Product Development Services

Product Development Services


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PLANEKS is a product development agency of team of well-established industry professionals. We provide top-quality digital product development services to suit every budget. Our main strength is the people we have. We do both the technical and managing sides of the work with the highest possible engagement. Our developers never stop learning. We don’t hesitate to implement the knowledge we gained from hundreds of projects in our portfolio in any business area where it’s possible.

Our Solutions

Our custom product development services range from consulting to post-release support


We at PLANEKS believe in the Software as a Service (SaaS) concept as an efficient and user-friendly approach to help our partners solve their business needs fast. Let us help you join this $8 billion industry by developing a custom SaaS solution for your business. Our flexible team will ensure your future SaaS product stays up-to-date and can be easily scaled upon request. Working with us will save you from expanding your internal team, which will speed up your delivery processes and meet the market demands fast.

Technology Product Development

Whether your software development idea is something this world has never seen before or you want to try your luck in a highly competitive area, PLANEKS is here to help. We have just the right skill set to empower you with the development facilities required for your business to make a statement. Tell us about your idea and we could get started in a matter of days. We'll keep in close contact during the whole development process. You will be constantly updated, have full control of the project, and can personally check the results.

Enterprise Software

We at PLANEKS love complex challenges. Ensuring our clients achieve business objectives is our primary focus when developing a software product. Filling the talent gap with wise recruitment and using unique expertise is how our team of professionals provide custom product development services for small and medium enterprises within agreed terms. PLANEKS will help you make the business processes inside your software connected end-to-end. We will develop an all-around custom solution to allow you to put yourself in the best position possible.

IT Consulting

PLANEKS helps businesses innovate and execute their projects to deliver products with robust architecture and suitable technology efficiently. We share a deep knowledge and rich experience of building complex solutions from scratch by providing software product development consulting. Our experts are involved from the outset and come up with product ideation measures that take into account your overall business strategy. So, you can focus on customer needs instead of features that don't enhance user experience.

Product Development Process

How we create digital products

Concept Development

We will make suggestions on how to digitalize your idea. As a well-rounded software product development company, we provide a 360-look at your future product, so you’re sure we’re moving in the right direction and are meeting all your aesthetic and UX expectations. We provide as many product concepts as required to cover all the possible angles and ways to present your future product. Our concept development covers all the device types, screens, and UI variations for you to estimate the feasibility of your idea.


Even the best ideas on paper might not pass the test in the real world. Even the best concept needs to be validated, that's where our Prototyping services are helpful. Prototyping helps you discover major issues that may arise when your product is on the market. It's cheaper to solve issues earlier than on the run. Our offering includes low-fidelity and high-fidelity software prototyping services with the required functionality, features, and underlying tech integrations. Let us build a prototype for your product and make sure there's harmony between your business goals and along the full lifecycle of the product requirements.


Let our tech professionals build your product on the edge of the latest technology and available resources. We'll ensure the eventual product works as smoothly as possible and provides users with all the functionality they expect from your product. More than 100 clients hav trusted us with more than 150 projects, and our engineers took part in every one of them. Transform your business digitally and let it grow in quality and accessibility. Use our in-depth technical expertise to empower your existing engineering team, or let us do all the heavy lifting.


Software is dynamic, so it's essential to see how the performance of an existing code matches the requirements and user expectations. No matter the complexity of the product, its quality should be checked and delivered to the user at the highest possible level. From manual to automated tests, our QA engineers use the best from both worlds to ensure your IT product can handle all the possible lifecycle scenarios. As a result of our work, you'll get a polished product of high quality, with all the functional, aesthetic, and design features implemented according to the development plan.


Feel calm for the launch of your product by empowering it with assistance from a technology product development company. We launched 150+ products, and we know how to predict any unforeseen turn of events. Problems during the launch stage are the easiest way to irritate your clients and lose their trust, but you can prevent this from happening by doing things properly with the help of professionals.

Post Release Support

Any proper product or business evolves fast, no matter how long it's been on the market. Post-release support helps you hear the voice of your audience, understand it, and turn it into a plan. There's no better advertising than constantly improving your product for both new and old customers, allowing their lifetime value to soar. Our technical and creative professionals will be happy to adapt your existing projects to the market requirements, including bug fixing, analytics assessment, and metrics tracking. Let us take care of your product for as long as you plan it to be outsourced.
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What You Get with PLANEKS

Here’s what makes us strong and keeps us doing business

Expertise in Building Products From Scratch

With 150+ successfully released software projects in our portfolio, we at PLANEKS are hard to surprise with any SaaS, enterprise, or product development initiatives. We follow all the engineering standards and modern development methodologies to make sure what we produce deserves the best reviews and brings as much profit as possible. Despite being able to jump onto the moving train at any stage of the development, we feel a special passion for doing projects from scratch. We did the majority of our projects that way, and it displayed the highest possible efficiency. We love seeing the global picture and bringing all our resources to making every piece of it matter.

We Do Feature Management

When we at PLANEKS plan updates or new features for the product, we prioritize user feedback. We constantly invest in researching the audience of a product we create and try multiple ways of keeping up with the client's needs. Implementing in-demand features first helps you increase user interest, enhance the product's image, and speed up monetizing. Basing your development plan on the needs of your users is an acknowledged way to stay relevant, desired, and competitive for any kind of business. There's nothing like an unexecutable software idea for us. Even the most challenging and complex software can be brought to life with the right team. So let's team up and make the product that will lead the market.

We Focus on User Experience

We at PLANEKS pay very special attention to making our projects user-friendly. It doesn't matter how revolutionary the product's functionality is if the user struggles to use it. We use our market researching facilities and vast expertise in the industry to develop a unique and the best possible UX solution for your business. We don't mind both established approaches and creating new visions to fulfill our users' needs. Even if the world never saw a product like yours before, there are UX approaches that would be good for your users to have in your product. Paying proper attention to user experience also helps define customer behavior and the user's journey in your product.

We Do Pre-market Testing

In order to make sure the product we develop meets the demand of target markets and audiences, we always pay exceptional attention to pre-market testing. The data we get while working like this helps make necessary adjustments to the product’s business strategy. We offer multiple ways to check the grounds before launching your products to avoid costly and reputation-unfriendly mistakes. We do our best to merge our strategy and target market features. Correctly done pre-market testing also provides the most accurate feedback on how you compare to competitors. Trust us to make sure your business idea is ready for any possible marketing challenge.


Our industry changes very fast, so we do our best to keep track of it and stay at the frontline of the latest trends and market demands. We are ready to be a service provider for any agile development challenges, from expanding the functionality to changing the development direction mid-work. We fully understand the importance of flexibility for our clients, and we are ready to cover all the necessary adjustments and challenges.

Professional Developers

Despite looking like a new product development agency, PLANEKS is a team of well-established industry professionals. Our main strength is the people we have. We do both the technical and managing side of the work with the highest possible engagement. Our developers never stop learning. We don't hesitate to implement the knowledge we gained from hundreds of projects in our portfolio in any business area where it's possible.

We Track Progress

As an offshore product development company, we understand the importance of transparency for our clients. We provide a detailed look at the state of our work at any stage of the project. You'll be able to track team efficiency, milestones achieved, current product quality, and any other metric you find essential. We are big fans of the agile work approach, so we would gladly add new functionality and other changes to the product we work with at any stage of development. Tracking the progress of our collaboration will assure you that we are moving in the right direction. It will also give you a different perspective which may help you come up with fresh ideas.


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