EHR Integration Services

EHR Integration Services


Electronic Health Records Integration

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Complete and timely exchange, as well as management of patient information, are crucial for delivering quality care within the healthcare industry. Electronic Health Records (EHR) have transformed the medical sector by digitizing patient data and making it easily accessible to healthcare providers. Yet, to apply the full potential of EHR systems, seamless integration with other healthcare applications and services is an integral point to fulfill. For this, we at PLANEKS are here to help you with our cutting-edge EHR integration services. With a team of experienced domain experts, we offer fully-fledged solutions that optimize healthcare service delivery and elevate patient outcomes.

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Having deep domain expertise in healthcare software development, we offer a wide range of solutions designed to enhance the functionality and interoperability of electronic health record systems.


EHR Data Integration

The PLANEKS team of experts specializes in integrating EHR systems with diverse medtech systems and API solutions, enabling seamless data exchange across necessary platforms. By establishing secure and standardized data transmission, healthcare providers can access real-time patient information, lab results, and other integral data, refining the overall care delivery flow.

EHR Integration Consulting

From our solid experience in the healthcare domain, we have proficiency in meeting medical organizations’ unique requirements and handling industry-specific challenges within telehealth EHR integration. Our high-qualified consultants can analyze your IT infrastructure, assess your individual requirements and ensure trusted integration strategies, adhering to the relevant compliances for your case. The PLANEKS team offers IT consulting services that ensure a smooth and efficient integration process, taking into consideration your business peculiarities.

EHR Software Development

Aside from the integration services, PLANEKS also offers custom EHR software development. Our certified software engineering team can customize your existing EHR systems or implement bespoke ones from scratch, incorporating features that align with the organization's workflows and objectives. As an outcome, you are able to achieve a fully streamlined EHR system that efficiently addresses the specific needs of healthcare providers and boosts overall operational productivity for both patients and medical vendors.

Data Migration

Transferring data from legacy systems to modern EHR platforms might seem a complex and challenging activity. However, PLANEKS will eagerly simplify this process with our data migration services, guaranteeing that patient information is securely transferred without loss or violation, enabling your healthcare business to continue delivering seamless care without disruptions. Our data migration experts follow industry best practices to ensure data integrity and compliance with regulatory standards.

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EHR Integration Solutions

Our services enable seamless integration of Electronic Health Records (EHRs) with other healthcare applications, services, or devices. We at PLANEKS aim to streamline the patient information exchange between healthcare systems and applications, guaranteeing interoperability and refining patient care through EHR and EMR integration services.

Patient Data

Patient details encompass all relevant information about an individual's health and medical records, like personal patient information, medical history, results of labs, imaging reports, treatment plans, prescriptions, and other data collected during the course of the patient's interactions with healthcare providers. The seamless access and accurate management of patient data possible with EHR integration services are vital for delivering high-quality care and making informed medical decisions.

Medical History

A comprehensive record of a patient's health-related information over time includes details such as past medical conditions, surgeries, allergies, medications, vaccinations, family medical history, lifestyle factors, and more. A patient's medical history is an essential component of their health record and plays a crucial role in diagnosing and treating current health conditions. Such valuable patient details can be securely transferred across the required systems while complying with medical regulatory standards.


Benefits of EHR Integration

What benefits can you get from our EHR integration company? Cooperation with PLANEKS can improve your medical data safety and compliance and help overcome a range of challenges related to data security and privacy.


Flexibility of Data Usage

One of the primary benefits of EHR integration is the increased flexibility in accessing and using patient data. When EHRs are interconnected with other clinical and administrative systems, healthcare vendors can access comprehensive and up-to-date patient information from the fully-fledged medical ecosystem. This real-time accessibility enables faster decision-making, reduces redundancies in data entry, and eliminates the need to search for patient records across disparate systems. As a result, healthcare professionals can put more effort into patient care, leading to improved treatment outcomes.

Moreover, EHR API integration allows your business to securely exchange data with external laboratories, pharmacies, and imaging centers. This seamless sharing of information facilitates quicker diagnostic test results and prescription fulfillment, further improving patient care and overall healthcare efficiency.


Improved Staff Productivity

Integrated EHR enables collaborative care among a range of healthcare providers participating in a patient's therapy. Physicians, pharmacists, nurses, and other healthcare specialists can access and modify the same patient record. Applying the seamless EHR integration, medical services providers can access comprehensive patient information from different sources in real time. Enhanced accessibility and visibility, healthcare results in better care coordination among different specialists, more accurate diagnoses, and personalized treatment strategies to make the therapy maximum efficient. Such an integrated approach ensures that all team members are on track, leading to more coordinated and effective care.

Increased Revenue

EHR data integration can positively impact your healthcare facility's income due to the various opportunities it brings. Primarily, by elevating your medical employees’ productivity and reducing the workload of experts, therapists can conduct appointments with more patients in less time, ultimately boosting patient throughput and revenue generation.

Aside from that, with a payment gateway, EHR systems can automatically capture and record billable services, minimizing the risk of underbilling or billing errors. This can lead to improved revenue capture and optimized reimbursement rates.

Furthermore, the accessibility of comprehensive patient data allows for better patient retention and personalized care. Satisfied customers tend to continue ordering healthcare services at the same facility, promoting patient trust and loyalty, which can positively impact revenue in the long run and make you a leading healthcare provider in the niche.


Reducing Operational Costs

Another core advantage of integration with EHR systems is the significant cost economy. This is possible due to streamlining of workflows and the elimination of redundant procedures occurring in healthcare organizations. Such activities imply the need for manual data entry and physical storage of paper records. With EHR integration, healthcare establishments can free up storage space, Human Resources involvement, and costs. Therefore, by optimizing data exchange, you can avoid duplicate tests, unnecessary activities, setbacks, and administrative inefficiencies. Integrated EHRs also contribute to better inventory management, as medication and supply orders can be directly linked to patient records and treatment plans. This reduces the likelihood of overstocking or stockouts, leading to expense cuts down and improved inventory control.


EHR Challenges

Integrating an EHR system is an innovative movement toward enhancing healthcare delivery, patient outcomes, and operational efficiency. However, you, as a healthcare provider, may face challenges when adopting and integrating EHR solutions. We understand these concerns and offer that our experts can consult and assist you in coping with all the arising obstacles associated with EHR integration.

Compatibility with a Current System

Incompatible systems can lead to data silos, reduced efficiency, and hindered data exchange between departments and facilities. Our team specializes in seamless EHR integration, ensuring that our solution is tailored to complement your current systems, like electronic medical records (EMR), electronic prescription management, and others. We execute all-around compatibility assessments to point out potential integration issues and develop custom interfaces that smoothly fill in the gap between your current systems and the new EHR solution. By optimizing data exchange and communication protocols, we ensure that your EHR seamlessly integrates with your current processes, enhancing the efficiency and productivity of your medical business.

Integration Cost

The PLANEKS team understands the financial constraints faced by healthcare organizations and offers cost-effective EHR integration solutions without compromising on quality or functionality.

We offer excellent value-for-money rates to our clients, understanding their budgetary constraints and tailoring our services accordingly. We put transparency first, ensuring that you are aware of the integration costs from the outset, eliminating any unexpected expenses down the line. Additionally, our efficient integration process minimizes downtime and maximizes ROI, providing you with an accelerated strategy to obtain the benefits of EHR adoption.

Data Privacy

EHR systems store sensitive patient information that requires powerful and reliable protection. Our EHR integration solutions adhere to industry-leading data security guidelines, providing for the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of patient data. At our IT outsourcing agency, we make use of robust encryption techniques, multi-factor authentication, and access control mechanisms to safeguard patient information from unauthorized access or breaches. Regular security testing, audits, and updates are performed to stay ahead of evolving cybersecurity threats. We are profound in introducing compliance with relevant data privacy regulations and ensuring that your EHR implementation meets the highest standards of data protection.
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Why Choose PLANEKS as Your EHR Software Integration Company?

Our Advantages

HIPAA Compliance

Your medical data security and privacy are a top priority for PLANEKS. Our EHR integration services are fully compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations. Applying our powerful data protection strategies and techniques, we achieve adherence to industry best practices, making sure your patient's sensitive information is safe and secure.

Scalable Technologies

Taking care of your healthcare organization's seamless performance, we guarantee that your technology infrastructure is highly scalable. Our EHR integration solutions allow for seamless expansion and adaptability to meet your evolving requirements. For healthcare institutions of all sizes, our solutions can scale up or down without compromising performance or efficiency.

Reduced Time to Market

Time is vital when it comes to implementing EHR solutions. With our streamlined processes and certified team, we ensure a swift and efficient interconnection, accelerating the time to market for your EHR system integration. Introduce secure data exchange and management, allowing your healthcare experts to focus on their core task – delivering outstanding patient care.
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