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Dashboard Platform Development Case Study

“This is the most thorough and considerate engineering team we have ever outsourced by far.”


/ Co-Founder & COO, Spontivly

Spontivly is a data analytics platform that integrates with a company’s suite of community tools to design custom and intuitive charts, providing in-depth insights. Catering to the requirements of any user or department, Spontivly ensures the highest flexibility to build dashboards and represent data most efficiently and seamlessly. The core goal of the platform is to make data easily accessible to everyone by empowering teams with simple data dashboards and liquidating the technical hustle and bustle. 120+ integrations are available for users to smoothly pull data into the dashboards, with the most popular ones like Slack, Zoom, Eventbrite, Discord, Twitter, LinkedIn, Telegram, and many more.


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Our solution

Creating a fully customizable dashboard layout with various widgets and templates, that ensures high page performance and quick load times; delivering a single dashboard hub, accessible to non-tech users, that centralizes metrics and comprehensive data insights.

The PLANEKS team has implemented a highly customizable dashboard platform that enables resizing, moving, modifying, and duplicating elements using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Our core objective is to ensure ease of use for all users, covering non-tech ones, and maintain high performance with minimal server requests. This has helped us create a quick and seamless customization of the dashboard while preserving its state.

Supporting the seamless integration with a broad range of widely-used tools and services, allowing users to pull data from various sources easily and intuitively.

To create a fully-fledged, versatile software, we have integrated over 120 platforms, such as Airtable, Telegram, Facebook, Hubspot, Discord, Gcalendar, Gmail, LinkedIn, Luma, Meetup, Notion, Slack, and Twitter, into Spontivly, allowing users to extract comprehensive data from multiple platforms for an all-around dashboard view.

Creating dashboards from multiple datasets with tools for data input and visualization, providing actionable insights.

Our engineers have created a chart filtering constructor that introduces various filter options and advanced capabilities for administrators to specify SQL queries and data formatting for accurate and customized data visualization.

Implementing several different chart types for flexible data representation, allowing easy customization and integration into dashboards.

We strived to cater to a broad range of user requirements, implementing over 10 data chart types, such as line charts, bar charts, pie charts, area charts, and many others. As a result, Spontivly allows the creation of custom chart themes, covering AI-assisted theme generation to match user branding and enhance the visual consistency of dashboards.

Providing the division of organizations into separate workspaces, each with its own dashboards, integrations, and user permissions.

The PLANEKS team has implemented a feature that separates workspaces for organizations. Each workspace can be equipped with tailored dashboards, integrations, and user permissions to ensure efficient data management and secure access control. Spontivly can efficiently optimize a wide range of user needs, workflows, and departments’ operations, allowing robust data management and dashboard development.

Implementing the ability to apply and create customizable chart themes, including the use of AI-generated themes for consistent presentation.

Our profound technicians have created a dashboard to design charts with customizable themes. These charts can be created using a constructor to align with branding or aesthetic preferences. We have developed a feature that enhances the visual appeal of dashboards and ensures consistent presentation across various data visualizations.

Designing adaptive, user-friendly functionality to meet diverse user needs, enabling efficient data management and dashboard creation without technical fuss.

PLANEKS experts have created software that centralizes data from diverse sources into a single dashboard hub, providing comprehensive insights and streamlined metric management.


Our cohesive cooperation has ensured that Spontivly is a powerful assistant for the organization. Its efficiency is introduced through every functionality element, offering automation, generation, and effortless sharing of dashboards across users and teams that adopt Spontivly. This capability ensures that all team members are aligned with the company’s objectives, delivering clarity and coherence in organizational goals. Spontivly helps organizations find and create insightful KPIs faster by boosting efficiency across departments, making data work effectively across various domains and business departments.

With integration support for over 120 platforms, Spontivly paints the bigger picture by allowing seamless connection to both current and future company tools. This capability is already helping over 70 companies grow by providing 50% faster automation workflows, 1,000+ data points available to pull, personalized onboarding, and delivery of decisive data and actionable insights.

Take your company’s efficiency to the next stage with the help of Data Dashboards.


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