Restaurant Management Software Development Services

Restaurant Management Software Development Services


Delivering innovative technology solutions that drive efficiency and profitability for food businesses

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Every restaurant business strives to optimize its processes and boost customer experience to gain success. As a leading custom restaurant software development services company, we comprehend this aspiration as well as the challenges facing restaurant owners and managers.
Our team of professionals is dedicated to helping restaurants achieve their primary business goals with our technical services. At PLANEKS, we are great at implementing and equipping you with tailored software solutions designed specially for the extraordinary necessities the restaurant industry comprises.

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Get your benefit with our software development services to take your restaurant performance to the next level.


Custom Restaurant Management Software Development

We implement innovative, customized software solutions that empower restaurant owners to productively manage their workflows. With PLANEKS, you can design your software without limits and address your main obstacles - employee scheduling and inventory control to reservations and table management, our software is designed to streamline related procedures and maximize productivity.

Restaurant Software Development Consulting

PLANEKS offers consulting services from techy hospitality industry experts to assist you in digitizing your business processes with the appropriate and seamlessly implemented software product which will be the most beneficial for your specific case. We ensure an individual approach to analyze your internal processes that can be automated within your restaurant as well as which software solutions are relevant to your workflows, industry-specific challenges, and setbacks. Our consultants ensure expedient insights and recommendations, guiding you in making informed decisions about software implementation and integration.

Custom Integration

Our restaurant software development team excels in seamlessly integrating the custom software solutions we can build for you with existing systems such as POS (Point of Sale) software, Labor scheduling, COGS management, payment gateways, hotel systems, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), online ordering platforms, and any other necessary options. This integration guarantees a smooth flow of data across all systems, resulting in enhanced operational efficiency.

IT Augmentation

In case you have an expertise gap or need more resources for the project within your in-house tech team, we offer IT augmentation services, providing you with dedicated support and maintenance to ensure your digital product runs flawlessly. The PLANEKS team will handle the development of the new functionality, support and maintenance, software audit and analysis, and fully delegate the responsibilities of your employees.


Our Solutions

We develop custom restaurant software solutions that help restaurants optimize operations and improve customer satisfaction. We apply an individual approach to each project and ensure a broad spectrum of digital products that can be implemented for your restaurant business.

Restaurant Inventory Management Software

One of the core sectors we aim at is restaurant inventory management software development. Keeping track of inventory can be a pretty challenging task, yet, we can develop restaurant management software that can help easily manage stock levels, track ingredient usage, and automate reordering processes. This not only saves you time, employees’ effort, as well as cost but also minimizes the risk of stockouts or wastage.

Food Ordering

Food ordering is another indispensable aspect of any restaurant business, for which we can design software solutions to bring higher efficiency and convenience to the entire procedure. Our restaurant app development company is professional in creating user-friendly interfaces that enable your customers to place orders intuitively, leading to increased sales, user retention, and customer loyalty.

Restaurant Web Apps

To cater to the growing requirement of digital transformation, PLANEKS offers restaurant web apps development services that allow you to showcase your menu, promote special offers, and interact with your customers online. The web apps that we develop are responsive, ensuring a polished experience across different devices and platforms.

POS Integration

Utilizing the POS integration services, we can connect your restaurant software with your point-of-sale system. This integration enhances the ordering and payment process, reduces the possibility of manual errors, and ensures real-time data for more relevant strategy development.

Restaurant Billing

At the PLANEKS offshore company, you can create restaurant billing software that simplifies the billing procedures providing more accurate and effective invoicing. Each process, from generating detailed bills to managing discounts and taxes, can be performed with software that provides a convenient billing experience for both your internal staff and customers.



We can fill your software with a range of accurately picked features that are relevant for specifically your restaurant business. Depending on your company’s scale, our solutions can be tailored to meet your unique demands and ensure restaurant, cafe, or bar management software development services are on-demand.

Reporting and Analytics

Monitoring your restaurant's performance is crucial for making informed business decisions and managing your business efficiently. The software designed by PLANEKS provides the complete set of reporting and analytics tools that divert you with real-time insights into your operations. Track sales, analyze customer preferences, and monitor inventory levels with ease. Leveraging the capacity of data, you can identify trends, make your menu offerings maximum relevant, and boost profitability.

Loyalty Program

Rewarding your devoted customers is a brilliant way to encourage long-term relationships and facilitate repeat business. PLANEKS is ready to design the appropriate features, which can include a built-in loyalty program that allows you to create personalized rewards, track customer points, and offer exclusive promotions. Enhance customer satisfaction and retention by showing your appreciation for their loyalty to PLANEKS.

Menu Management

Restaurant menu management can be truly problematic, especially if you have frequent updates or daily offerings. Our restaurant management software development services simplify menu management by facilitating you with the functionality to easily add, modify, and remove items. With the amenity of your device, you can keep your menu up-to-date across any platform, assuring consistency and accuracy.

Online Reservation

Online reservations have become the standard for the restaurant industry, focusing on customer convenience and ease of use. You can order a user-friendly online reservation functionality from our team, allowing your customers to book tables effortlessly. The real-time availability updates deliver optimized table allocation, reduced wait times, and increase visitor satisfaction rate.

Employee Scheduling

Your internal processes comprising your employees’ workflow fully reflect the whole business's efficiency. With the opportunities of an employee scheduling feature, you can make use of an intuitive scheduling module that simplifies the restaurant process for your staff. Assign shifts, track employee availability, and manage time-off requests effortlessly. By optimizing your staff scheduling, your restaurant will have sufficient coverage and minimize staffing conflicts.

Table Management

Streamlined table turnover and seating arrangements are one of the ways to boost your restaurant's capacity. We design software that incorporates a table management feature that enables you to allocate tables, track reservations, and manage waitlists efficiently. Optimizing your front-of-house operations will help you enhance the overall satisfaction of your restaurant’s guests.
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Why Choose PLANEKS as Your Restaurant Management Software Development Company?

Our Advantages

We can fill your software with a range of accurately picked features that are relevant for specifically your restaurant business. Depending on your company’s scale, our solutions can be tailored to meet your unique demands and ensure restaurant, cafe, or bar management software development services are on-demand.

Efficient Restaurant Management

By partnering with our company for restaurant software development services, you can achieve efficient and smooth business management. Our goal is to deliver you with a product that automates and optimizes various aspects of your operations.

Meaningful Insights

We go beyond basic functionalities of restaurant management software by putting valuable insights of your restaurant's performance in your hands. Advanced reporting and analytics features give you an all-around picture of your sales, guests’ preferences, and overall business patterns and tendencies.

Improved Inventory Management

Enhance your inventory management by cutting down on waste and expenses, guaranteeing the constant availability of the required ingredients on hand. With PLANEKS software, you can track dynamic stock levels, set automatic alerts for low inventory, and generate reports on usage and waste.

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Delight your customers, digitize your business, and grow your profitability with our restaurant management software development services. Let your restaurant gain success by partnering with PLANEKS and experience the difference our software can make for your restaurant.

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