Custom Medical Software Development Services

Custom Medical Software Development Services


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Healthcare software development services are nowadays in high demand due to the modernization of medical software and the goal of delivering each engaged party with transparency, quality, and acceleration of their processes. The MedTech industry, directly and indirectly, generates about two million jobs in the US. (Brandon Gaille, 2020). Medical solutions and platforms include remote appointments with the doctor, prescribing, managing the patient data, health conditions tracking, and therapy history, providing the opportunity to streamline the services delivery process and enhance the outcomes for all the involved parties.

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With PLANEKS, you can get your healthcare business to the next level using top-notch tech practices and cutting-edge technologies. Our skillful technicians can design a reliable, handy, and efficient product tailored to the concept of your business. Delve deeper into the services PLANEKS offers to the businesses of the healthcare industry.


Custom Healthcare Software Development

Our custom medical software development company provides services for all domain establishments and parties: remote patient monitoring solutions and tracking both physical and mental health conditions, electronic prescription management, patient data management, etc. To illustrate, you can design a patient-oriented monitoring and care solution, the key goal of which is to decrease costs for health plans, vendors, and members. Functionality tailored to the specific requirements of your healthcare business and each participant engaged in medical processes (e.g., patients, healthcare providers, physicians, hospitals, pharmacies, labs, and others). Our custom medical software development services can make data management and processing more accessible, secure, as well as deliver seamless distant interactions between healthcare providers and clients.

Medical Software Architecture Development

A quality foundation is a vital part of the development of any revolutionary product. Get scalable and robust software architecture with our medical app development company. PLANEKS team will design the organization of your healthcare system, covering the entire set of components, the way they are required to interact with each other, the environment in which they operate, and the most solid practices used to design the software. Get professional software architecture development services with us and ensure the evolution of medical solutions into the future.

Medical Software Evolution

Adhere to all obligatory laws, regulations, and standards for your target markets to outdo your competitors and gain credibility. Customization delivered by PLANEKS meets the requirements of your users and responds to the challenges of a medical practice much more efficiently. Deliver highly intuitive experiences to your users by offering specialty-specific instruments, templates, and more. Our experienced team will implement a set of modifications in your existing software to take it to the next level, as well as fix and renovate it. Eliminate all the existing operational flaws and security vulnerabilities, and ensure cutting-edge functionality or enhance performances and utility.

API Development and Integration

Integrating APIs as an integral element of healthcare solutions significantly enhances the management of valuable medical data for all parties in this industry by securely transferring health details across the medical systems. Extend your functionality with healthcare APIs to resolve more complex clinical challenges. API integration with PLANEKS can be deployed within your specialized medical software platforms to design a centralized, longitudinal platform for collecting, analyzing, monitoring, and tracking health data and patients’ therapy. Consequently, there are the core types of medical APIs that will bring huge benefits into your healthcare business.

Hiring Healthcare API Developers

  • EHR APIs
  • Consolidated APIs for patients’ data access
  • APIs for healthcare data management and analysis
  • Public medical data APIs
  • Medicine data and interaction checking APIs
  • Symptom and diagnose verification APIs
  • Telehealth APIs


Our Solutions

Software development can be a tricky thing. You need to find a reliable tech partner who will understand your needs and help you jumpstart your best game.

Telemedicine Software Development

Telemedicine software implies designing a technology that allows medical providers to diagnose or treat patients remotely with secure telecommunication instruments such as video chats, phones, and email. Our team of Python software engineers can build a top-notch telemedicine solution that will enable remote video or call appointments between a patient and their medical practitioners, thus bringing benefits for both therapy efficiency and convenience.

Physician and Patient Portals

Deliver a secure website that gives patients convenient, 24-hour access to personal medical data from any spot using the Internet connection. Your customers will be able to check their recent doctor visits, discharge summaries, therapy details, and more. According to the National Center of Biotechnology Information, the portal's role in the communication of medical problems (80%) and the use of the portal for healthcare refills (62%) was great. With physician portals, home health agencies and doctors can efficiently communicate and collaborate more fruitfully to ensure quality treatment to their patients and extend their businesses simultaneously. The simple and convenient web and mobile online access ensures all parties with real-time data to deliver superior care experiences.

Medical Inventory Management Software

Control your inventory for healthcare with a custom inventory management system. Track your medical supplies easily, comprising instrument kits for surgeries, IV bags, needles, and other integral tools for healthcare. Dealing with critical medical supplies insufficiency (which is essential to fight the generation’s global health challenges,) medical supply organizations implement powerful and easy-to-use inventory management solutions. With such a healthcare platform from PLANEKS, you’ll be able to detect and fill the gap between supply and demand quickly. Medical inventory management always determines the exact number of the available inventory in your enterprise, including ventilators, personal protective equipment (PPE), and the forecasted requirements for those elements.

Biomedical Software Development

By ordering a complete biomedical software solution, you’ll allow clinicians to obtain critical information from their patients non-invasively. Our knowledgeable engineers can develop complex signal processing algorithms to process biological indicators like cardiac and neurological signals in order to better track patients’ health conditions and create appropriate therapy strategies. Get a solution compatible with biomedical engineering principles as well as their sciences, equipment, and devices.

Web Solutions for Specific Diseases

Partner with us to create a web-based solution that addresses specific health problems. It could be any chronic condition that patients frequently suffer from, delivering detailed information about its symptoms, treatments, and online diagnostics from a trusted healthcare provider. Connect physicians who are competent in a particular medical problem and patients who are eager to find a reliable healthcare provider and solve that problem.


Healthcare Software Development Process

A successful product requires a reliable strategy



The first step determines the answer to the following question: which platform should be created, what functions it will perform, and what parties it aims for. This question can inspire to understand the unit economics of your plan (costs and benefits), risk mitigation factors, and expected costs. There occurs an analysis of the business, its goals, and the weak points that need to be improved by medical software. We also perform a competitor and target audience analysis.


The points taken out for optimization from the previous step serve as the basis for the prototyping. The prototyping approach clearly defines all the architectural modules of the product, as well as its relationship and representation of the data flow to external and third-party modules (if any). The internal design of all modules of the proposed architecture must be clearly defined in detail. This plan is a guideline for product developers to offer the best architecture to develop the product. Based on the requirements specified in the first step, several approaches to the product architecture design are usually proposed and documented in the specification.


The design phase is where our software developers define the product's technical details. Depending on the medical project, these details may cover screen designs, databases, mockups, system interfaces, and schema. The purpose of this stage is to turn the set requirements into comprehensive and in-depth system design specifications. Customers are offered several options for the product UI/UX design to accept. Once the design is approved, the implementation phase begins.


At this stage, the actual development and assembly of the product begins. The team of software engineers translates the requirements into the code according to the specification at this stage. The qualitatively detailed and organized design allows code implementation to be done following a precise and well-defined roadmap. Developers build the product according to the coding guidelines defined by their organization and programming tools. Our team uses Python and its frameworks to create an absolute and high-quality product.


Testing begins after the planned functionality part is completed, and modules are released for Quality Assurance. At this stage, the developed medical software is thoroughly tested by our Quality Assurance (QA) engineers, and any defects found are handed over to the developers for correction. This process is repeated until the software meets the initially set specifications. The team of experts also makes sure that the healthcare solution complies with the obligatory guidelines and regulations like HIPAA, FCA, and HITECH.


During the following stage, the product release occurs by iterations (the approach is similar to QA testing.) We analyze user feedback because their reviews obtained through surveys and recommendations can effectively assist in improving healthcare solutions and achieving the highest competitiveness level.

Post-release support

The focus of the post-release support is to ensure that the needs of medical providers, clinics, patients, and pharmacies reflect in your product and that the system operates according to the specifications mentioned in the first step. After your medical solution is deployed and users start to apply the developed system, three types of activities follow: fixing bugs, updating of obsolete elements, and functional improvement.


Priority Technologies

A technology stack we have a great expertise in


Python is our preferred programming language offering a set of solid frameworks like Django and Flask we have tremendous experience in. PLANEKS healthcare application development services are aimed at every medical vendor as well as patients to refine precise prognoses and enhance the quality of healthcare delivery.
Backend Development Services


Cloud adoption for the healthcare industry is a widely-used and demanded practice. Cloud computing in healthcare defines the practice of using remote servers with online access to store, operate, and process medical data. This contrasts to establishing on-premise (or on-site) data hubs with servers or hosting the information on personal hardware.

Data Storage

Secure storage for data is a must for keeping and accessing patients' medical details. We use SQL or NoSQL databases to enable the import and export of health records from special medical equipment or customer databases. With it, the process of manual information entry is eliminated.


FastAPI and Django REST framework are powerful and adaptive instrument sets for creating Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to allow data transferring from other medical solutions or necessary third-party services as well as its further processing.
API Integration Services
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Why Choose PLANEKS as Your Healthcare Software Development Company?

Our Advantages

Compliance with Healthcare Standards

With PLANEKS, compliance with such healthcare legislative acts as HIPAA, GDPR, USCDI, and FHIRguarantees the successful maintenance of the highest standards, the outcomes of which comprise the removal of security violations and sensitive data leakage, streamlining of healthcare flows, renovated medical services, and the decrease of overall healthcare operational outgoings.

Advanced Medical Software Features

Improved user experience and competitiveness are impossible without advanced functionality. We are happy to help you expand the capabilities of your software. You can add features for medical training and education, as well as healthcare processes, a digital rehabilitation plan for a physiotherapist and patient remote communication, or a symptom checker, which allows interpreting possible health issues by analyzing medical conditions.

Automated Data Processing

Automated data processing is the process where you can fully rely on a tool or software to perform the collecting, cleaning, organization, structuring, and transferring of your data. With PLANEKS, you can robotize this process and eliminate the need to manually aggregate, analyze, and keep the latest data version. By automating this process with our solutions, you enable clinics and health organizations to use the most recent medical information and make comprehensive strategic decisions.

Reasonable Pricing

The PLANEKS qualified tech team can implement products to handle a diversity of challenges at an optimal value-for-money rate and deliver top-quality healthcare solutions development. The peculiarities of your project define the final cost estimate. Yet, when ordering top-quality medical software, you get a guaranteed regular profit as well as quick cost recoup, which makes such services reasonable and efficient.
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Hire Medical Software Developers

Automated and highly secure storing, collecting, and processing of sensitive data guarantee efficient results for healthcare. With our experts in software engineering, you are delivered the following benefits:

  • Top-class performance of the truly competent team
  • A reasonable and wise investment
  • Best Agile practices and accelerated time to market
  • Full compliance with the essential regulations
  • Flawless software with no performance issues

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Get customizable and flexible healthcare software addressing the requirements of your market. Partnering with us, you can also amplify your existing software for medicine, making it outstanding with new robust capabilities. Apply to PLANEKS offshore healthcare software development agency to start now.

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