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Spark is a customized application for energy efficiency in the fleet management industry. Spark is an intuitive application that provides key information to all layers in the organization, including the captain, while providing drill-down opportunities to identify the root cause.

Since fuel consumption is a primary driver of operational cost – and related emissions significantly impact the environment and public reputation, the goal was to develop an application where energy efficiency is the priority.

Vessels produce a huge amount of operational data every second of their journey, the highly complex information is a “data jungle”. Spark identifies and visualizes critical fuel-related data, so key stakeholders can easily use the information to their advantage.


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The client:
Fleet management
6+ months (ongoing)
Team size:
4 people


Our solution

Requirements & Solution

The format of the data requires expert interpretation

Intuitive design with an interactive approach with the aim to communicate complex technical data at-a-glance.

Data from multiple vessels is not combined and used for the fleet overview, insight, and comparison.

  Spark has dashboards with fleet comparison – both performing right now and leaderboard. Gamification is used as motivation between the crew on vessels across the fleet by ranking the top vessels.

The data is not available when the crew needs to make a decision.

  Important operational parameters and performance across the fleet is made available live in Spark. Recommendations relevant for each energy driver and their benchmarks are readily available, assisting the crew with decision-support where and when incidents happen.

Ease of application understanding and adoption.


  • Building benchmarks for the largest energy drivers onboard the vessel to identify optimal energy use.
  • Visualizing at-a-glance how much more fuel than the optimal benchmark your vessels are currently using.
  • Providing recommendations on what the crew can do to reduce their current overconsumption.
  • Live feedback to the crew for instant decision support.

Indicator for fuel and cost-saving potential.


  • Spark shows improvement potential for each vessel equal to 5 – 10 % of daily fuel oil consumption.
  • Depending on ship type and size, this equals somewhere between 1000 to 4000 tons of fuel oil per ship per year.
  • This amount of fuel equals a CO2 emission between 10 and 50 million km driven by a passenger car per year.


Spark increases transparency related to fuel consumption by giving owners, operators, and captains the total fuel consumption overview in the fleet and insights into individual vessels’ root causes through a highly user-friendly interface. Spark serves as a driver for behavioral change when vessels are ranked within the fleet according to fuel efficiency – and this is available on everyone’s handphones. As a result, everyone can see an energy efficiency ranking of all vessels in the fleet at any given time.

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