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“Their project management was superb.”

Gershon B.

/ CTO at Taxomator

Taxomator is a SaaS for Amazon and Etsy sellers. It automatically synchronizes invoices to accounting software. 

Taxomator saves sellers both time and money. It saves time because they don’t have to do any work manually. And it saves money because it produces accurate reporting down to the cent. Hence, sellers only report their actual income and not some Amazon costs added on top that they neglected to remove and mistook it to be revenue.

  • Supported marketplaces:
    • Amazon
    • Etsy
  • Supported accounting software:
    • iCount
    • OfficeGuy
    • Green Invoice


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The client:
3 months
Team size:
3 people
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Our solution

Server calculations were based on external API.
It was necessary to get rid of the previous API to use a new external API but keep calculations identical. The new API returns data in very different formats, making the calculation more complicated than it was with the previous API. PLANEKS wrote a test script to get data calculation results fetched by the previous API and calculations based on the new API. That script ran for all users in the system. It helped to find even the micro mismatch for the new code. After thoroughly reviewing it, we finally wrote the updated code to calculate results that fully match the previous code.
Lack of reporting on communication during the development.
Quite a classical situation - the client’s previous developer didn’t communicate and reported well while working on the project, which resulted in the slow and incorrect implementation of certain features. PLANEKS regularly helps clients in such situations and solved the challenge by applying an internal framework for communication between the client and a dedicated Python developer. As a result, the client was always up-to-date about current progress, blockers, questions, and reports, thus freeing him from worrying about essential needs that companies should provide by default.
Amazon MWS API handling.
Dealing with 3rd party APIs is a regular task for developers, while Amazon MWS requires a deeper marketplace understanding. Having a strong experience in various eCommerce automation, especially for marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Depop, Mercari, Poshmark, PLANEKS provided a dedicated Python full-stack developer with relevant skills. As a result, the implementation of features went smoothly.
Pulling data about all platform users from the 3rd party service every day.
the platform has 1000s of users, which means that solution for background tasks should not be a bottleneck and should be scalable. PLANEKS used a message queue to run workers for every separate task. This solution allows scaling the hosts' number, where the workers are running.


This was the second collaboration with the client after the first project went successful. With the help of a dedicated Python developer from PLANEKS, the client was able to release updates on time, get user feedback, prepare the roadmap for the new features, and satisfy clients’ requests.

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