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EuropaFoodXB is the UK’s leading European food supermarket. EuropaFoodXB was set up in 2011 and operates both an online shop and a grocery shop located in London. Moreover, the company acts as wholesalers to various businesses around the UK. Its mission is to deliver high-quality French and European products worldwide. 

The project’s main goal was not only the creation of a modern and up-to-date version of the online store but also the development of a CRM system for staff to increase the order processing speed and much more.

EuropaFoodXB offers over 7000 products with a wide range of food available for thousands of customers including famous companies and brands from all over the world.


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The client:
United Kingdom
6+ months (ongoing)
Team size:
3 people
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Our solution

Delivery service integration.
A part of the store's orders is delivered by the DPD partner service. Each order was previously registered in DPD and all order information was entered manually. We have added the ability to select the desired orders in the admin panel, and export delivery addresses straight into a CSV file. DPD was set up to check the file folder every 3 seconds for raw address files. The files found are loaded into the system and parsed, a tracking number is generated for each delivery address and the receipt is ready for printing. No need for any more manual work here!
Creation of internal delivery management system.
A large number of different delivery regions with specific rules for every single region. The region, in our case, can be a set of countries and districts of the city. The price of delivery depends on a number of requirements: courier service (we have 4 different couriers in this project and an option to collect from the store), remoteness of the region, the weight of the parcel, cost of purchase, delivery day, delivery time. Furthermore, each mode of delivery has its own work schedules, delivery restrictions, and much more. We have made a flexible system that not only takes into account the specifics of each delivery but also allows you to configure the required number of parameters from the admin panel in a second. EuropaFoodXB has a very convenient functionality that allows them to easily change the necessary parameters, add new delivery areas, as well as courier services, and their customers have more delivery options.
Parallel use of the old and the new websites and admin panels.
Parallel use of the old site by users to create orders and the new site by store owners to create reports, invoices and mailing letters about unfinished purchases. The databases for the old and new sites were different, with a completely different structure. In addition, the old database was on WebFaction, and you could access it only from the same server. First of all, it was necessary to find a way to get direct access to the database on WebFaction. To do this, appropriate ports were opened, then we created two different connections for different databases. Moreover, we've created functionality that connects to the old database, retrieves all data, regroups this data according to the scheme of the new database, and it stores the data directly in the new database. This update is triggered by CRON three times a day at a specific time.
A lot of manual, time-consuming calculations on a daily basis.
Every day, the EuoropaFoodXB team needed to count the number of orders, the number of ordered products, the total amount, and other information for suppliers. To do this, they reviewed each email from the client and counted everything manually. We made it possible to select the required orders and create an Order Report from them. The Order Report is a page that displays complete information about the quantity of each product, the order amount of each product, as well as the total number of ordered products and the total sum. The goods in the report are grouped by categories and sorted alphabetically. This report can be exported into a CSV file. Furthermore, there is a functionality of adding orders to the already formed Order Report.
Unfinished purchases.
The EuropaFoodXB team needed to send an email about the unfinished purchases to customers who started the shopping process but did not complete it. Existing services that have such functionality cannot be integrated into a fully self-written website. To solve this problem, we've created a feature. It runs CRON once a day and checks all unpaid baskets created more than 24 hours ago (or another time interval that can be changed in the admin panel). If the shopper signs up, they will get an email with a list of products they looked at and an offer to go back to the website and complete the purchase. Users who have already been sent an email will not get a duplicate.


As a result, we achieved the main goal of our client! The EuropaFoodXB team has a robust, durable, and time-saving platform full of functionality for their everyday activities. Likewise, EuropaFoodXB’s customers got a new, user-friendly, modern online store full of perks and benefits for their comfortable shopping experience.

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