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Elaborate Case Study

“Their team comes to the table every week prepared with specific ideas on how to overcome the challenges at hand.”

Nicole Bocskocsky

/ CEO & Founder at Elaborate

Elaborate provides software that delivers personalized, accessible, and easy-to-understand health data; specifically, today focused on lab results. The primary functionality of the system is to:

  • Notify patients of new lab result data through SMS and Email
  • Summarize the key takeaways from the health data
  • Educate the patient about different components of the health data (more details)
  • Route the patient to the next steps based on their key takeaways
  • Provide functionality to enable patients to schedule a visit with their primary doctor



Django REST framework

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The client:
United States
6+ months (ongoing)
Team size:
10 people


Our solution

Requirements & Solution

Eliminate patients’ anxiety and confusion around lab results

Team created a proprietary med-tech algorithm to surface key insights based on lab results so that patients receive human-readable theses about their health systems. This solution brings awareness and inner confidence to patients learning their labs, giving them an extra recommendation to contact their doctors when the algorithm discovers deviations.

Instant access to lab results

Patients can now receive their detailed lab results and key insights simultaneously as their doctors do. Real-time results keep patients up to date on their health and reduce waiting time compared to the old-school way of getting them.

Reduce administrative burden for healthcare providers

A known issue for healthcare practices is doctors spending lots of nonbillable hours weekly to patients’ anxiety and confusion around lab results on WhatsApp or email. Thanks to Elaborate’s in-app scheduling, patients now have an organized way to discuss findings with their doctors, while the latter get fair compensation.

Provide access to past data

The inability to review previous results could be a big blocker when analyzing current ones. That is why we enrich recent results with a dynamic view of past results. Now historical data can contextualize today’s results.

Automate and speed up slow and manual processing of lab results

Our team replaced routine human work with AI technologies, specifically optical character recognition (OCR), which helps increase the number of processed lab reports and minimize the number of person-hours needed, keeping humans where they are beneficial.


PLANEKS and Elaborate’s combined efforts resulted in modern technologies applied to increase the quality of living for both doctors and patients. More awareness and less confusion. More profit and less admin burden. More automation and less manual work. Together we built a med-tech product of the 21st century.

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