Offshore Front-End Development Services

Offshore Front-End Development Services


Looking for seasoned front-end engineers with experience in your industry?

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PLANEKS specializes in custom front-end development outsourcing, including consulting, development, testing, and post-production support. Our experts build robust websites, web apps, mobile applications, and other software that requires front-end, back-end, or full-stack software engineering expertise. Looking for a consultant, an engineer, or a remote front-end development team? You’ve come to the right place.


Our Services

The best-in-class front-end development services  from reliable offshore developers to turn your idea into an IT masterpiece.

Hire Offshore Frontend Developers

If you have a unique project that is not on our list, drop us a line, and let’s see how we can help you with custom front-end development.

Tech stack we work with

Our Tech Stack

Our stack includes a wide set of modern front-end technologies.


The backbone of any front end consists of HTML and CSS. Whether we are talking about a single-page application, website, or a complex web platform, there’s no way you can do it without these two. HTML allows building a skeleton of the page, whereas CSS defines what the whole system is supposed to look like. We are aware of the latest tech trends and will choose the optimal solution for your needs.


One of the key libraries of any front-end project. It helps developers streamline and simplify the development process. In simple terms, it’s a collection of HTML, CSS, and, optimally, JS templates used for elements, navigation, and other components of the interface of your front-end system. This library integrates well with other technologies, including Vue.js, React, and so on.


This JavaScript framework is getting more and more popular every day. It has simple syntax, making it easier for both start and further maintenance. It also has a great architecture that provides the setting ground for speedy, robust, and flexible development along with optimal performance of the app or software. Vue.js is also well-documented and has a big community.


By far, React is the most popular JS framework on the market. This technology powers many modern websites and applications. Not only does this library offer convenient access to the view layer of all components, but it also allows developers to use versatile components to create complex yet fast and scalable solutions. Many engineers also use React for content-rich web apps.

How we develop frontend

Front-End Development Process

Understanding the front-end development process will help you properly learn the timeline and calculate your expenses.


Discovery Phase

Once you have contacted us and provided all the necessary information, our experts will conduct a discovery phase to analyze your case and gather business and technical requirements. We will talk to stakeholders and collect their input and expectations. These steps will help us choose the best tech approach, prioritize the scope of work, and align it with the needs of your business. After that, we will finalize the tech stack and overall approach.


Having a birds-eye-view at the potential scope of work (SoW), we will carefully estimate and plan the actual development process. Together, we will define and schedule major milestones. After a careful analysis, we will suggest the optimal team structure to deliver your project according to the expected deadlines and achieve desired results. We will also turn the general SoW into clear tasks for a designer, front-end developers, and other team members.


Once we have planned the work, we will create a basic prototype of proof of concept. It will help you finalize the requirements, get any needed approvals from stakeholders, or pitch further funding to your investors. Prototyping also helps you understand and evaluate major flows, structure, and some basic features and make any necessary changes before starting the actual development process.

Development and Testing

The actual engineering process includes many substages. Our front-end engineers and other professionals will meticulously follow the requirements and develop your product following the best practices and standards of the industry. QA specialists will thoroughly test your website or application to ensure the top quality and the overall readiness for the full-scale launch of the project. We will also provide you with all the necessary documentation.


Whether we are talking about front-end development or any other type of project, it inevitably needs to be deployed somewhere. Experts at PLANEKS have expertise with all major clouds (AWS, MS Azure, GCP, DigitalOcean, Heroku, etc.). If you have a hybrid model of the store on-premises, we can also help. If you have other restrictions for accessing the infrastructure, we will prepare a step-by-step deployment guide and guide you throughout the process.

Maintenance and Support

Once everything is up and running, we will monitor the performance of the website or application, making sure that everything works as expected and according to specifications. If needed, we will make small changes to improve the performance. This phase allows you to test the product in real-life conditions, collect feedback from users, and make amendments covered by the SLA.
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Why Choose PLANEKS as Your Offshore Front-end Development Company

Our Benefits

Learn how you can benefit from frontend development services provided by PLANEKS.

Focus on Startups

Our portfolio features 100+ projects for startups. Being a start-up ourselves, we understand the nuances of working in such conditions, thus, we can support you with our own experience as well as our commercial experience. PLANEKS will help you with validation of your concept, project planning, PoC, or MVP development all the way to the final deployment of the product.

Flexible Engagement Models

Opt for monthly cooperation if you plan on long-term engagement and have a large project in mind. We will find or assign a team of experts committed to your project full time. If you are not sure about the scope of work or don’t have a strict deadline, you can choose hourly involvement of our specialists.

Reasonable Pricing

As a front-end web development company with over 150 successfully delivered projects, we know how important it is to make smart budget-related decisions. Our experts will carefully estimate the potential scope of work, properly plan every part of it, and deliver the best results within the agreed schedule.

Strong Technical Background

We have a team of seasoned engineers that have solid expertise delivering front-end solutions. They possess both in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience. If you need a larger team, we will hire dedicated front-end developers to help you deliver your project according to the needed schedule.

Result-Oriented Team

PLANEKS has gathered a team of professional engineers for hire. They know how to get the job done. There is no path we wouldn’t take to make your project succeed. We are flexible and always adapt to the needs of our clients or market changes that require change in approach, tech stack, requirements, or architecture.

Versatile Portfolio

We have successfully delivered more than 150 projects for our 100+ clients. We are focusing on partnerships with startups and small-to-midsize companies, helping them develop new products, expand their services, automate operations, or discover new markets with their existing offerings.


Our Industry Expertise

While there are 10+ different business domains in our portfolio, we have the most experience with the following verticals. However, we are always ready for a new challenge, so if you haven’t found your industry on the list, just contact us, and we will see whether we can help you.

Offshore Front End Development Services

If you are looking for a reliable offshore front-end development company, choose PLANEKS. Our unique combination of in-depth technical expertise, a good understanding of the processes, and professionals that genuinely care about every project allows us to deliver top results every time.


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