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Custom Insurance Software Development Case Study

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Robot Factory is a child project for that builds tailored software bots to automate manual processes for insurance brokerages. Robot Factory is a web application that allows users to create and manage these software robots (RPA). Such robots can be deployed into a customer’s software systems and work within their processes like a person would but fully automatically.


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The client:
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Quandri’s main product is three robots (RPA) that automate such manual processes of insurance brokerage as Policy Renewal, eDoc management, Policy matching, and verification. Efficient configuration automation is the core challenge we strived to handle. This is conditioned by the time-consuming and manual task of setting up robots for the specific requirements of brokerages. Such a process can last for a long time. The task of PLANEKS was to design a solution that automates configuration capabilities, reducing the time and effort required for bot setup. Moreover, it should be designed to be highly customizable, allowing configurations to be tailored to the individual operational requirements of each brokerage.

A user-friendly interface is another key requirement, ensuring that individuals of any technical expertise can effortlessly make use of the solution. Having real-time control over the automation process is a critical requirement, so it was essential to deliver this capability, assuring that brokers can make immediate adjustments, monitor performance, and respond to changing business needs.

Our Solution

As a result of our collaboration, our client Quandri was delivered with a Robot Factory service, which efficiently addresses the specific challenges faced by insurance brokerages. At its core, Robot Factory aims to streamline and simplify the complex process of robot creation and management, serving as an assistant for insurance professionals to operate more efficiently. For example, by setting up just one of the existing robots (EDocs Executive) offered by Quandri’s Robot Factory, insurance experts repurpose approximately 90 to 120 hours per month. Needless to say, the number of hours varies within each company and can be even higher.

Another significant instance is the workflows accelerated by 90%, as reported by clients who set up other robots through Robot Factory.

This innovative product caters to the needs of insurance brokers by offering a comprehensive and user-friendly interface. 

Robot Factory incorporates a range of essential functionalities that directly address the previously described challenges.

  • Robot onboarding Robot Factory simplifies the onboarding of the EDocs Executive robot, an essential tool for standardizing document naming. This feature ensures that document management is consistent and efficient.
  • Document types and renaming structure configuration. Users are equipped with the flexibility to configure document types and renaming structures, allowing for customization that fits the specific needs of their brokerage.
  • Robot control panel. The service provides a robust control panel that enables users to manage and oversee the robot’s operations effectively. From this control panel, users can modify the robot’s configuration, ensuring real-time control over the automation process.
  • Robot reconfiguration pages. Robot Factory offers reconfiguration pages that allow users to make adjustments to previously chosen document types and renaming structures. 
  • Account and team management. The service incorporates features for account and team management, simplifying user access and enhancing team collaboration, streamlining administration, and making it more straightforward to manage roles and responsibilities.

Dashboard with performance statistics. An intuitive dashboard that represents valuable insights into the robot’s performance, covering exception rates, which can significantly impact efficiency and cost savings. Users can monitor key performance indicators, enabling data-driven strategies and optimizations.


Robot Factory is a comprehensively designed solution tailored to address the challenges experienced by insurance brokerages. It is aimed at providing increased control, improved efficiency, and cost-saving advantages, all while ensuring the optimization of document management. By offering a user-friendly and informative interface, Robot Factory simplifies the process of robot creation. Users can seamlessly work separately or collaborate with their team members. Furthermore, it optimizes time for insurance brokers by delivering full control over the business operations, allowing real-time management of processes, as well as elevating their productivity and customer service.

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