Digital Transformation IT Services

Digital Transformation IT Services


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PLANEKS holds the pride of being an innovative digital transformation company dedicated to bridging your business with technology. At PLANEKS, we offer an extensive range of digital transformation services to businesses in various industries worldwide. Whether you belong to Manufacturing or Healthcare, our professional digital transformation consulting services will help you digitize your business processes and implement your innovative ideas into the work.


Our Services

Being a proficient digital transformation agency, consultancy is among the major parts of our expertise. PLANEKS can help you establish or redefine the tech structure of your business with market dynamics, improvements in business processes and ensure sustainable productivity.

Administration Portals

Efficient processes and a productive IT business model always lead to an improved customer experience. For instance, you can utilize digital transformation to implement dedicated portals for administration and workers. The administration portal makes it really convenient for administrators to circulate reports, documents, and other media files. On the other hand, another portal aids the user experience of workers as they get all the necessary information in one place.

Why Choose PLANEKS for Digital Transformation?

Our Benefits

We will help you digitalize your business to make it much more effective.

Effective Digital Transformation Strategy

Here’s what makes it the leading digital transformation services company in the industry. With years of expertise, PLANEKS will get you access to an effective digital transformation that adds value to your business processes. We dedicate our professionals to developing a customer-centric digital transformation strategy.

Scalable Technologies

Growth is the primary trait of a successful IT business, and you may never want to stay restricted. Considering this, we offer scalable software solutions to support inclusions as your business grows. At PLANEKS, our experts use scalable frameworks such as Django, Flask, and Fast API in addition to Docker ecosystem to build the architecture that can easily scale horizontally and vertically whenever required.

Reasonable R&D Costs

When it comes to digital transformation, cost becomes a crucial concern, especially for small-medium enterprises (SMEs). That's why we have a revised R&D process with perfectly scheduled milestones and project delivery. From technologies to architectures, our experts take care of everything and make you achieve the expected productivity while saving R&D costs.

More Efficient Business Processes

As we work with the latest technologies, you experience higher efficiency in your processes than ever before. We implement an advanced digital transformation that aids the compatibility of your business model with new trends and market demands. Once you have an efficient IT model, you enjoy an incredible boost in the productivity and profits of your business.

Actionable Insights

The insights or metrics display the performance of your processes and enable you to make better decisions. At PLANEKS, we implement different data collection and data analysis solutions during digital transformation to generate actionable insights for our clients. Such a data-driven approach enables you to make improvements in your enterprise solutions.

Compliance with Industry Standards

PLANEKS gives you the assurance that digital transformation services for a startup or business of any scale comply with industry standards. Therefore, we adhere to crucial industry standards such as Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).
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Unlocking Doors to Digitalized Workplace and Automated Process!

From sports to hospitality, digital transformation aids efficiency and productivity in every industry. But you need a team of professionals to unlock its true potential and ensure proper implementation in your business model. Contact us today and take a step towards digitalization with the industry’s leading digital transformation consultancy company.


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