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PLANEKS means technology and people. Robust technologies and business minds let the world cross boundaries, innovate, achieve goals and bring true value.
99 %

Job success rate


only by our clients

$ 120 mln

raised by our clients

Success is where preparation and opportunity meet

PLANEKS helps businesses to make their next, or even the very first, digital step. From consulting to post-release support and business growth with confidence, ease, decades of skill, and strategy using technology based on thorough expertise.


Clients Trusted Us Their Businesses

Back-end: Python, Django, DRF, Flask, FastAPI 100%
Front-end: Javascript, jQuery, React.js, Vue.js 100%
Databases: PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, Redis 100%
Cloud: AWS, MS Azure, Digital Ocean, Heroku, GCP 100%

Our Vision

Building the bridge between Business and Technology – two languages that are universal world wide. They help PLANEKS talk to any customer all around the world and let us always be on the same page to bring true value.


What is different about PLANEKS?

Our Clients

Who trust us their goals and dreams, their time and money. We share the same values and expand business horizons together on the mutual way to success.

Our Employees

Who know why they are here, who sincerely love and enjoy what they do. We value them and they value clients. The only possible approach. Simple, efficient, proven.

Feature Management

We constantly invest in researching the audience of a product we create and try multiple ways of keeping up with the client's needs during the development.


We are ready to be a service provider for any agile development challenges, from expanding the functionality to changing the development direction mid-work.

Progress Tracking

We provide a detailed look at the state of our work at any project stage, so You track team efficiency, current product quality, and any metric you find essential.

Expertise in Building Products From Scratch

We follow all the engineering standards and modern methodologies to make sure what we produce deserves the best reviews and brings as much profit as possible.

Empowering uniqely entrepreneurial spirits


What do people praise about PLANEKS?

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