eSports Tournament App Development Services

eSports Tournament App Development Services

eSports software development services for a reasonable price
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PLANEKS provides eSports tournament app development services to create feature-rich software for a better experience for your gamers, fans, organizers, teams, and sponsors. Our Python experts will set up or upgrade existing functionality like feed coverage, scores updating, results, gaming chats, live streaming, and more for players, teams, and leagues. We will help you develop highly efficient eSports applications for start-ups and middle-size business organizations to improve your project with the latest trends in the gaming industry.

eSports Software Development Solutions We Offer

Our Solutions

Our Python developers will build software with easy-to-use tournaments, registration, payment collections, brackets generation, or performance tracking. They will implement an end-to-end solution for complete control over players’ positions, seeding placements and randomization, real-time point awarding, standings updates, and more.

Team Management Software

We will create apps tailored to match your requirements with various features: from live chat, scoring, scheduling to assignments, invoicing, and real-time sharing of game moments or photos. Our eSports tournament platform developers will provide you with more organization, keep needed info easily accessible, maintain membership lists, and track the latest updates to facilitate the interactions between team members.

Match Moderation Systems

With a reliable match moderation system, you can easily remove offensive content and find out smurfs, spammers, and other inappropriate users for a positive players’ atmosphere. We will create moderation functions with careful validation on the comments if they contain prohibited words, deactivate the user with restricted words in their names, and develop the admin panel with easily modifying lists and automation control. Moreover, we can automate the suspension of the match if one of the players loses connection or banning or muting for misbehaving for a specific period of time.

Streaming Software Integration

We will build customized software for scalable performance on live streaming integrating with Discord, Twitch, YouTube, Mumble, TeamSpeak, and Steam Voice Chat. Our team will implement different payment methods for the speed of transactions of paid streamings, handle privacy concerns, and security across the needed platforms. Furthermore, we can set up social media integration to make it easy for people to stay up-to-date on all the latest news and information.

League Management Software

Our agency will build an app with easy setup formats for top-notch league management. We automate fixture drawing processes like real-time statistics related to leagues, tournaments, matches, clubs, facilities, media, scorecards, league roles, tables, dashboards, and more for tournament season. This functionality allows you to easily keep information in one place, track everything, ensure things are running smoothly, and optimize your operations.
Engaging web apps
One-stop shop for live streaming, tournament management, and game moderation solutions.
Build highly engaging software with our eSports app development company to attract the professional and amateur gaming crowd. We will keep an eye on the creation of tournament software by your vision and expectations. Our skilled eSports developers will provide efficient solutions for all the segments of the gaming system at affordable, competitive rates. Let’s create your application with the latest trends!

Optimal Technology Services

Deliver the unique eSports experience with the world’s most trusted services

eSports Feed Coverage

Get the coverage of all leading tournaments/leagues, 2000+ betting markets, pregame and live game data. Whatever you need to gain the winning edge in esports, we’ll get you covered.

Streaming Platforms

The most important esports streaming platforms: Twitch, YouTube, Facebook Gaming, Mixer, Caffeine and Steam TV as well as other options where to watch esports online.

Gaming Chat Apps

Voice chat is now standard fare in video gaming communities. Integrate the right one for your users: Discord, Mumble, TeamSpeak, Steam Voice Chat, Tox or even Slack and Hangouts.

Top Games

Make sure you deal with the most popular games in the community: Dota 2, Counter-Strike, VALORANT, PUBG, Rocket League, Apex Legends, StarCraft II, Rainbow Six, Overwatch, LOL, Fortnite, Hearthstone.

Latest Updates

News, wikis & guides to an ever-growing esports community. Professional gaming tips, most popular forums - everything you need to keep your audience up-to-date about industry latest trends and insights.

Payment Solutions

Community has considerations for online payments: speed of transactions, privacy concerns, payments in local currency. Provide them with several payment methods, each with its own benefit.


eSports market has boomed reaching 500 million audience

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Mainstream entertainment among all age groups

The video gaming industry was growing fast even before, but the coronavirus pandemic caused explosive growth. With stay-at-home advisories and lockdown directives, video games and eSports have truly become a top pastime for young and old. Industry estimates value the global video gaming market at 174.9 billion U.S. dollars in 2020. The United States and China are the biggest games markets, accounting for nearly half of the global gaming revenues.

154.6 bn USD


2.86 bn


19.6 %

year on year growth

Case studies

Proud projects make us excel

The insights-driven approach of our eSports tournament app developer company lets us create comprehensive products like Upcomer. Our expertise allows creating custom applications based on the different esports communities like Dota 2, Counter-Strike, VALORANT, PUBG, Apex Legends, Overwatch, LOL, Fortnite, Hearthstone, and others.

Upcomer Case Study
Upcomer is the one-stop location for everything esports, from tournaments and matches to players and what’s going on in the industry. Upcomer makes it easy and more engaging to follow eSports thanks to the world’s most comprehensive companion app for following eSports in real-time together with thousands of fellow fans and rivals.
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Esports is changing.
Over the past few years, the lines between esports, live streaming, and even influencer marketing have become blurred.
The pandemic disrupted the esports and live-streaming markets alike. While the esports market faced more challenges, it also managed significant growth, with markets and regions that previously had little-to-no esports activity suddenly entering the scene and flourishing—most notably, India. On the live-streaming side, lockdown measures resulted in spiking viewership across all platforms. More consumers were—and still are—confined to their homes, driving them to spend more time on platforms like Twitch and YouTube. These platforms also flourished as social hubs for many consumers, resulting in an impressive year overall for streamers and the broader live-streaming market.

Ecosystem and Key stakeholders

There are many different stakeholders for esports, and each of these has a unique part to play. This makes the ecosystem complex and varied. Key stakeholders are:


Game Publishers





Broadcasting Platforms


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Esports is on track to generate strong revenues. China will generate more than a third of worldwide esports revenues. The global revenue number will exceed $1.6 billion by 2024, and revenue growth will be strong across the board—in mature and growth markets.
Advantages of working with us

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Why choose PLANEKS for eSports development?

Reasonable Cost

We develop solutions to different challenges cost-effectively and without compromising quality for fair-priced eSports software development. The cost will depend on your choice of required features, third-party components, tools, preferred web or mobile platform, project difficulty, and other factors.

Scalable Solutions

Our top priority is to build software that can handle a growing number of users on the app and during the peak loads on the tournaments' streams, increasing amounts of data, and the ability to implement new features to expand the functionality of your app.

Customizable Web Apps

We'll analyze your needs with an individual approach to create your unique app from scratch to fit exact requirements and business goals. Furthermore, our specialists set up easy-to-manage features of any needed complexity to reach user-friendliness, positive gaming, and streaming experience on your application for any players, team, league, or club.

Robust Technology

Our company’s priority tech stack is based on Python with multifunctional frameworks like Django, Flask, and FastAPIi that give an opportunity to create seamless software that ensures delivering quick, dynamic, and customized user experiences. It allows us to build complex software solutions for startups and small-to-midsize businesses to get reliable speed or scalability.

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