RPA for Insurance

RPA for Insurance

Refine your insurance business with our qualitative RPA services

Step on the path of redefining your insurance procedures with our Robotic Process Automation (RPA) services. Our solutions seamlessly bring automation into your insurance processes, optimizing performance, improving efficiency, and cutting down your operational costs. You can partner with a qualified IT vendor possessing solid experience in robust RPA implementation. Our professional team will individually create the software for your insurance company’s outstanding peculiarities and demands. With PLANEKS, you achieve the highest efficiency as our RPA custom-built solutions deal with frequent insurance tasks, shifting your team’s focus on strategic initiatives. Open new opportunities for productivity elevation and taking a competitive advantage in the rapidly evolving insurance sector.

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Our RPA Solutions for Insurance Companies

Skyrocket your insurance business with our solid suite of Robotic Process Automation for insurance companies, carefully employed to optimize critical areas of your routine operations.

Claims Processing

Speed up claims processing with the RPA insurance services, reducing manual intervention and enhancing accuracy. Streamline the end-to-end claims lifecycle, from data retrieval to validation, guaranteeing swift and reliable settlements.


Boost underwriting efficiency through intelligent automation. The RPA technology from our experts can guide you through the complex underwriting processes, extracting relevant data and delivering relevant insights to assist decision-making.

Policy Administration

Transform policy administration into a seamless and error-free experience. Our bespoke RPA insurance services automate policy issuance, updates, and compliance checks, ensuring compliance with industry regulations and reducing administrative burdens.

Sales and Distribution

Increase the number of sales and distribution channels with automated processes that provide stable lead generation, quote generation, and policy issuance. With RPA for insurance, you bring customer interactions and responsiveness to an entirely new level, gaining a competitive advantage in the market.

Billing & Payments

Guarantee top-tier accuracy and timeliness in billing and payment processing with a trustworthy IT vendor. The RPA implementation streamlines invoicing, payment verification, and reconciliation, decreasing failures and delays while enhancing overall financial management.

Customer Services

Enhance customer catering standards with RPA-driven automation. Robotize routine inquiry processing, claims status updates, and policy information retrieval, allowing your customer service team to pay attention to personalized interactions and complex problem-solving.

Your business is ready to apply the absolute capacity of RPA within the insurance processes. Partner with PLANEKS’ certified professionals to experience accelerated claim processing, the highest productivity, and enhanced efficiency in your specific sector.


Benefits of RPA for Insurance Companies

The range of RPA insurance services delivered by PLANEKS is guaranteed to equip your business, employees, and customers with a wide variety of benefits. Become the new market winner by partnering with our qualified team and seamlessly introducing the following advantages to your business.

Faster Claim Processing

RPA reduces claim processing times in the insurance industry. By automating day-to-day tasks related to claims validation and settlement calculations, RPA significantly optimizes the processing flow. This not only facilitates elevated customer satisfaction but also provides timely and accurate claims settlements, enhancing the overall experience with your agency.

Accuracy in Data Processing

Liquidating the possibility of manual failures, RPA introduces the highest accuracy to data processing in insurance procedures. Any process, like policy administration or underwriting, obtains consistent precision in handling vast volumes of data. Such reliability facilitates error-free functions and a higher credibility in data-driven decision-making.

Consistency and Compliance

Guaranteeing absolute adherence to regulatory and compliance standards is the primary aspect of any business. RPA can set and implement consistent procedures, minimizing the risk of regulatory violations. With automated business processes, you uphold domain standards, facilitate transparency, and handle compliance-related challenges.

Adaptability to Workload

RPA systems establish solid flexibility to fit into the workload dynamics, seamlessly handling increased processing demands during peak periods. Scalability ensures that insurance operations remain stable and responsive despite business fluctuations.

Data Accuracy for Decision-Making

RPA plays a primary part in providing accurate data for wise decision-making, which is critical for every insurer. Within the flow from underwriting to risk assessment, RPA guarantees that the data employed in decision-making processes is consistently reliable. Consequently, as an insurance company, you can make strategic decisions with confidence and precision.


RPA software provides an in-depth audit trail, offering transparency and clarity in each process step. This feature not only enhances accountability but also facilitates compliance with audit requirements. You will swiftly and effortlessly track and demonstrate adherence to industry regulations, establishing trust in your operational processes.


Industries we work with

Our portfolio includes projects for over 20 industries. We have successfully delivered projects for fintech, media, business services, hospitality and leisure, and many other companies.

Life & Health Insurance

The PLANEKS team also has expertise in implementing RPA for the life and health insurance sector, delivering many competitive advantages. Optimizing underwriting procedures, RPA ensures accurate and sped-up assessments, accelerating policy issuance. Claims processing becomes more reliable and effective, facilitating minimal delays and enhancing the overall client experience. RPA in life and health insurance also helps in compliance management, taking care of adherence to strict regulations operating the niche.

Auto Insurance

In the niche of auto insurance, RPA is a true core for performance efficiency. Automation streamlines claims processing, delivering sped-up assessment and settlement. RPA streamlines customer interactions, enabling seamless policy issuance and updates. Consequently, auto insurers can reduce processing times, improve accuracy, and elevate customer satisfaction.

Real Estate Insurance

Our team is your dedicated tech assistant in building custom RPA solutions to optimize real estate insurance operations. Reliable automation software automates complex processes, reducing human errors and speeding up workflows. Claim processing in real estate insurance becomes more rapid and accurate, allowing insurers to respond to incidents instantly. RPA's flexibility to workload variations enables real estate insurance businesses to overcome evolving demands seamlessly.

Your future in business elaboration is here. Leave a request for an in-depth professional consultation today. Let’s discover how RPA can refine your processes, flawlessly catering to customers and positioning your insurance company as a solid market player.


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As the insurance landscape digitizes, RPA implementation becomes a relevant strategic solution. The seamless integration of RPA across a broad spectrum of sectors elevates performance, ensuring speed, accuracy, and compliance. With such operational power, RPA becomes essential in optimizing claims processing, enhancing data accuracy, and facilitating flexibility to dynamic workloads. The benefits even surpass customer experience and interactions, regulatory adherence, and overall competitiveness in the market.

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