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Santé.app Case Study

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/ Sparta Group SA

What is Sante app? Santé.app is an InsurTech product that allows automating choosing
the right insurance type according to the user’s preferences. The application involves the
creation and conduct of surveys among potential customers.Santé.app is simple to use
and easy to understand. It allows users to view all the offers of Swiss health insurance
companies classified according to those that suit them best in just a few minutes. Users
can customize their search to suit their needs, budget and view the pros and cons of
each offer for quick and easy comparison.


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The client:
Sparta Group SA
6+ month
Team size:
4 people

Requirements & Solutions

Develop a survey route that will be based on users’ answers

Blue check mark Since this project provides a choice of different insurances, it is essential to guide users through the available pages, depending on the answers. The route was created by a set of slides with their content (texts, options and images) and providing the relations between slides.

Integrate CRM system to transmit the user data

Blue check mark Once users complete a survey, all of their data is sent to Pipedrive CRM, so professionals can contact potential clients to suggest the best insurance option.

Build a full-featured admin panel that can be modified within dynamic requirements

Blue check mark An admin panel allows survey content management (pages, questions, options, routes) and review answers. To achieve this, the standard Django admin panel was customized with the necessary tables, forms and plugins (such as RichTextBox), that allow viewing and editing content in easy ways.

Enable users to schedule an appointment with the representative conveniently and intuitively

At the end of the survey, the user can make an appointment with the specialist via the integrated Acuity Scheduling calendar.

Implement “Smart” doctor search that will provide the relevant physicians’ list

Blue check markThe application provides a choice of more than two thousand doctors, which demands a smart search solution that would show a list of the right doctors and works well with typos and non-English characters in search words.

Python library FuzzyWuzzy was used to solve this issue – It uses Levenshtein Distance to calculate the differences between searching keywords and the large text datasets and provide the most suitable results.

Provide multilingual web application support with a dynamic switching opportunity

Blue check mark The application supports different languages:

  • English
  • French
  • Italian

They can be dynamically switched according to the user’s preferences.

Create an adaptive design to ensure the seamless app usage from any device

Blue check mark Our team developed both desktop and mobile versions so that the users have the opportunity to take the survey in whatever way they choose.

Results: was built as a universal platform aimed at surveys and allowed to run several similar projects in no time. was created to optimize the work of insurance companies, whose role is vital at present. But due to its versatility, this project can be in demand in other industries that may need this type of activity.

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