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Cloud App Development Services


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PLANEKS is your trusted guide in a future cloud journey. We help you design cloud strategy as well as launch and deliver new services and products quickly. Our mission is to help you tackle tech challenges, optimize costs, and bring more value to your business. Let us empower your company with world-class cloud application development services.


Our Services

Cloud Integration

Going cloud is a complex project that often requires a lot of time, attention to details, and tons of tech expertise to be done properly. PLANEKS can help you integrate all your applications, databases, and subsystems into a single effective cloud-based solution. We will also apply the best practices and top industry standards to optimize costs and achieve the most stable performance of your cloud application.

Cloud Migration

If you are searching for a cloud application development company to support your migration process from an on-premise infrastructure to the cloud—you’ve come to the right place. Whether you need to move a local data center to a public cloud, plan to switch from one vendor to another, or need to have a multi-cloud infrastructure, PLANEKS is here to help. Our experts will help you build a secure, stable, and resilient system to support your business.

Cloud Monitoring and Support

If your solution has strict service-level agreement (SLA) requirements and demands constant monitoring and support, we are ready to help you with high availability of your system. As a cloud software development company, we have the specific expertise in building, maintaining, and supporting even the most complicated infrastructures for our clients. Depending on your setup, we can assign a dedicated engineer or a whole team to support your system around the clock.

Cloud Native Development

We can also help you take advantage of cloud-native development and leverage tools specific to every cloud. Our engineers have experience working with three major providers: Azure, AWS, and GCP. Apart from migration to the cloud, transformation of existing systems, or new cloud application development, we can also help you set up cost-optimized infrastructure, CI/CD, and advanced analytics.

Cloud Infrastructure Management

Effective cloud infrastructure configuration is one of the toughest challenges in cloud app development. Our cloud engineers will find the optimal setup for every component of your solution to ensure stable performance and scalable operations, whether you have a hybrid or cloud-only setup. Based on your needs and technical requirements, we will use the most suitable approach and tools to automate the processes and implement the best practices.

Cloud-as-a-Service Development

Cloud-as-a-Service refers to a wide range of services like including servers, storage, networking, and analytics delivered to end-users on their demand. Our Cloud specialists will help you implement new features and reduce time-to-market, scale operations, achieve optimal use of infrastructure, improve security of your cloud application and its assets, as well as enhance the overall performance and productivity.
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We are an offshore cloud app development company with experienced programmers and wide expertise.

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Cloud-based solutions you can get with us

Our Solutions

Cloud Computing Architecture

Cloud Computing Architecture Proper architecture of cloud systems is the key to successful adoption or migration. We help startups and SMEs to make the most out of this process, by providing them with an in-depth understanding of what components an application can have or be decomposed into, and whether they need to change the architecture of an existing system (e.g., switch to microservices, etc.). We will also plan the best way to set up an infrastructure and create a secure and stable application. Our specialists will help you avoid common issues related to cloud adoption and set up contingency plans.

Cloud-based Apps

If you are looking for the cloud application development company to aid you in getting the most value out of cloud adoption or migration, PLANEKS is your go-to vendor. We will design, develop, and deploy a cloud-based application or migrate an existing one to the cloud, while also helping you to make smart decisions about the infrastructure you need, ways to optimize spending, and potential scalability opportunities. Depending on your business needs and plans for the future, we can help you go cloud-native, implement a cloud-agnostic infrastructure, or create an effective solution for multi-cloud or hybrid approach to deployment of your application.


If your application is (or will be) based on the software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, meaning it is available to an end-user on demand, you need to ensure high availability and stability of your application. In the case of SaaS, the cloud provider takes care of hardware, middleware, and security matters, allowing you to significantly reduce the cost of ownership and scale more easily. As a company with strong expertise in cloud application development services, PLANEKS will help you take care of all the details of hosting and managing a SaaS application, allowing you to focus on core business functions.


Typically, Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) provides its users with a framework that allows them to develop, run, and manage an app faster. The top advantage of PaaS is automation of infrastructure management. You are responsible for the application and its data, while the cloud provider takes care of servers, storage, and networking. Here at PLANEKS, we provide our clients with expert development and configuration of PaaS systems. Our specialists will help you build a complex system using virtualization, so the system can be easily scaled up for high loads, and scaled down when you don’t want to pay for the use of infrastructure.


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No matter how complex your project is, the best cloud app development company will always respond to your needs. The scope of your project can be changed, the size of the team can be scaled, or new expertise can be introduced per your request. We will adapt our processes and operations to make sure that we can meet your needs and requirements.

Scalable Technologies

Almost any type of cloud app development services require the use of the modern technology that would allow businesses to grow and scale at ease. We will carefully analyze your business and choose the most suitable tech stack to ensure that the application we develop for you can be easily scaled and adapted for the future success of your project.

Reasonable Cost

Working with a variety of startups and SMEs, we understand that clients want us to respect their budget and make smart decisions. Our team will analyze your request, estimate the scope of work, schedule the delivery, and agree on major milestones before the project begins. This will show you where the money goes and what you get. We will take care of every aspect.

Experienced Cloud Developers

Our engineers and tech professionals have a lot of experience working with major cloud providers and creating applications in the cloud. They will follow the best practices of the industry and adhere to the highest quality and security standards to make sure that you are getting the result you are paying for.

Broaden your business opportunities with a cloud-based app

Our Cloud App Tech Stack


As a boutique agency that specializes in Python development, we can help you to build practically any tech solution, whether you want your application to be cloud-native or keep it independent from a specific cloud.

Microsoft Azure

Azure is a go-to option for companies that are either interested in hybrid deployment, or already use Microsoft services in some way. It has great availability and can provide some extra integration with your business out-of-the-box.


As one of the industry leaders, this cloud provider has the largest network of customers and partners. AWS provides users with excellent services, tools, and instruments for automation and optimization of applications in the cloud.

Google Cloud Platform

Among the big three, GCP has an excellent open-source community and can be a perfect match for AI & ML, Big Data, and analytics. It is also a great option for projects with a tight budget.

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Find answers to Frequently Asked Questions

What is cloud app development?
Cloud application development is an umbrella term for a variety of services, including development, migration, or optimization of an application in the cloud. Cloud development is one of the latest trends in the industry, which allows you to develop and deliver solutions much faster.
How much does cloud-based software development cost?
That depends on whether you are going to do that in-house or hire a cloud software development agency. Typically, outsourcing allows you to save 10 to 40% of the overall budget. However, the exact cost breakdown can be provided when a vendor analyzes your business, needs, and timeframe. Make sure to address the following aspects as well: scale of application and the target users; roadmap of product development or launch; complexity of the application logic and workflows; external integrations; industry regulations or standards you need to comply with.
How long does it take to make a cloud-based app?
Again, it depends on your budget and the overall complexity of the project. Typical deadlines for the first phase of such projects can vary between 3 and 18 months. Send us the description of your project and let’s discuss how long your project will take.

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