our customized teams' service offers the flexibility to extend or decrease the number of professionals, providing a scalable solution that mainly follows your project's dynamics.

Software Development Outsourcing

Are you looking to build customized software from the ground up? Then, feel free to use our software development outsourcing service as the core to bringing your idea into reality. Our experienced team specializes in implementing bespoke solutions that meet your unique business requirements. From conceptualization to deployment and maintenance, we manage the entire software development lifecycle. We execute close cooperation with you to comprehend your vision as precisely as possible, making the output even more seamless, high-performance, and efficient. With our powerful quality assurance processes, you’ll get software that is not only functionally robust but also meets the top standards of efficiency, security, and user experience. The Agile development approach allows us and our partners to make iterative enhancements and continuous feedback so that your software evolves in response to changing requirements and market dynamics.
Offshore Software Development in Ukraine

IT Outstaffing Services

Partner with PLANEKS and elevate your business with the right IT talent. Explore the boundless possibilities of success through our tailored outstaffing services. Your project vision and the right experts with in-depth competence will make your business the next success story.

The benefits of IT Outsourcing in Ukraine

Why Choose IT Outstaffing in Ukraine

Choosing Ukraine for outstaffing offers a strategic benefit. With our team, you can choose among experienced and IT proficient specialists who are the best technical and cultural fit for your business environment. We leverage our in-depth hard and soft skills to deliver outstanding results for your company, being accessible all the time for you. When you choose IT outstaffing in Ukraine with PLANEKS, you are not just filling in the missing expertise gap; you are hiring rich knowledge and experience that can boost your project’s quality and innovation. Hire true talent, creativity, and services of the highest quality with our offshore outstaffing.

Skilled Workforce

Ukraine offers a pool of highly skilled and profound employees in the IT industry. The country is advanced in this sector due to its strong technical education, individual professional development, high standards due to high competitiveness, and regular skills assessments conducted by IT companies, producing experts with rich knowledge in software development, engineering, and other diverse technical domains. Aside from their powerful set of hard skills and adaptability to the latest technologies, IT specialists are appreciated because of their creative thinking and perfect communication skills, making them valuable assets for businesses seeking credible talent.

Cost-Effective Solutions

By choosing an IT outstaffing agency in Ukraine, you get the service cost-effectiveness with the remaining solid performance. Compared to in-house hiring or other outsourcing options, employing Ukrainian talent from PLANEKS allows you to reduce operational expenses significantly and get seamless software products. Reasonable rates and cost-efficient services in Ukraine contribute to saving your budget with no quality reduction. This way, you can allocate your finances wiser, directing resources toward innovation, expansion, or other strategic initiatives. Our transparent pricing models ensure that you get the most value out of your investment, setting a successful partnership that fits your financial objectives.

Cultural Compatibility

Beyond technical proficiency, cultural compatibility is a core aspect of successful communication and collaboration. Ukraine, with its Western-oriented mindset and connection with Western business practices, delivers a highly seamless integration experience. Our team understands the significance of effective communication, mutual goals and values, and a collaborative work environment. Ukrainian IT professionals demonstrate a strong command of the English language, facilitating smooth communication and reducing the barriers commonly associated with outsourcing. We at PLANEKS also ensure a cultural alignment to enhance collaboration and contribute to a positive working relationship with our clients, ensuring that your projects progress seamlessly and efficiently.


Our Outstaffing Process

Equipping your team with the right experts from Eastern Europe is possible with the steps we’ll cover below.


Needs Assessment

The first core step in our outstaffing process at PLANEKS is the needs assessment. We explore the uniqueness of each project, the challenges to handle, as well as the set goals and requirements. Our dedicated team of experts communicates with you to gain a deep understanding of your business objectives, project scope, and the skills necessary to achieve success. Within this phase, we conduct all-around discussions and evaluations to identify key project aspects, necessary skill sets, and any specific other demands you may have. Our primary goal is to ensure our outstaffing solutions are precisely tailored to meet your business needs, setting the foundation for a successful and productive partnership.

Talent Sourcing

Having a clear understanding of your needs, we move on to identifying and selecting qualified IT professionals who fit the specific requirements outlined during the previous stage. Our talent sourcing process comprises a deepened investigation of candidates, considering their hard skills, industry experience, and cultural fit. We focus on transparency and communication throughout this process, keeping you informed and involved in the selection of the professionals who will be an integral part of your team. At PLANEKS, you get a partner presenting you with a curated pool of candidates who smoothly and hassle-free integrate into your projects, bringing value from the start.

Seamless Integration

Fruitful collaboration surely surpassed just technical skills, covering effective communication, cultural alignment, and a shared contribution to project goals. To facilitate a smooth integration, we stick to clear onboarding processes and communication channels. Our IT outstaffing company in Ukraine is focused on supplying outstaffed professionals with the necessary information, resources, and a set of tools to integrate seamlessly into your existing teams. Regular meetings, status updates, and collaboration platforms applied by our team further enhance communication, fostering a cohesive working environment. This helps you bridge the gap between in-house specialists and the PLANEKS outstaffed professionals, creating an engaged and motivated team focused on achieving shared objectives.

Unlocking Doors to Digitalized Workplace and Automated Process!

From sports to hospitality, digital transformation aids efficiency and productivity in every industry. But you need a team of professionals to unlock its true potential and ensure proper implementation in your business model. Contact us today and take a step towards digitalization with the industry’s leading digital transformation consultancy company.


Flexible Engagement Models

We provide you with the flexibility to choose the suitable cooperation model for your convenience and business requirements.

Fixed Monthly Engagement Model

When it comes to well-defined scopes and longer-term commitments, our fixed monthly engagement model provides stability and performance steadiness. Enjoy the benefit of a fixed monthly cost, making budgeting and resource planning more straightforward and well-projected. This model is designed to cater to businesses seeking a dedicated team over an extended period, ensuring consistent support and a seamless workflow.

Hourly Engagement Model

Our hourly engagement model offers flexibility and precision. This is a perfect fit in case your project has evolving requirements or a shorter duration. Based on this option, you can pay for the exact hours of work invested. It provides the scalability to extend resources up or down based on project needs, ensuring cost-effectiveness and adaptability.
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Do you still have any questions?

How do you manage a dedicated team?
At PLANEKS, managing a dedicated team involves a comprehensive approach. We start by understanding your project requirements and then carefully form a team of skilled professionals. Regular communication, transparent reporting, and collaborative tools are employed to ensure seamless integration within the cooperation process. Our Project Managers oversee the team's progress, addressing challenges as soon as they arise and keeping you up with every stage.
Can you help me if I need only one developer?
Absolutely! Reach out to PLANEKS when you need the full dedicated team or just a single developer – we’ll tailor our outstaffing solutions to meet your individual needs. Our flexibility allows you to scale your team up or down based on project requirements, ensuring you have the right resources at all times.
How much does hiring one developer cost?
The cost of hiring one developer depends on various factors, including the developer's skill set, experience, and the scope of your project. We at PLANEKS prioritize transparent pricing models, and our team can provide you with a detailed estimate based on your specific requirements.
How long does it take to hire a team of developers?
The timeline for hiring a team of developers varies based on the complexity of your project and the specific skills required. Traditionally, it takes from a week to a month to assemble a team, yet, when it comes to more complex cases with extensive requirements necessitating narrow specialization, the hiring process may take even longer. A thorough selection process is essential for us to ensure that we present you with a team that aligns with your needs. Our team works efficiently to streamline the hiring process, and we aim to get your dedicated team up and running as quickly as possible without compromising on quality.


What do people praise about PLANEKS?

Ready to start the new project? Extend your project capabilities with the high competence and dedication of the Ukrainian outstaffing IT company. At PLANEKS, our team is committed to bringing innovation, high-quality service, and affordability at the same time. We are ready to ensure the required number of experts have valuable experience for your project. Hire the power of IT outstaffing in Ukraine, and let’s make your project take your business to the next level.

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