Data Integration Services

Data Integration Services

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PLANEKS offers data integration services aimed at maximizing the value of your data assets. Our core objective is to equip businesses to obtain the full potential of data, making more wise decisions, and growing efficiency. Our team is ready to supply you with certified data integration experts who can seamlessly merge disparate datasets from necessary sources into a cohesive hub aligning with your unique business needs. Employing our tailored data integration services, our clients achieve enhanced operational efficiency, informed decision-making, and a comprehensive view of their business processes.

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Discover our data integration consulting services and discover apply the most suitable techniques and approaches according to your business domain.


Our Features

We make use of the best approaches to execute data integration smoothly. This implies sophisticated mapping and transformation techniques to gather and handle data from different sources seamlessly.

Data Mapping and Transformation

The data integration process we execute incorporates advanced mapping and transformation, retrieving and processing data from diverse sources. It involves identifying source formats, aligning fields using custom rules, and applying transformations like cleaning and aggregating. As an outcome, we achieve a uniform dataset, assuring precise insights and efficient operations for businesses.

Demonstrating our expertise in real cases, our skilled team has successfully implemented the integration of data from various sources, providing a unified format and structure for efficient search and analysis for the real estate solution. We have also successfully developed administrator-configurable dashboards where information is visualized to meet specific needs. These dashboards cover statistical data calculations, providing valuable insights for decision-making within the fleet management process.

Real-time Integration

Our real-time integration supplies instant data synchronization, guaranteeing that information is constantly up-to-date across systems. This capability allows for seamless and immediate updates as data modifies, optimizing accuracy and reducing latency. Real-time insights enable informed and agile decision-making, as users can access the most current information to respond promptly to evolving circumstances. Such an integration type refines decision-making by eliminating delays associated with data updates, providing a higher relevance to dynamic market environments. Besides, it’s a must for industries where real-time information is crucial for strategic planning and effective actions.

To illustrate, the SaaS ecosystem with real-time integration enhances agility and responsiveness, allowing businesses to build wiser strategies based on the latest insights.

Data Enrichment

The data enrichment process enhances existing data with supplementary information from trusted sources. It may relate to appending demographic details, geographic data, or market insights to create a more comprehensive dataset. Enriched data amplifies the value of analytics by providing context and depth, enabling more accurate and insightful analysis. With augmented information, businesses gain a deeper understanding of their customers, market trends, and operational dynamics. This deepened examination facilitates more informed decisions and targeted strategies, helping organizations to derive meaningful insights and drive growth through a richer and more nuanced understanding of their data.

Cloud Integration

The PLANEKS team has absolute competence in cloud data integration services that encompass seamlessly connecting data across various cloud platforms. We specialize in integrating data within AWS (Amazon Web Services), and Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, and Digital Ocean. Our software engineers are skilled in designing solutions that facilitate smooth and secure data transfer, transformation, and synchronization between these cloud environments. The proficiency of the PLANEKS team ensures robust and reliable data integration, allowing businesses to apply the full potential of cloud services while maintaining data integrity and accessibility across their preferred cloud platforms.

Batch Processing

We specialize in adeptly handling large-scale batch data integration and efficiently processing substantial data volumes through scheduled batches. This strategy facilitates periodic data updates, ensuring current and accurate information by processing and updating data at particular intervals. Our services offer scalable infrastructure, parallel processing, robust data validation, error handling, automated scheduling, real-time monitoring, reporting, and data consistency mechanisms for reliability and efficiency. We prioritize privacy compliance with time-tested security measures, support compatibility with various systems and data sources, and optimize resource management for speed.

Third-Party Data Integration

Our expertise lies in developing robust connectors and API integrations that facilitate smooth data communication between diverse systems. We ensure compatibility with a broad spectrum of formats and protocols, enabling us to gather, process, and incorporate external data efficiently. By implementing rigorous validation and transformation processes, we guarantee data accuracy and consistency. Our proven methodology in securely handling sensitive information ensures compliance with privacy regulations. With thorough error processing and real-time monitoring, we assure failure-resistant integration. Leverage valuable data sources seamlessly and gather them in one solution to enhance decision-making as well as overall firm efficiency.
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Data Integration

Start using the power of our enterprise data integration company, unlocking new opportunities, optimizing processes, and gaining a competitive advantage within your market niche.

How we integrate data

Our Data Integration Approach

At the essence of our data integration as a service is an extensive and structured methodology that guarantees the seamless and efficient convergence of diverse datasets. We apply a strict multistep approach to guarantee that your data integration experience is both effective and tailored to your specific needs. It obviously will vary according to your specific requirements and data integration complexity.

Source Definition

We initiate the process by identifying the necessary data sources. This step covers assessing the complexity of data extraction and the required data format. By thoroughly figuring out the source, we determine the appropriate methods necessary for efficient data retrieval.

Data Extraction

Retrieving information in the most effective manner possible. We adapt our strategies based on the unique characteristics and complexities of each data source, ensuring optimal performance. For this purpose, we may engage Big data integration services for the seamless merging of vast and complex datasets from diverse sources into a unified and usable format.

Data Refinement

Once the data is collected in its raw state, we enter the refinement phase. This involves a series of processes like transformation, deduplication, aggregation, validation, classification, and compression. The aim is to ensure that the data aligns perfectly with our internal employment and your specific requirements. This step is crucial in maintaining data quality and relevance throughout the integration process.

Quality Assurance

We put focus on data quality and consistency. Our approach covers validation processes that identify any discrepancies or inconsistencies within the integrated datasets. By addressing these issues, we ensure that the outcomes derived from the integrated data are reliable and accurate.

Integration Completion

The transformed and refined data seamlessly integrates into your systems, enhancing your decision-making processes, streamlining operations, and driving overall efficiency. Whether it's a CRM, ERP, Data integration with PLANEKS seamlessly addresses various data sources, formats, and processing requirements, ensuring a smooth and future-ready integration, as well as the appropriate environment.

Ongoing Maintenance

We provide continuous support to ensure that your integrated systems remain optimized, reliable, and aligned with your evolving needs. At PLANEKS, we not only deliver effective data integration but also refine and tailor the integrated data to suit your unique business context. Our approach guarantees that the data you receive is accurate and relevant, comprising a strategic asset driving your business growth.

Industries We Serve

PLANEKS is your qualified tech vendor, providing industry-specific data integration services for such domains as Healthcare, eSports, Insurance, and eCommerce. Our customized services are aimed at the unique data challenges of each industry, guaranteeing you high efficiency, security, and seamless data integration. We will execute efficient data integration within any domain as it is required due to the industry guidelines’ adherence.


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Why Choose Us

The PLANEKS team possesses high qualifications in data integration, providing our customers with a wide range of benefits.

Expertise and Experience

Our team possesses solid expertise in data integration in a diversity of domains, project concepts, and other peculiarities. With certified professionals on the team, we guarantee seamless integration services across diverse platforms.


We treat our client’s unique needs with particular importance. Our services are tailored to your specific requirements, accomplishing even the most complicated integration cases with ease.

Data Security and Compliance

Your data's security is our top priority. We adhere strictly to industry-specific regulations and standards, such as HIPAA and other relevant guidelines, ensuring your information remains protected and compliant.

Client Support

Our assistance surpasses beyond implementation - we deliver comprehensive customer support to troubleshoot and responsively handle any inquiries that arise swiftly.


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With PLANEKS, you get advanced data integration services adapted to your requirements. Seamlessly merge information across systems, uncover unique insights, and grow your efficiency with our certified team. Obtain the power of custom data integration – choose PLANEKS today to turn your data into a strategic asset. Contact our data integration consultants to begin the journey of seamless convergence.

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