Real Estate Software Development Services

Real Estate Software Development Services

Unlock Your Real Estate Potential with Custom Software Solutions


Cutting-edge technology and digitalization play a crucial part in elaborating the real estate sector, impacting operations, data management, and customer relations. With PLANEKS, you can make use of our cutting-edge tech services, incorporating software development, expert IT consultation, and robust infrastructure management. Adopting technology in your real estate business is the efficient path to success, allowing enhanced property management, improved efficiency, and data-driven decision-making.
Get the comprehensive custom real estate software development services, benefits, and borderless opportunities you can obtain with PLANEKS to employ the power of technology and gain a competitive advantage in the real estate market.


Benefits of Real Estate Software

Why should you consider custom software development to boost your business efficiency? We can design a tailored tech product to address the particular requirements, bringing plenty of benefits.

Improved Efficiency and Productivity

Real estate software substantially refines efficiency and productivity within your business. Apply optimization capabilities for processes like property management, customer interactions, and communication, as well as financial flow tracking. This allows your organization to put more effort into your core objectives- growing the number of successful deals and thus expanding your business.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Enhancing the customer experience is one more integral benefit of software development for real estate, as the delivered solutions provide intuitive functionality for seamless communication, property search, filtering system, virtual property overview, and many other custom features you might require to incorporate. These opportunities engage and retain clients while your software serves as an integral assistant for your clients in finding their dream apartments and streamlining the whole buying or renting process.

Data-Driven Decision-Making

Your real estate software can gather the necessary data and enable you to make data-driven decisions that will positively impact your business. This implies centralizing data on property tendencies, client demands, and market analysis to deliver you with a deeper understanding of your business, dynamic industry insights, as well as help you build a robust strategy for stable expansion and progress.

Competitive Edge in the Market

Investing in software development services for real estate ensures you with a competitive edge on the market. Your business will achieve a new level of operational efficiency taking the position of the up-to-date and customer-oriented real estate company, attracting more clients, and standing out from competitors. Real estate software is a relevant solution to become more reliable, deliver customer-centric services, and enhance your business. It is also truly relevant in case you would like to create a Software as a Service (SaaS) based platform and obtain a stable revenue stream.
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Our Real Estate Services

We ensure a broad range of real estate software development services aimed at your business optimization and enhancement.

Property Management Software

Property management software development is a vital service we can deliver to your business, elevating the real estate processes for all parties. We are able to design this type of software for property owners and managers, simplifying their daily operations, as well as clients who search for a new apartment. Such a platform automates essential functions like rent collection, lease management, maintenance scheduling, and financial reporting.
With real estate apps and software development for property management, industry professionals can conveniently optimize operations, reduce administrative procedures, and ensure seamless communication with tenants. Additionally, you can implement robust reporting features to gain valuable insights into property performance, allowing for data-driven decisions.
Property management software saves time and resources in parallel, enhancing the overall management experience, which makes it a must-have software in the real estate industry.
Property Management Software Development Services

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

Real estate CRM software development services are an essential solution we can eagerly deliver to real estate businesses, aiming to manage customer and client relationships effectively. A real estate CRM system is designed to track leads, streamline communication, and automate marketing efforts, ensuring personalized interactions with prospects and clients.
In the real estate industry, we specialize in integrating solutions like Salesforce for your real estate business, offering features to meet industry-specific needs. Our custom real estate CRM software development company is able to create a bespoke platform, particularly for your case, to help your real estate agency maintain an extensive perspective of your clients, track property interests, and improve engagement through automated marketing campaigns. CRM software is a vital asset to have in establishing enduring connections with customers and becoming in demand in the real estate domain.

Real Estate Listing and Marketplace Platforms

Real estate listing and marketplace platforms have significantly reformed the property search and selling processes. By ordering the development of such a platform from PLANEKS, you will get an extensive marketplace for property listings, thus catering to both buyers and sellers.
Real estate professionals, covering agents, and brokers can leverage a real estate listing and marketplace platform to showcase properties to a broad and diverse audience. Homebuyers and renters benefit from a user-friendly interface, advanced search filters, and interactive mapping, facilitating smooth and convenient property search. This type of real estate platform enhances accessibility and transparency in property transactions, which is core for your business success.

Real Estate Appraisal and Valuation Software

Real estate appraisal and valuation software development will be highly beneficial in ensuring precise property assessment and examination. Such an application is tailored for appraisers and real estate professionals to streamline the assessment of property values with the highest possible precision. With PLANEKS, you are able to incorporate advanced algorithms, real-time data, and market insights to provide accurate appraisals. Real estate appraisal and valuation software delivers such features as property comparisons, historical data analysis, and trend tracking. By utilizing such tools, you can offer more informed valuations while your real estate professionals can make data-driven decisions, ultimately boosting the efficiency and reliability of property transactions.

Property Inspection Software

Property inspection software is a solid instrument to enhance the way property inspections are conducted and documented. The development of such software assists inspectors in performing meticulous inspections efficiently and assembling electronic reports conveniently. The exemplary functionality of your software can include customizable checklists, photo capture, and integrated note-taking, ensuring comprehensive evaluations of properties. These digital reports enhance clarity and professionalism and optimize the communication of inspection findings to clients. Furthermore, you are guaranteed to facilitate quick report delivery, accelerating the real estate transaction process. Property inspection software improves inspection accuracy and enhances client satisfaction, which is vital for the real estate inspectors.

Property Investment and Portfolio Management Software

Property investment and portfolio management software is an indispensable tool for investors and property management companies. These specialized solutions enable efficient management of real estate investment portfolios and precise tracking of financial performance. With PLANEKS, you can implement features like rent collection, expense tracking, lease management, and analytics tools to provide a deep overview of property profitability. By gathering data in one utter hub and automating tasks, such a platform can streamline operations and optimize decision-making. With the use of property investment and portfolio management platforms, real estate investors and property managers can efficiently monitor and enrich their portfolios while assuring financial success. These solutions are essential for maximizing returns and achieving long-term investment goals in the real estate business.

Property Listing Syndication Services

Property listing syndication services are primarily aimed at expanding the reach and visibility of property listings. These services offer a seamless way for real estate experts to distribute their listings to multiple online platforms, consequently growing their exposure to a broader audience of potential buyers and renters. By automating the syndication process, such solutions save real estate agents and agencies valuable time and effort while delivering consistent and up-to-date listings across various websites. Property listing syndication tools help properties gain the visibility they need to attract the right buyers and tenants.

The Real Estate Development Process

Our real estate software development company applies a structured methodology that transforms a concept or an idea into a completed real estate project.


Initial Consultation and Needs Assessment

The beginning marks the project's examination and idea validation. Our representatives schedule a call with stakeholders to assess their goals, budget, and specific needs. It's an important stage for setting project requirements and feasibility.

Design and Development Phases

After finishing the initial consultation, our real estate software development team proceeds to the design and development phases. Solution Architects, software engineers, and designers work in collaboration creating in-depth plans and implementation roadmaps.

Initial Consultation and Needs Assessment

The beginning marks the project's examination and idea validation. Our representatives schedule a call with stakeholders to assess their goals, budget, and specific needs. It's an important stage for setting project requirements and feasibility.

Deployment and Ongoing Support

After obtaining the essential approvals, the software is ready to be deployed for the first user access. Upon completion, the product development is not finished- it’s time for ongoing support, which covers maintenance and ensuring the property functions as intended.

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Why should you choose PLANEKS to execute your tech real estate project?

Deep Expertise in Real Estate Software Development

With solid experience, we bring extensive expertise to the niche of real estate software development. Our qualified team possesses a comprehensive view of the industry's peculiarities and can tailor solutions to your specific needs.

Skilled Team of Developers and Designers

Our dedicated team of developers and designers brings exceptional skills and innovation to your real estate project. We will deliver cutting-edge solutions that meet and exceed your expectations.

Proven Success with Case Studies and Client Testimonials

At PLANEKS, we can demonstrate our experience within a solid portfolio of successful case studies and showcase our ability to deliver tangible results on the examples of our customers.

Competitive Pricing

We focus on the high value-for-money rate by offering competitive and flexible pricing models that fit your budget and opportunities. Our team strives to ensure you get the best value for your investment. High-quality real estate software development services from the PLANEKS outsourcing vendor are always delivered at a reasonable cost.

Explore the power of cutting-edge real estate software development services with PLANEKS. With solid expertise and a dedicated team of tech professionals and domain experts, we’re here to take your business to the next level. Ready to optimize your real estate operations, refine efficiency, and enhance customer experiences? Get in touch with us today to consult on how we can enhance your real estate agency. Let’s turn your vision of the future real estate software into reality and elevate your position in this market.


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