Which Companies Use FastAPI? – 9 Examples

Which Companies Use FastAPI? – 9 Examples

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One of the powerful tools that has become a true game-changer for companies striving to deliver high-performance APIs is FastAPI. This is a cutting-edge Python web framework that is built to bring high ease of use, rapidity in development, and efficiency in deployment. In this article, we’ll delve into the peculiarities of companies that have incorporated FastAPI in their tech stack. In addition, let’s figure out the concept of this solid framework.

FastAPI is designed based on Starlette and Pydantic libraries, seamlessly combining innovative, asynchronous programming techniques with the capacity of standard Python. The main power of FastAPI can be described as the ability to create APIs swiftly and efficiently due to its integral peculiarities:

  • Automatic data validation
  • Serialization
  • OpenAPI and JSON Schema documentation generation
  • Asynchronous support 
  • Dependency injection system
  • Intuitive API declaration

Such a unique and valuable set allows software engineers to build powerful, reliable, and highly performant APIs with decreased development milestones. However, the advantages of FastAPI extend beyond exceptionally fast development and simplicity. Its asynchronous concept allows it to cope with higher levels of concurrent connections. This is a key feature for applications requiring real-time data, such as eSports platforms, online booking Hospitality software, Fleet management, and Fintech. It integrates seamlessly with other asynchronous Python libraries, contributing to its versatility and adaptability. Yet, to make the maximum from this framework’s opportunities, we recommend you hire FastAPI developers with proven in-depth IT experience. 

FastAPI has become a core tool for many businesses striving to stay competitive within the market digitalization. So, who uses FastAPI? Let’s move on and cover which companies use FastAPI, defining how this robust framework has become the inalienable element of their development strategy, streamlining development workflows, and delivering momentum-fast APIs.


Uber, an industry giant in ride-sharing, employs FastAPI to streamline its web development processes and maximize the reliability of its backend systems. FastAPI’s emphasis on rapid development and deployment aligns seamlessly with Uber’s dynamic operational requirements, enabling swift iteration and a competitive advantage within the market. 

Within these FastAPI use cases, FastAPI’s native support for asynchronous programming enables Uber’s high concurrency and real-time interactions for both drivers and fellow travelers while ensuring seamless scalability. Integration with Python’s ecosystem and the automatic generation of OpenAPI documentation helps the Uber team to collaborate and maintain qualitative code smoothly. What’s more, FastAPI’s performance optimization assists Uber’s global scale, allowing the company to furnish an exceptional service to millions of users all over the world. By adopting FastAPI, Uber has had an opportunity to fulfill the demands of its sophisticated and high-traffic platform successfully.


Netflix is a widely popular subscription-based streaming service that is using FastAPI, offering a vast library of movies, TV shows, documentaries, and original content to its subscribers. FastAPI provides an asynchronous architecture that aligns with Netflix’s need for high-performance and scalable streaming services, catering to the platform’s huge user base. The framework’s rapid API development capacity, automatic data validation, and documentation generation streamline Netflix’s development workflows while accelerating development times in introducing new features. Seamless integration with asynchronous Python libraries supports real-time updates, critical for personalized content delivery. It’s also worth mentioning that FastAPI’s concentration on code clarity and huge community enthusiasm results in the introduction of robust security and continuous refinement, aligning with Netflix’s standards for innovation and reliability in its vast streaming ecosystem.


Microsoft, a tech industry leader, is on the list of the big companies that use FastAPIs, allowing integration with its services. Microsoft’s robust support for WSGI and ASGI-compatible frameworks in Azure Functions extends to FastAPI. This integration capability allows developers to seamlessly integrate Microsoft’s services with FastAPI, leveraging the familiarity of the framework or repurposing existing code. By supporting FastAPI within Azure Functions, Microsoft facilitates a smooth and efficient development process, empowering users to harness the capabilities of both the Azure ecosystem and the versatile FastAPI framework for building powerful and scalable serverless applications.

Expedia Group

Expedia Group, a leading travel technology company, has also included FastAPI in its solution stack for specific projects. This is due to the efficient and high-performance nature of this framework, which aligns well with the demands of a dynamic travel platform like Expedia. As an output, the company is able to design reliable and scalable APIs for a range of functionalities, as well as develop solutions using FastAPI to disseminate market insights and benchmarking information, including competitive analysis. The automatic documentation generation and asynchronous capabilities contribute to streamlining and boosting the development processes, guaranteeing reliability and conditioning smooth interactions within Expedia Group’s extensive suite of travel services. 


According to StackShare, OnlineDoctor leverages FastAPI to provide an efficient and seamless platform for users seeking dermatological consultations. Utilizing FastAPI’s capabilities, OnlineDoctor offers a rapid and responsive experience, ensuring users receive a specialist diagnosis and recommended course of action within a few hours. The framework’s asynchronous design allows for quick data processing, enabling timely interactions between users and their chosen dermatologists. By streamlining the consultation process, OnlineDoctor addresses the common challenges associated with traditional in-person visits, offering a convenient and time-saving solution for individuals seeking expert medical advice for dermatological concerns. 


TravelPerk is a company that offers a platform for booking and managing business travel. Using FastAPI, technicians smoothly develop APIs for handling various aspects of their platform, such as user authentication, booking requests, and travel itinerary management. The asynchronous support is leveraged to handle simultaneous operations, ensuring efficient communication between different components. All these features of FastAPI, in conjunction, help create a robust and scalable backend for TravelPerk’s business travel management platform. 


Primer is a PCI-1 and GDPR-compliant platform that allows businesses to streamline payments, shipping, returns, customer loyalty, and marketplace management. FastAPI’s asynchronous capabilities are useful for Primer.io’s need for a Universal Checkout and Unified Payments API, ensuring efficient handling of concurrent payment requests. Its high-performance design contributes to the platform’s reliability, supporting the 99.99% uptime requirement. FastAPI’s flexibility allows for quick integration of new payment methods and scale operations, fitting in the dynamic payment and commerce stack.


SendCloud, a shipping software provider, leverages FastAPI to enhance its platform’s performance and scalability. With FastAPI’s asynchronous capabilities, the SendCloud team creates a responsive shipping workflow, automating label creation, tracking emails, and returns seamlessly. The framework’s automatic data validation and documentation features ensure a robust API, simplifying integration with external systems. As a matter of fact, SendCloud keeps integrating with e-commerce platforms actively, offering over 50 integrations. FastAPI’s support for modern web standards, including OAuth2 for secure authentication, aligns with the need to protect parcels and businesses in the shipping process. Last but not least, the framework’s ability to handle high traffic and complex data structures optimizes the checkout experience, offering customers the best delivery options. 


EcoCart is an end-to-end sustainability platform offering a comprehensive solution for businesses to analyze, offset, track, and communicate their ecological footprint. The platform, dealing with real-time calculations of carbon footprints for each order, employs FastAPI to handle concurrent requests efficiently, ensuring a responsive and seamless user experience. FastAPI’s automatic data validation and documentation tools enhance the accuracy and clarity of the API, facilitating smooth integration with various components of the sustainability solution. Also, the framework’s ability to handle high traffic and complex data structures aligns well with the platform’s need for processing and presenting real-time impact metrics and sustainability stories.

To summarize

FastAPI has become a fundamental framework in the niche of software development, being especially valued for its speed, efficiency, and versatility. Companies across diverse industries and varied concepts take huge advantage of FastAPI for its ability to streamline API development, delivering such opportunities as automatic data validation, serialization, and seamless OpenAPI documentation generation. Its asynchronous design makes it ideal for handling concurrent connections, ensuring high-performance applications. 

The emphasis on type safety and integration flexibility further contribute to its appeal. It leverages Python’s syntax while providing performance close to that of languages like C and Go. FastAPI’s built-in validation and automatic serialization reduce errors and enhance code reliability. Ultimately, choosing FastAPI accelerates your product development, promotes code clarity, and ensures reliability, which is extremely important in modern and efficient software creation.

FastAPI is a top recommendation for modern web development due to its technical capacity and visible productivity impact. Consider FastAPI to swiftly design a seamless, scalable, and high-performance solution and succeed in the market. Please remember that good companies that use FastAPI are actively employing tech professionals to accelerate the development process, delegate IT-related tasks, and get a seamless solution with guaranteed top-class quality.

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