Software Audit Services

Software Audit Services


Ensure Elevated Security, Performance, and Software Licensing. Trust Our Expertise to Safeguard Your Business


Welcome to PLANEKS, your trusted IT vendor that is profound in delivering all-around software audit services aligning with the distinctive necessities of your business. Our core focus is guaranteeing the efficiency, security, and compliance of your software infrastructure to make you the next market winner in your industry. Introducing the highest expertise and dedication, we ensure a strategic approach to software auditing that exceeds mere compliance checks to result in tangible value for your organization.


To Whom It May Concern

To whom can our services bring maximum benefits, and how? Let us explain this aspect.


For startups, handling the complexities of software management and compliance can be pretty challenging. In particular, when resources are restricted, and priorities are constantly modified. As a startup or SMB, in cooperation with PLANEKS, you can get the guidance and support you require to overcome these obstacles and succeed.
Our main effort lies in identifying opportunities to streamline software development, enhance efficiency, and maximize return on investment (ROI), helping startups allocate resources optimally. Our consultants execute thorough audits, assess your software, and identify areas for more efficient employment.
Software Development for Startups

Private Investors

Private investors are inalienable parties in supporting promising startups and bringing in innovation. Still, they face risks and uncertainties when thinking about investment decisions. Addressing this, we provide private investors with valuable insights and due diligence support to mitigate risks and maximize returns.
We carry out in-depth risk assessments of target companies' software assets and infrastructure to detect risks invisible at first glance. We assist investors in making more informed decisions and negotiating favorable terms. Our consultants collaborate with portfolio companies to identify opportunities for value enhancement through strategic software management. The PLANEKS team helps private investors develop exit strategies that maximize returns, minimize risks, cope with issues, and facilitate smooth transitions for portfolio companies.

Venture Capital Funds

Venture capital (VC) funds play a primary role in supporting the elaboration of early-stage and high-growth companies. Our information technology audit services offer VC funds the expertise and support they need to make informed investment decisions and maximize the value of their portfolio.
The PLANEKS team professionally delivers comprehensive due diligence support to VC funds, conducting thorough assessments of target companies' software assets to identify setbacks, opportunities, and sectors for value creation. We’ll equip you with insights that mitigate risks and boost your current investment strategies. Hire our strategic advisory services and seamlessly navigate technology trends, market opportunities, and portfolio diversification, making wise and accurate decisions and capitalizing on investment opportunities.

IT Audit Services

Competitive and dynamic business environments prioritize solid performance, reliable security, and robust technologies, making these core factors for success. With this in mind, we at PLANEKS offer IT audit consulting services that skyrocket your efficiency, assess your infrastructure architecture, review code, and verify your technology stack.


Key Audit Services

Let us introduce the information technology audit services you can order and why they are advantageous for your business.

Performance Optimization

Let us help you optimize the performance of your software applications to take efficiency and user satisfaction to the next stage. Our audit services comprise thorough performance assessments to identify bottlenecks, latency issues, and areas for enhancements. We are committed to streamlining database queries, refining algorithms, or fine-tuning configuration settings to ensure recommendations to enhance the speed, scalability, and reliability of your software applications. Obtaining the optimal performance, we help you deliver a seamless user experience and drive business growth.

Infrastructure Audit

The infrastructure of your software applications establishes the foundation of your digital ecosystem, and streamlining it allows you to elevate reliability, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. This makes it essential to fulfill comprehensive assessments of your infrastructure architecture, configuration, and deployment practices. With PLANEKS, you’ll discover new approaches to streamline operations, optimize resource leverage, and reduce overhead costs. We provide tailored solutions to optimize your infrastructure and support your business objectives by maximizing the use of cloud capabilities, implementing containerization, and enhancing network security.

Code Review

High-quality code is the basis of reliable and maintainable software applications, and you can achieve it by cooperating with us. Thorough code reviews from our experts cover the quality, efficiency, and security of your codebase. We examine code structure and syntax and use time-tested practices to identify potential issues such as code smells, duplication, and security issues. Using expert feedback and recommendations, you can improve code readability, maintainability, and performance. We are skilled in improving your codebase for long-term success and scalability.

Technology Audit

The technology stack of your software applications directly determines their performance, scalability, and maintainability. Our knowledgeable experts can precisely assess your technology stack, incorporating programming languages, frameworks, libraries, and third-party solutions. We evaluate the suitability of your technology choices based on your business objectives, performance requirements, and security considerations. The next step concludes optimizing your current tech stack by following the relevant techniques, like upgrading outdated components, adopting new technologies, or optimizing integration points.

Security Audits

Our team is dedicated to assessing and enhancing the security of your software systems. We employ comprehensive security audits to identify vulnerabilities, threats, and potential risks to your organization's data and assets. Starting with penetration testing and finishing with vulnerability assessments, we at PLANEKS make use of industry-leading solutions and methodologies to determine weaknesses and implement robust security measures. Our critical objective is to protect your software infrastructure against cyber threats and ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your essential data.


Guaranteed compliance with software licensing agreements is essential for eliminating any legal risks, financial penalties, and reputational losses. Examine your software licensing agreements with us to adhere to compliance with terms and conditions. Being your dedicated partner, we can analyze licensing models, usage rights, and renewal requirements to identify any discrepancies or non-compliance issues. With proactive guidance and support from PLANEKS, you can maintain compliance with licensing agreements and mitigate the risk of audits and penalties, being sure that your software assets are properly licensed and streamlined for maximum value and legal compliance.

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Our Audit Process

Get familiar with the flow we carry within our software audit services to guarantee that your digital assets are efficiently managed, compliant, and secure.


Comprehensive Evaluation

Our IT audit consulting services cover the following process: we begin with a thorough assessment of your organization's software inventory, including all installed applications, databases, and systems. This also engages an accurate investigation of your software usage patterns, licensing agreements, and procurement processes to obtain a full view of your software environment. Our audit experts then employ time-tested tools and methodologies to identify discrepancies, redundancies, and opportunities for optimization. We check the alignment of your software assets with your business goals and strategies, making sure that you are maximizing the value of your investments. Through detailed documentation and analysis, we put a clear picture of your software environment in your hands and ensure a detailed roadmap for improvement.

Compliance Check

A thorough compliance check is a must for every PLANEKS representative to verify that your organization's software usage stays in accordance with the terms and conditions of your licensing agreements and applicable regulations. We review your licensing agreements, entitlements, and usage rights to identify any instances of non-compliance or license misuse. Get specialists to address any compliance issues and implement corrective measures as needed. We provide guidance on license optimization, usage tracking, and renewal controls to help you maintain compliance and avoid potential legal risks and financial penalties. Your experienced partner will manage your software licenses, ensuring that your organization remains in good standing with software vendors and regulatory authorities.

Security Assessment

A comprehensive security assessment is essentially incorporated into IT auditing services to detect and liquidate potential vulnerabilities. For the highest efficiency of this process, our team leverages a combination of automated scanning tools, manual penetration testing, and threat modeling techniques to evaluate the security issues of your software infrastructure. We identify common security vulnerabilities such as misconfigurations, weak authentication mechanisms, and unpatched software vulnerabilities. Our security experts prioritize identified risks based on their severity and likelihood of exploitation, providing you with valuable suggestions for remediation. Thus, you can engage our IT audit services to solidify your protection from security threats by implementing security best practices, executing employee training and awareness programs, or bringing in a lot of other safeguarding practices.

Streamline your performance, enhance your software scaling capabilities and speed, and ensure reliability.

By determining the relevance of your current technology stack, we not only identify inefficiencies but also provide actionable insights to accelerate operations, reduce costs, and enhance overall solution quality. With our team of experts, you are guaranteed to get actionable insights and practical recommendations to reach the whole potential of your software assets and set sustainable progress.


Why Choose Our Software Audit Services

Why choose us? Each of our clients receives the maximum value from our services, obtaining a more competitive edge. Choosing our IT audit company means partnering with an experienced software advisor who is committed to bringing your business to success. Сontact us and find out more about how our audit services can benefit your organization.


Audit Experts

Our auditing team comprises highly qualified professionals with extensive experience and specialized knowledge in performance optimization, security, and software licensing. With a deep comprehension of domain-specific requirements and regulatory compliance, our experts are fully armed to cope with the most complicated facets of your organization's software infrastructure. You are guaranteed to obtain actionable insights and professional suggestions that will drive meaningful results for your business.

Cost Savings

Our audit services are designed to help you identify significant cost-saving opportunities. Via thorough analysis of your software, identifying inefficiencies, redundancies, and areas of overspending within an organization's software usage. We’ll also right-size your licensing agreements, cutting down excessive costs and making your software more fruitful. Discover cost-saving strategies tailored to your primary needs and objectives, ensuring that you exceed the set results and long-term savings.

Risk Mitigation

PLANEKS is an IT security audit company experienced in saving businesses’ reputations and assets by determining and addressing possible risks before they escalate into costly incidents. Through comprehensive security audits and compliance assessments, we identify vulnerabilities, failures, and non-compliance issues that could expose your organization to cyber threats and legal liabilities. Implement proactive measures and best practices with a trusted partner, strengthen your defenses, minimize risks, and keep your business credible.
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Do you still have any questions?

How long does a software audit take?
The duration of IT auditing services is determined depending on the scale and complexity of your business software infrastructure. Approximately, a software audit may take anywhere from a few weeks to several months to complete. Here, we should consider the factors such as the number of software applications, the availability of documentation, and the scope of the audit. Our IT audit consultants can establish realistic timelines and milestones based on your specific requirements and objectives.
How much does a software audit cost?
The cost of software audit services depends on several factors, such as the size and complexity of your organization's software environment, the scope of the audit, and the level of expertise required. We offer flexible pricing options tailored to meet your budget and needs. Our team will conduct an initial assessment of your software infrastructure and provide you with a detailed cost estimate based on the scope of work involved. We are committed to providing transparent pricing and delivering exceptional value for your investment.
What is a software audit?
A software audit is a systematic investigation of an organization's software assets, licenses, and usage to ensure compliance with licensing agreements, industry regulations, and security practices. The core aim of a software audit is to assess the efficiency and security of a software infrastructure, defining opportunities for optimization and improvement. A software audit may comprise research on software licensing, security checks, performance optimization, and infrastructure alignment.
What do we need to conduct a software audit?
To conduct a software audit, we typically require access to your organization's software inventory, licensing agreements, procurement records, and documentation related to software usage and deployment. Aside from that, we may need access to your organization's network infrastructure, systems, and applications to perform security assessments and performance evaluations. Our team will perform cohesively to assemble the necessary details and coordinate the audit process to minimize disruption to your operations.

If you have any further questions or would like to discuss your specific requirements in more detail, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help you navigate the complexities of software auditing and ensure your business prosperity.


What do people praise about PLANEKS?

Obtain the full power of your software infrastructure with our cutting-edge audit services at PLANEKS. We are your devoted technical partner to help make informed decisions, streamline operations, and elevate the performance of your tech product. Ready to enhance your digital ecosystem? Trust PLANEKS, a qualified software audit company, to deliver professional insights that elevate your efficiency and skyrocket the value of your software investments. Schedule a call with our experts today for a personalized consultation and start your process toward a secure, compliant, and optimized software environment. Your success is our biggest priority, and we’re here to guide you through your software transformation strategy with confidence.

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