Professional eCommerce Development Services

Professional eCommerce Development Services


Award-winning eCommerce development services for a reasonable price

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PLANEKS provides custom eCommerce development services and helps business owners on stages of the web or app creation: from the creating strategy to the complete realization of the project. Our Python expertise allows building the software and app with high-scalable performance, security, and stability to ensure a positive shopping experience. Whether adding new features, integrating payments gateways, or creating ERP systems from scratch, we will find the perfect solution for you.


What do we offer?

eCommerce Web App Development

We deliver custom eCommerce development services for all kinds of small or mid-size businesses. Our team’s expertise allows us to build powerful platforms for fast, efficient performance with extensive functionality and security based on your specific requirements to reach the maximum profitability of your business. You'll get a unique app built for your business needs.
Offshore Web App Development Services

eCommerce IT Consulting

The consulting service can help you thoroughly analyze your project's difficulties to apply the most efficient solutions to your online store. Our experts are ready to evaluate approaches to building the strategies and their further implementations that match the desired goals. As a result, you get an in-depth explanation of the issue to make your business succeed.

eCommerce API Integration

The integrations enable us to provide you with process automation managed by the different APIs to meet the customers' ever-growing needs. Our deft programmers will integrate many helpful operations such as inventory replenishment, tracking numbers, automated billing, reporting, pickup details, advanced payment options, or improve the cart experience.
API Integration Services
Who are we?

We are an offshore eCommerce development company with experienced programmers and wide domain expertise.

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Which type of eCommerce solution do you need?

eCommerce Solutions

Hire an eCommerce web development company to get custom solutions to fulfill your business objectives. Gain your customers’ loyalty by creating fast and smooth online platforms with the implementation of efficient features like payments, stock optimization, tracking systems, and to better increase consumer satisfaction.

Online Stores

To lead your store to projects that convert, we offer eCommerce app development services to up the exceptional user experience that meets customer expectations. Simplify all the processes with us by integrating user-friendly features to automate the tasks, and achieve a conversion-focused shop.


Our eCommerce software development company handles the automation solutions for your b2b business on Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Gumtree, or any multi-vendor marketplaces. To achieve maximum results, we streamline the processes on required marketplaces for effective selling: stock updates, price optimization, inventory control, multichannel selling, listing templates, tracking systems, delivery efficiency, etc.

eCommerce Aggregators

Our developers will create a feature set to provide one-stop purchases. We facilitate transactions of information between buyers and vendors in a familiar environment. You will get an easy-to-use base for a convenient purchasing venue that can support a great range of products and service options.

Auctions and Bidding Platforms

Get the best eCommerce solution that connects multiple vendors and bidders with end-users. Our team implements selling, trading, and payment features with supporting multiple users on online platforms. We provide third-party integration of payment gateways and marketing tools, set up search and filter functions, reviews & ratings, etc.

B2B Portals

We will ensure the transparency of your transactions and make them easy to track at every stage. Thereby, our developers can integrate features such as an archive of transactions and mutual settlements, the status of payment for current orders, history of consultations, negotiations via chat, and many more.

Ticketing and Booking Solutions

Using Python programming, our custom eCommerce development company develops systems with user-friendly features for booking and reservation solutions. It ensures distribution revenue and facilitates time-consuming processes like payments, scheduling appointments, and managing customers.

Advanced technologies for effective solutions

Our Expertise

Marketplace Automation

The team helps to increase the features to reach your product and makes the process of selection, purchasing, or communication much easier. Automation will let you facilitate the ability to reach more vendors and buyers to save your and your employees' time. We will implement features like order management, multi-channel inventory management, real-time stock updates, vendor and supplier onboarding, price optimization, and data monitoring.

Warehouse Management

To help you optimize specialized business management processes, we will create or upgrade your eCommerce solution with warehouse management. SKU management, stock optimization, warehouse activity records, as well as yard and dock management will allow you to check the real-time status of inventory and product availability, improve supply chain operations, fulfill orders, and more.

CRM and ERP Systems

Great opportunity to manage your potential and current interactions with customers. By integrating CRM and ERP systems, our eCommerce app development company will help you hold all the captured, collected, fixed, and stored key customer data from multiple sales channels in a centralized place. Thus, you will optimize your lead generation, customer support, automation of the collection clients base, human resource management, and complex workflows.

Logistics Management

Our specialists will provide you with the necessary routing and trip management functionality. Track, schedule, and report to complete your orders in time. Unite planning, control, and implementation using the effective logistics management feature to make sure you properly deliver goods from origin to destination.

Inventory Management

You need to keep an eye on your supply chain and ensure that there are no discrepancies in the transparent product flow. We integrate the ability to monitor your store goods in real-time and with functions like reorder agreements, material tracking, and supplier management to help you make sure your stock is up-to-date.

Payment and Billing

Our team will improve eCommerce payment operations and create easy, time-efficient tracking for your expenses and incomes by integrating the necessary payment gateways, facilitating bank transactions, and managing payrolls, as well as implementing a clear dashboard and reporting system.
Hire Offshore eCommerce Developers

Boost your sales with the right technology and feature-righ platform that will lead your business to greatness.


Our eCommerce Tech Stack

Broaden your business opportunities with Python development services.


Django is perfect for developing large eCommerce solutions and building custom apps efficiently and with less code. You can trust this framework when it comes to handling the amount of visitors at the same time and the sales growth scaling.
Django Development Services


Easy and highly performant frameworks for developing minimalistic web applications. It gives an opportunity for startups and small-to-midsize businesses to get reliable speed or scalability.
Flask Development Services

Django Oscar

Despite the universality of Django, Django Oscar is an e-Commerce framework on Python designed for building domain-driven applications. It helps us create a seamless e-Commerce website or app and ensures loading time, a secure payment process while buying and selling products, reliability, and scalability.


A headless platform built especially for eCommerce like an Oscar delivers quick, dynamic, and customized user experiences. Saleor gives you a competitive advantage whether you're a small, medium, or large company of all kinds of inventory.


Our Advantages


Increase Conversions

If your store is poorly presented or unstructured, you could risk missing your clients and a lot of money on the table. Therefore, we take care of creating a stand-out shop to get ahead of your competitors by developing an easy-to-use purchase system, navigation, and other functions that convert into meaningful actions against buying your products.

Operation Automation

Our offshore developers will automate your routines like repetitive tasks, permissions, payments, or simultaneous workload processing to reduce human errors. The team quickly implements and deploys new cross-platform technologies to alleviate all the needed processes to save time, improve productivity, and reduce failures.

Seamless Integrations

We guarantee fully integrated systems on one platform to maximize your business efficiency and avoid discernable errors, complications, or redirects to additional 3rd-party services. It is vital to all the payment processes, picking the product, check-outs, or order processing that significantly increases the user’s satisfaction.

Improve User Experience

With our eCommerce web development service, you can be ensured that your products will have appealing and easy-to-manage navigation, personalized functions, safety, security, or other required options. We will create an effective way for clients to simplify their journey to get products at your store easily.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does eCommerce development cost?
Ecommerce development costs may vary on the developer’s level, location, and hourly rate. Another aspect affected by cost is the integration of third-party components or APIs, software SEO friendliness, and project difficulty. For example, creating an SEO-friendly custom online store for 10,000 products can cost you about $30,000 for both backend and frontend development.
How long does it take to develop a custom online store?
The time of creating the store depends on the size of the organization and its overall complexity. You can get your product’s complete first version in 1-4 months: the more products, features, and integrations you need, the longer it will be.


What do people praise about PLANEKS?

Highly adaptive language allows enlarging your online business with fast production of codes. It ensures security, scalability, user-friendliness, and easy maintenance. Our team is ready to provide you with fully custom development of high-performance and must-have functionality software or apps with required integrations.

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