Robotic Process Automation Services

Robotic Process Automation Services

Delegate repetitive business processes by getting top-tier Robotic Process Automation (RPA) services

Our implementation services ensure efficiency, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness. We integrate RPA solutions seamlessly into your business processes, automating day-to-day routines and streamlining workflows to boost productivity. With our profound team, you can benefit from the full capacity of the innovative RPA technology tailored to comply with your specific requirements and tasks, introducing high operational excellence and maximizing the value of automation for the business.

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What RPA services we offer

PLANEKS is your trusted robotic process automation services company, creating bespoke solutions that drive tangible results. You can take advantage of a comprehensive variety of offers and opportunities designed to equip businesses with cutting-edge automation software. Our individual approach is reflected in the following diversified range, aimed at elevating your business efficiency, optimizing processes, and taking over handheld tasks.

Bot and RPA Implementation

You can get seamless implementation of bots and RPA solutions tailored to fit the individual demands of your business. With the highest qualifications of our skilled experts, we can effectively bring automation to the forefront of your business performance. Get the capacity to robotize routine processes, data entry, or complex workflows with our team that provides a solid and reliable RPA implementation, optimizing productivity and decreasing manual effort.

RPA Consulting

At PLANEKS, we provide strategic RPA consulting services to guide your organization through the automation refinement process. Collaborate hand in hand with our experienced consultants to examine your current workflows, identify automation opportunities, and develop a roadmap for successful RPA integration. We are not only ready to provide in-depth recommendations based on our strong tech-savvy foundation but also take full responsibility for their successful implementation in your project. From feasibility analysis to risk assessments, with our robotic process automation consulting services, you’ll obtain transparent insights, professional advisory, and the direction of a seamless and effective automation strategy.

Automation Design

When you engage us for automation design, our experts will work with your team to create solutions that align closely with your business objectives. We have in-depth experience creating high-performing and reliable bots or designing sophisticated automation workflows. The core focus is on delivering a design that not only adheres to technical requirements but also boosts operational efficiency to integrate automation solutions into your business processes seamlessly.

Automation Support

Efficient and fruitful automation is a consistent flow that requires ongoing maintenance. Use our dedicated support services to achieve continued success and optimization of your automated workflow. Our robotic process automation company ensures a support team readily available to assist you with any challenges that arise, implement updates and provide training to your staff. With meticulous monitoring and timely response from our professionals, you are guaranteed that your automation ecosystem remains stable, powerful, and secure and follows your changing business demands.
Who are we?

We are an offshore RPA company with experienced programmers and wide domain expertise.


Benefits of RPA

Robotic Process Automation is a robust technology that introduces a range of benefits to your business, enhancing the way your processes are performed and managed. The values of RPA surpass across a range of operational aspects, contributing to increased efficiency, substantial cost savings, scalability, time savings, enhanced customer experience, resource optimization, and exceptional flexibility and adaptability.

Increased Efficiency

With our RPA services company, you will excel in automating repetitive and rule-based tasks, resulting in faster and more accurate execution of processes. By eliminating manual intervention in routine activities, businesses experience heightened operational efficiency. This not only reduces the risk of errors but also accelerates the pace at which tasks are accomplished, driving overall efficiency gains.

Cost Savings

A significant benefit of RPA for any industry lies in the substantial reduction in operational expenses. The automation of business tasks that would normally require the engagement of manual labor can cut down labor expenses and reduce human-made error rates. In addition, the one-time investment in your solution brings increased cost-effectiveness, positively impacting the financial flow on a long-term basis. Thus, you kill two birds with one stone, obtaining substantial process streamlining and enhanced accuracy, as well as decreasing your operational costs via RPA solutions.


RPA solutions are initially scalable, equipping your company with the top flexibility to adjust to evolving workloads and dynamic business requirements. As your organization extends, RPA implementations are always ready to scale seamlessly. With such software, you can accommodate rising demands, ensuring that automation remains aligned with the expanding necessities of the business.

Time Savings

Introduce robotization of time-consuming tasks and delegate daily and repetitive activities from employees. This allows them to focus on more strategic and meaningful aspects of their responsibilities. The time saved with RPA translates to the grown productivity and efficient execution of higher-value tasks that contribute to the organization's objectives.

Enhanced Customer Experience

By ordering RPA implementation services, you contribute to a top-tier customer experience with accelerated response times and a high personalization degree in service delivery. Automated performance ensures accelerated and more reliable interactions, leading to excellent customer satisfaction. The power to deliver stable, prompt, and accurate services positively impacts the perception of the brand and strengthens customer relationships, turning your new-came users into devoted customers.

Flexibility and Adaptability

The adjustability of RPA solutions is a fundamental advantage. You can smoothly adjust automated processes to address the dynamic modifications in business strategies or requirements. The flexibility of RPA ensures that business remains aligned with dynamic processes, allowing you to stay agile in dynamic business environments.

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RPA Implementation Process

At PLANEKS, we take a comprehensive approach to the implementation process of RPA solutions. It is a structured and strategic flow designed to integrate automation into business performance seamlessly. This multifaceted journey involves distinct phases aimed at ensuring the successful deployment and performance of RPA solutions.


Assessment and Planning

Within this initial phase, we assist you in identifying and evaluating the business processes suitable for automation. Typically, they refer to rule-based and repetitive tasks. Our professionals conduct a feasibility study to assess the potential benefits and return on investment (ROI) of implementing RPA. Clear objectives, such as enhancing efficiency, reducing errors, or cutting costs, are defined to guide the following implementation.

Process Analysis and Design

This phase incorporates a detailed analysis of identified processes, breaking them down into comprehensive steps to understand the underlying logic and rules. In conjunction with you, we redesign processes to optimize them for automation, with an emphasis on simplifying complex steps and eliminating unnecessary manual engagements. Thorough documentation, comprising input sources, process steps, decision points, and output requirements, helps us achieve the top clarity and precision.

Bot Development

Here, we execute the RPA implementation, which lies in developing and configuring software robots, or bots, tasked with executing automated processes. For this, our experts create workflows and define business rules. This step is followed by the bot configuration, preparing for the further rigorous testing that will be conducted in a controlled environment, ensuring optimal performance, as well as the appropriate handling of exceptions.

Testing and Quality Assurance

Testing engages a range of stages, beginning with unit testing to verify the correct functionality of individual bots in isolation. The subsequent integration testing provides seamless collaboration among multiple bots within the system. In addition, we apply User Acceptance Testing (UAT) that involves end-users in validating that the automated processes align with business requirements and expectations.


Continuing the testing phase, the deployment services incorporate the strategic introduction of RPA into the production environment. This begins with the development of a comprehensive rollout plan detailing how and when the bots will be integrated into your daily operations. A vital aspect of this phase that directly impacts the efficiency of your RPA is training, ensuring that relevant stakeholders, end-users, and support staff are proficient in interacting with and managing the automated processes.

Monitoring and Maintenance

Post-deployment, a robust monitoring and maintenance strategy is essential to ensure that your solution brings maximum effectiveness. For this, we provide ongoing performance tracking to guarantee that automated processes adhere to predefined key performance indicators (KPIs). Aside from that, the PLANEKS team identifies and handles any unpredicted challenges as well as arising performance issues (if any), addressing any glitches or exceptions rapidly. It’s also essential to evaluate the scalability of the RPA, facilitating adjustments to accommodate changes in process volume or complexity.

Continuous Improvement

A key approach leading to successful RPA implementation is sticking to ongoing enhancements. During this phase, we establish a feedback loop to facilitate the assembly of input from users and stakeholders. The extracted information is then employed to identify areas that we elevate. We also set regular reviews and optimizations of automated processes to leverage new features, address changing business requirements, and enhance overall efficiency.

Documentation and Reporting

Ensuring the ongoing success of RPA implementation involves maintaining accurate and up-to-date documentation. We at PLANEKS make sure that your documentation is regularly updated to reflect any changes or optimizations made during and after the implementation. Comprehensive reporting is another inalienable element, where the generation and analysis of RPA performance reports provide valuable insights. We share these insights with key stakeholders, enhancing transparency and facilitating informed decision-making.



What advantages are you guaranteed to get when partnering with PLANEKS?

Expertise and Experience

At PLANEKS, you are guaranteed to hire qualified professionals, each possessing solid experience and expertise in successfully implementing RPA solutions across diverse industries. Our specialists bring a deep understanding of automation peculiarities and pitfalls, ensuring that our clients benefit from the collective knowledge and expertise of a team dedicated to delivering tangible outcomes.

Comprehensive Service Offering

Our aspiration to provide excellent software is reflected in our end-to-end RPA services offering. At each development stage, PLANEKS provides top-tier performance with best implementation practices and an innovative tech stack. By covering the entire spectrum of RPA services, we ensure that our clients get an integrated approach to automation, elevating the value of our solutions at every stage of the implementation process.

Security Measures

Putting data security and compliance first, PLANEKS guarantees the implementation of robust security measures within our RPA solutions. We understand the sensitivity of the information being handled and the regulatory requirements that govern it. Our comprehensive approach to data security ensures that sensitive information is safeguarded, and our solutions adhere to the highest standards of compliance.

Innovative Technologies

We are committed to remaining at the forefront of technological advancements in RPA and related fields. The PLANEKS team actively incorporates innovative solutions into our offerings, ensuring that our clients benefit from state-of-the-art automation capabilities. By leveraging the latest technologies, we help our clients stay competitive, efficient and prepared for the evolving demands of their industries.


Industries we work with

Our portfolio includes projects for over 20 industries. We have successfully delivered projects for fintech, media, business services, hospitality and leisure, and many other companies.

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