Offshore Backend Development Services

Offshore Backend Development Services


Looking for seasoned backend engineers with experience in your industry?

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Offshoring has proved itself as the best strategy to acquire the right talent for your project. The future of offshore software development services are bright, as the software vendors have become trusted partners for both technical and non-technical clients. Product apps erase distances between companies and customers, thus giving them a substantial competitive advantage of being one step ahead of the competition.


Our Services

Here at PLANEKS, we partner with blooming startups as well as small and midsize companies (SME) to create astonishing products that help the businesses grow and conquer the market. We engage senior engineers and architects with vast technical knowledge, hands-on experience, and versatile domain expertise.

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If you have a unique project that is not on our list, drop us a line, and let’s see how we can help you.

How we develop backend

Backend Development Process

We recognize how important it is for our clients to understand the software development process and know the major stages that will take place. Every development process has six main phases.


Discovery Phase

First of all, we need to take a closer look at your request, analyze business processes, and gather technical requirements. We need to know your expectations, collect the desired scenarios from all involved stakeholders, and plan for future growth. This will help us choose the best technological approach, prioritize our work, and focus on the most important parts first. Once we gather all relevant information, we can analyze it, finalize the tech stack, and prepare for the planning phase.


Now that we have information about the scope of work (SoW), we can plan the actual development process. Our experts will create the project’s timeline and mark significant milestones and their dates. They will also suggest the optimal team structure for this particular project that will allow us to achieve the desired results. Next, we will transform the SoW into clear tasks and design the process. Afterward, we will hire backend developers or compose the team from our in-house experts.


During this phase, we will create a basic prototype of your application, draft the database structure and business logic, choose a server or serverless deployment strategy, and design other important aspects. This allows us to create a basic structure of the future software, and you can see how the final product might look and make any necessary amendments ahead of the actual development. The prototype will only have some basic functionality, but it will help you evaluate important features.

Development and testing

Next comes the actual engineering. As a company with wide expertise in offshore backend development services, we have experience working with complex projects, creating advanced backend solutions for web projects, SaaS, enterprise software, and much more. We will design, develop, and test every feature and flow with great attention to detail, ensuring the top quality of the final product and applying the best practices to every step. We will also provide you with supporting documentation by the end of this phase.


Once we have developed the backend of your application, it's time to integrate it with the rest of the system and deploy it. Our engineers will deploy the final product for you, whether you have an on-premises, hybrid, or cloud infrastructure. If you are working with sensitive data or have other restrictions for accessing the infrastructure, our engineers will prepare a step-by-step deployment guide and will be there for you during the process. We have expertise in deploying to all major clouds (AWS, MS Azure, GCP, DigitalOcean, Heroku, etc.).

Maintenance and support

After a successful deployment, we will closely monitor the application's performance. We will make sure it's working well and according to specifications. If needed, we will make small adjustments to improve the performance or make any other changes covered by the initial SLA. During this phase, you will be able to test the final product and collect feedback from users and stakeholders to improve the product or bring it to the next level.

Tech stack we work with

Our Tech Stack

We use a modern and robust backend development tech stack that allows us to build complex software solutions for our clients. We can build even the most complicated, innovative, and crazy piece of software you can think of. Our primary technology is one of the most beloved and in-demand programming languages – Python paired with multifunctional frameworks like Django and Flask.


Python is a general-purpose language that can be successfully used for any type of project. We used it in MVPs, web apps, and even enterprise software.


Django provides a base for the rapid development of websites and custom software. This framework helps developers reduce the time spent on proper procedures and develop secure products.

Django REST framework

Django REST framework (DRF) is a multi-featured library with a highly-customizable architecture. It allows engineers to easily take care of authorization, serialization, and other tech matters.

Flask and FastAPI

Flask and FastAPI are modern web app frameworks that allow our engineers to build APIs and systems, integrate them with any existing ecosystems, and adjust the code to the clients’ needs.

Wise Backend
Tech Stack

Our experts will find the best technical approach based on your business needs, deployment destination, and expected performance. We will also provide you with detailed explanations about the chosen approach and high-level architecture, as well as recommendations for future scaling.


Our Domain Expertise

As an offshore backend app development company, we have a versatile portfolio. Our expertise includes multiple industries, such as financial services, media, hospitality and leisure, business services, and more. We have worked on projects for over 20 industries. You can learn about a few of them below.

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Why Choose PLANEKS for Backend Development?

Our Benefits

If you haven’t found your industry or have other questions about our domain expertise—let’s chat. We are happy to tell you more about our projects or take up a challenge to help you conquer your domain.

Going an Extra Mile

The needs of our clients are at the center of our work. We focus on your business, analyze your processes, talk to every stakeholder, and come up with the best way to tackle your technical challenges. We carefully plan our work to make smart choices budget-wise and deliver high-quality results every time.

Profound Python Expertise

We are a niche company specializing primarily in Python development. We know everything about the software solutions that can be built with this technology. We have a broad technical background, as well as extensive expertise in building these solutions for clients in multiple industries.

Flexible and Responsive Teams

Regardless of the size of the team you need, we will stay flexible and quickly comply with any changes. If you need to scale the size of the initial team, change the plan, involve other experts, or respond to the market changes—we will react and adapt properly, so you have nothing to worry about.

Experience Working in Dedicated Environments

Whether you need to outsource everything or are looking for offshore backend developers that will join your in-house team, we can do it. We can handle every step of the development process on our own or seamlessly integrate with our existing team to deliver top-notch backend app development services.

Reasonable Price

As a backend development company that partners with startups and small-to-medium businesses, we know how important it is for them to stick to the budget. We will carefully define the scope of work, properly plan it, and deliver it to you within the schedule we agree upon. You will get excellent results within your budget.

Startup-focused Attitude

Having worked with 50+ startups, we deeply understand the nuances and details of working with such projects. From project planning, through MVP, to the final deployment of the products—we will be with you every step of the way, providing high-quality results and bringing your business to the next level.

Tell us about your domain and the project, share your vision and expectations.

We will assemble the best team of experienced backend developers and start the work in no time!

We deeply care about every project and pay attention to every client, as if it was our own business. We are a customer-focused company that has the client’s interest at heart. If you have any questions about the availability or hourly rate(s) of our offshore backend developers for hire, just contact us right away. Let’s discuss your project and come up with the best way to tackle your technical challenge and bring the most value to your business.


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