How Much Does It Cost to Build a Web App with Python?

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Web App with Python?

There has been a huge increase in the use of Python for web application development in recent years. Python has started gaining its popularity since 2014 and even overtaken the likes of Java, C#, PHP, and JavaScript in only 3 years.

Source: Stackoverflow

Furthermore, the current trends by Statista which included insights from Google trends and Github show that Python’s tutorials are most searched on these platforms with a 29.9% share.

Source: Statista

The above graphs clearly demonstrate the dominance of Python. And it is not only popular in the corporate world but is also used for personal purposes like education or side projects, as reported by JetBrains’ survey which shows 54% of people use Python for both – professional and personal purposes. 

This research also indicates that Python is significantly used for developing web applications with a staggering 50% of people choosing Python as their primary language for web development.

But why do people use Python for web development so much? Thus, let’s take a look at some of the fascinating benefits of Python.

Benefits of using Python for web app development

Python has become one of the most popular programming languages ​​for web application development for a set of reasons:

1. Simplicity

The code written in Python has English-like syntax and can be easily understood which reduces the communication time and eases the development process.

2. Open-Source

The open source nature of Python is a free alternative to other programming languages. Also, it offers a large range of libraries such as Django, Flask, Tornado, aiohttp and many more for building applications which further reduce python development cost.

3. Scalability

Scalability is one of the most important factors of a web application and Python’s scalability is a huge part of its appeal. A Python-based application can maintain its same coding even if a small garage-based startup flourishes into a high-rise corporate headquarters.

4. Rapid Development

Python programs are around 3-5 times shorter than Java programs. Thus, using Python makes development faster as it reduces coding time significantly. Prominent frameworks like Django make even more things simpler, which implies that developers can create applications faster.

5. Job Oriented

There is an increasing demand for Python web development professionals. According to Indeed, there were about 80,000 job postings of Python in February, 2021 compared to 70,000 in September, 2019. This ensures the availability of skilled labor to build your web app at affordable prices.

6. Portable

Since Python supports cross-platform development, you don’t need to hire developers for different operating systems. It allows you to use the same language on various platforms, making it easier to deploy your app anywhere.

7. Secure

One of the most significant advantages of Python is that it is packed with a variety of libs and tools to assess a specific program’s security. Its security best practices will keep your data safe and won’t get a chance to overlook something during development.

8. Easy Integration

Python can be easily integrated with other web frameworks. If you want to expand your app’s functionalities, then you will not need separate development teams for different platforms (PHP, Ruby etc.).

9. Ideal for building APIs

If there is any requirement to build an API, Python is a great choice because of its ability to work as both a server and a client. Due to this, Python is also often used as the backend of mobile applications.

10. Third party plugins

There are many plugins that work as a third party to your application. You can easily integrate these plugins with your Python web app, which is not possible with many other programming languages.

11. Great Community

Being part of the Python community means that you are directly connected to a group of open-source developers. They will help you to solve any issues you face, enabling you to build high-performing apps within budget.

Required skills for Python developers

Python developers need the following skills to work on your project.

Well versed with Core Python

Knowledge of standard libraries like NumPy TensorFlow, PyTorch etc, data structures and the Python philosophy is essential to work on a Python web development project.

Familiarity with third-party frameworks

Since there are many useful open-source frameworks like Flask, web2py, CherryPy etc. available for Python, it is better to choose them depending on the type of application you need to build.

Experience in Django framework

Django is the most used Python framework and it is used to build complex and scalable web applications. It is a must for Python developers in order to work on high-performance projects.

Knowledge of Relational Databases

Python developers must know about SQL and how it works in different relational database management systems to create databases for web applications.

Awareness of Web Technologies

Since Python is a server-side programming language, it is necessary for Python developers to understand client-side technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript for web development projects.

Data Structures

Since Python has an extensive library for data structures, it is important that the developer should know about the various types of trees, graphs and other complex data structures. In addition, they should also be familiar with Big Data concepts.


This is an open-source web framework, written in Python and used to develop high-performing websites with clean code. It has many libraries/plugins that help developers build complex projects. Django also has an amazing admin panel that is fast and easy-to-use that is suitable for full-stack applications and admin dashboards.

Flask & Fast API

Flask is a simple and lightweight Python framework which supports rapid development while Fast API is a full-featured Python framework that can help developers build powerful APIs. Both having many built-in tools for building RESTful apps, making them a great choice for backend web development.

Django REST Framework (DRF)

Django REST framework is a free and open-source, modular and adaptable framework that aims to construct sophisticated web APIs using Python and Django. It supports all Django models and it also has many features that help developers build if/else conditions easily.

There must be some questions popping up in your mind like – how much does a Python developer cost to hire if he or she has a necessary set of skills? To determine the approximate cost to build a web app with Python, you have to consider a number of factors.

Python web development cost factors

The cost of Python web app development depends on the amount of effort needed to develop a project. Let’s take an application that requires a lot of coding, for example, FinTech or SaaS app. This type of application is complicated and it will need more man-hours compared to simple apps like e-commerce or Analytics Dashboard.

So the Python web app development cost depends upon various factors.

Application Type

It is important to mention the type of application you want to develop as this will affect further development and design decisions. Python can be used for creating many types of web apps like e-commerce, blogging websites, game apps, social networking etc. The cost of building a basic blog website starts from $25/hour. If it is a complex application then the cost will be higher.

Features and Application Scope

The next factor that affects the web development cost in Python is the scope of your app. This might include adding new functionalities, modifying existing ones or upgrading an older version. You need to describe all possible features so that it becomes easy for the developer to give an accurate estimate.

Additional Requirements

 Sometimes, you might need additional functionalities with your web application such as the integration of payment gateways and other third-party plugins. You can expect a slight increment in cost for that because it requires more effort and time to integrate them into the existing codebase.

Development Team Size

 It is necessary to mention the number of developers you need for your project so that they can create a team of Python developers with adequate expertise. The more people are involved in development, the more costly it will take to get things done.

Developer Location

Factors such as the availability of developers, their skillset, and even the cost of living determine the budget. For instance, if you need a team of Python developers for your project and they are located in New York City then it is likely to be more costly than hiring someone from Eastern Europe or Asia.

Project Duration

 It is important to mention the project duration along with other factors because it will help a Python developer to give you an estimate. For simple projects, three months of time or less should be adequate but complex web applications can take six months or even more than that to finish the development process.

Quality of Code

Quality of code is a major factor that affects the cost of web development in Python. It is essential to maintain a high standard of code so that it becomes easy for you to modify the existing features and keep it readable for new developers when you extend the team. When you have a well-written code, it will perform smoothly when there are millions of users accessing your web app.

How to calculate Python development cost

  • Development. Man hours and cost of the engineering team that is responsible for building your app and actually coding it.
  • Design. The cost of design elements including wireframes, mockups and graphic elements like logos, banners etc.
  • User Interface (UI). Cost of UI designers who will make sure that users find it easy to use the application.
  • Project Management. The time and cost of project managers who will oversee your entire project to ensure on-time delivery.
  • DevOps (optional). Cost of developers who will manage infrastructure and monitor software performance.
  • Quality Assurance (QA). Cost of QA engineers who will test your final product for bugs and other issues. 

The Ways to Hire Python Developers

Hourly Model

If you hire Python developers under this model, they charge you on an hourly basis for their services. The more hours they work on your product, the more money you will have to pay. This works best for both parties because the developer will get paid according to the time they spent on your project. It is the most used model because it even works for those who have very little idea about their requirements.

It is a good option if you want flexibility and more control over your project. You can hire Python developers under this model and give them monthly compensation based on their experience and location. This is convenient for long-term full-time projects and will also include Python web app maintenance costs.

Fixed Price

Under this model, you will get a fixed price from the developer for your web application. In that case, the cost of development depends on the complexity and duration of your project. This model is often used when you have detailed requirements of the project that aren’t dynamic.

Python developers hourly rates by regions

  • United States. According to, Python developers in the US charge starting from $50 for a mobile app developer and the hourly rate can go as high as $150 to hire a senior developer or system architect. The North East region has an hourly rate that is slightly higher than other regions like the Midwest and West Coast.
  • India. This country has one of the biggest developer communities in the world and Python is one of the most used languages across the globe. Based on reports, companies hire Python experienced developers at an hourly rate of $25 in India.
  • Europe. There is a common trend among European developers and they don’t usually share their hourly rates with anyone outside of the company. They prefer getting project-based contracts because of the cost difference between US and Europe which varies from $35 to $60 for middle and senior developers respectively.
  • United Kingdom. London’s technology workers are some of the highest-paid in Europe, according to a recent analysis from Glassdoor. The average pay for a Python developer in the UK is $65 per hour.
  • Australia. According to Techboard, Python developers in Australia earn an average of $65-$80 which is slightly higher than other countries like Canada ($60) and India ($25).

The other factors that might affect the cost of your Python Web application include the experience and expertise of developers, project scope, and requirements. If you live in a country where the cost of python developers is high, then you can outsource it to countries with a lower cost. However, it is always better to choose developers based on your project requirements because in that way you can get the most out of your investment.

Approximate cost to building typical web apps with Python

eCommerce App: $20,000

The cost of building an eCommerce web application will vary based on the complexity and features. If you want to build a simple eCommerce app with a minimum number of functions like adding products, creating customer accounts and more, it will be much cheaper than other complex apps.

Customer Relationship Management App:  $50,000

CRM is one of the most widely used applications in business organizations. Based on the requirements, companies will have to spend more money on this type of web application. However, you can save your investment if you hire Python developers under a monthlyunder monthly retainer model.

Portal Apps: $100,000+

Portal apps help organizations to share information among different departments and employees. These apps are built with the most advanced web development technology like Python. You can get such a type of app either by hiring Python developers under hourly contracts or you can outsource the whole project to an offshore company.

Data Visualisation Apps: $15,000+

Data visualisation solutions are built using Python and it can easily connect with any database to fetch required data. This type of web application gives the users an easy way to explore and analyse data.

Content Management Systems: $15,000+

The cost of building a CMS will depend on the features that you want to include. However, it is difficult to give an accurate estimate because there are numerous content management systems built using Python like Django CMS, Mezzanine and Wagtail etc. Some exceptional features may need additional time and money which increases your total costs.

Enterprise Applications: $100,000+

Enterprise apps are the most complex and expensive Python applications. They need high-end features and security to run in large organizations. These types of web apps help different departments work simultaneously and stay connected with each other for better results.

Python web app development cost-saving tips

  • Make sure that you have defined your goals clearly so that developers can provide accurate estimates. You should discuss features, time, and budget in detail to get the most appropriate quote from development agencies/companies.
  • If you are going to invest a hefty amount, get the most out of your investment by hiring Python developers on a retainer model. It helps you save money because you need not pay for each hour or project. And it gives you more control over your team and overall product.
  • The best way is to outsource your complete Python web development project from wireframing, designing and developing the app to testing it in a secure environment. However, make sure that the company should be well-versed with Python language and they are not going to compromise on quality. Rely on them for all your future projects because this will save you time and money.
  • Consider using open source technologies like Django, DRF, Flask, and Fast API for your app development project because it is free to use and you can save big money this way. You can hire Python web developers under an hourly contract to create custom modules.
  • Ask the company for providing a trial version of their online services before you pay them for the project. This will help you know the quality of their services before spending big bucks on it.


Python is one of the most popular languages to build web applications with due to its vast community support and user-friendly language. It also provides great performance leading to better ROI for organizations. This ensures that you can get maximum benefits by building apps using a Python programming language.

The cost of Python web app development varies depending upon many factors. It is advisable to find the best talent in the industry if you are willing to spend more on an experienced consultant or a company because they should be able to handle any project, no matter how complex it is.

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