Python Software Development Services

Python Software Development Services

Looking for seasoned Python software developers with experience in your industry?
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As a Python software development company, PLANEKS provides custom solutions based on the Python programming language, including such frameworks as Django, Flask, and FastAPI. By choosing our offshore IT agency, you are wisely investing your time and budget in a high-end product built with user experience and profit in mind. Our experienced Python developers can build your web application from scratch and utilize their profound expertise in Healthcare, eCommerce, eSports, Industrial Automation, and other high-competition industries.


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Professional Python development services you can trust

Software Development for Startups

It is important to pick a proper programming language before creating a software product. An incorrectly chosen technology stack can lead to a tremendous waste of time and money in the future. Even switching to another programming approach can significantly hinder the development process. Since Python supports multiple coding approaches like functional, procedural, and object-oriented, it makes this programming language a perfect fit for startups that want to change their coding style during a pivot. Hire PLANEKS and get easy-to-adapt software for your emerging startup.
Software Development Services for Startups

API Development & Integration

Application programming interfaces quickly deliver requested data from large databases and allow users to alter or contribute to it, decreasing the workload on a server. This is why a tech stack behind your API should be flexible and adaptable. Python is a versatile programming language with a set of complete libraries and toolkits like FastAPI and Django Rest framework, which makes Python suitable for building and integrating such APIs as social media authorization and payment getaways. Our professional Python developers will quickly create a reliable API for your project or smoothly integrate the right third-party solution into your web app.
API Development Services

Python Web Development

Python is the right choice for web development. No matter what you’re going to build: a typical eCommerce website or a custom web solution involving managing cloud infrastructure, Python can run on any platform. Its multi-functionality allows you to perform complex tasks on the backend, including Data Science with its Big Data analytics, machine learning, and Artificial Intelligence. Python-based web application development is our primary focus and greatest skill. That’s why you can feel free to reach out and be sure your web app will provide your clients with an awesome user experience.
Product Web Development Services

Dedicated Python Developers

With a dedicated software development model, business owners get a team of Python engineers who work only on a single project, thus focusing all their effort on building and improving it without any distractions. This approach is especially useful for startups since it effectively controls programmers and managers when rapid and flexible full-stack development is important. By approaching PLANEKS, you can hire Python developers on a dedicated basis who will share their expertise and knowledge in the form of flawless code.

Minimum Viable Product

Due to the extensive built-in functionality of many frameworks and CMSs, Python enables developers to create IT product prototypes and conduct fast iterations quickly. That’s why coding in Python is more efficient than developing web applications using many other backend programming languages. As a result, Python is an excellent choice for building an MVP where rapid development is extremely important. With our custom Python-based MVP development, you will get a faster time to market and start gaining traction to reinvest in polishing your solution.
MVP Development Services

Custom Python Software

Goal-oriented businesses require client-centric solutions. PLANEKS develops customized software, websites, and web apps using the rapid development approach to deliver IT projects in the short term. Since Python is flexible and versatile, building custom software in high-demand and competitive markets is a wise decision. Tailored to expand your idea to a complete solution with a set of needed features using Python, our team is ready to deliver the best-in-class software according to your business goals.
Offshore Custom Software Development

How you can benefit from partnering with us

The Pluses

Advantages of PLANEKS as a Python development company

Custom Python Development from Scratch

When it comes to developing personalized software, relying on a single team is essential for properly managing the development process and ensuring required results within pre-set terms. Therefore, the engineers are in charge of every single function and query. Let our Python developers build your web app from scratch, and you will avoid wasting your budget on switching or connecting small teams with limited expertise and poor scope of technologies.

Scalable Solutions

Even if your primary focus is a product prototype or MVP, a complete solution should be easy to adapt, scale, or even completely modify in the case where you decide to redirect your project vector. If you plan to scale your solution, it might not be ready for scaling in terms of the technology behind it. At PLANEKS, we know how to build scalable web apps to make them ready for fast growth.

Wise Python Technology Selection

Choosing the right technology before starting the development can save you a lot of time and money. Do you need Flask or Django? FastAPI or Django Rest framework? Don’t stress out! Just tell us your project idea, and we will come up with the right set of technologies in your particular case. Responsibility is the thing we don’t share. We will be in charge of what you agree on. Once we pick a tech stack, you can be sure any feature or integration will work as planned.

Reasonable Price

Python development cost includes a number of factors like; project complexity, the necessity of integration, features, etc. However, the main element is hourly rates and the amount of time spent on development, deployment, testing, and maintenance. You can either hire less-experienced Python developers in your region or consider offshoring to cut your expenses. Our qualified senior offshore Python developers will build your solution for a reasonable price and maintain effective communication.

Offshore Python Development Services

Are you looking for Python software development services? Hire PLANEKS and get a complete solution based on the latest technologies.

The most powerful technology you need to succeed.

Build startup. Grow product. Extend team.

Python is a production-based language meant for first-class projects: from MVP to enterprise.

Python development can be used for just about anything, which is why it’s considered so versatile.

#1most wanted language

among all companies of Fortune 500

PLANEKS specializes in full-cycle Python software development for: Startups, SaaS, minimum viable products (MVP), proof of concepts (PoC), scalable applications, cloud solutions, and global enterprises.

We put a strong focus on the needs of your business to figure out solutions that best fit your requirements, while assisting you with building customer trust.

Our Python Technology Stack

With Python, there really are no limits

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Python developers call it a web framework for perfectionists with deadlines.
Django makes it easier to build better web apps quickly and with less code.
Django Development Services
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Flask aims to keep the core simple but extensible. It won’t make many decisions for you, it is up to you. Flask can be everything you need and nothing you don’t.
Flask Development Services
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Modern, fast, high-performance web framework. It allows you to build APIs seamlessly without much effort—a recent alternative to Flask.
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Django REST framework

Flexible and fully-featured library with modular and customizable architecture that aims at building sophisticated web APIs and uses Python and Django.

For Python software development services, choose PLANEKS. It’s our passion, not just work.

Already have a plan? Or are you just getting your head around it?

We have the answer!

How PLANEKS works

A successful product requires a strategy

5 Steps


Requirements Analysis

We meet clients to discuss the details of ideas and expectations they have before proposing a plan.

Discussing and Planning Stage

We learn your materials and complete missing points for python development or create the plan from scratch.

Software Development

At this stage, we are ready to finalize requirements and start converting them to code and further to the product as per schedule.

Testing and Deployment

What is completed should be properly tested. Based on the feedback, it either goes live or gets tuned for a better user experience.

Operations and Maintenance

Product is delivered to end-users. Now the client defines if they need to grow it further or if regular maintenance is enough.

Useful Information


How much does Python development cost?
The Python development cost depends on different factors that include, but are not limited to; project complexity, features, and the necessity to integrate third-party services or API. You can calculate how much you will have to spend on Python development by multiplying the time required for development and the Python programmer's hourly rate. At the same time, an hourly rate can vary depending on developers’ professional level and their location.
How long does it take to develop a web app with Python?
The time needed for development depends on the overall project complexity. The more features and integration you need, the longer the development process will last. For example, creating a backend for a custom eCommerce website, which has a few thousand products, can take from 4 to 12 weeks.
Why should I choose an offshore Python development company?
PLANEKS is an offshore Python software development services company that focuses on startups and has vast experience in various industries with more than 150 successfully developed projects. We offer reasonable pricing and have the client’s needs as our primary focus. With PLANEKS, you can be sure exactly what you want and even more.


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