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About the project

“Every deliverable has been finished on time and with great quality.”

Chloe D.

/ Head of Product at MusicTeam

MusicTeam® is a platform for a new era of artists to manage the metadata efficiently and splits for their musical Works and Recordings. MusicTeam® is committed to facilitating metadata management by providing a proactive, simple, and efficient approach. It is by providing tools to independent and emerging artists that the platform succeeds in showcasing their talent.


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The client:
Canada / UK
6+ months (ongoing)
Team size:
5 people
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Our solution

Learning a new Industry.
It is crucial for any project’s success to clearly understand the industry’s business logic and terms. Rights management and music distribution was a new vertical for PLANEKS, but it wasn’t the first time we had to get smart on a new industry quickly. That is why we followed our common framework for gaining necessary knowledge - identified the most critical bullets during onboarding, gathered the required information, analyzed it, and established proper communication within the team. Our client clearly understood the necessity of appropriate onboarding and prepared essential material for a quick dive-in, which resulted in swift onboarding and rapid progress.
Exports and Release Distribution.
With multiple parties such as Collective Management Organisations needing the musical work and sound recordings metadata, custom exports were created to facilitate the transfer of data. Furthermore, releases distribution requires to send the musical work metadata as well as the recording metadata to Digital Service Providers. DPSs include Streaming Music Services, for example, Apple Music, Spotify, etc. The tricky thing is that each CMO and DSP has its own standards and requires custom data serialization for each format. Musical works and recordings have participants and contributors that could have a split of earnings resulting in royalties. We properly handled every requirement, and now the MusicTeam platform takes care of distributing the income among all of the specified parties according to their income splits.
Payouts Integration.
Finance is one of the key platform segments because there are different ways to distribute musical works. Obviously, all of them require purchasing the distribution rights subscriptions. PLANEKS covered this requirement with the idea of providing maximum flexibility and reliability. As a result, financials could be done in a multitude of ways, currently including all of the major credit card issuers and PayPal accounts.
Release Issues.
Another critical section that required a robust solution. After creating a Release, before being able to distribute, a user is presented with a dynamically generated list of Issues that would prevent the distribution of a Release. These issues are generated using a complex scenario and aimed to provide a user with detailed information about the blockers on the way to release.
The platform is all about collaboration; that is why MusicTeam users need to be notified about most of the actions they are involved in and that are happening in the service: confirmation of recording participation, notification about a user confirming their participation, etc. It was solved by providing maximum opportunities to stay tuned about what is happening. There are now three main ways to deliver the notification to the users: emails, real-time notifications using Stream Activity Feeds, and regular notification feed using a custom solution.
Asynchronous Formsets.
The user has an opportunity to batch upload recordings, which lets him add new forms to the original one to provide corresponding detail. It appeared to be an interesting technical challenge. It was solved in an async manner, so all data is validated and saved asynchronously. Moreover, in each new additional form, we initiate a select2 field where the output result is dynamic and depends on other fields in the form. Also, select2 fields can be filled with a user's email that doesn’t exist in the database so that the system will send an email with the invitation. When you leave the page and come back after a while, the system keeps the progress and restores all the information.


A close collaboration of MusicTeam’s stakeholders and PLANEKS development efforts resulted in the successful release of the v1. Now, the startup is live, which gives the marketing team all they need to promote the service, while v2 is being developed. The exceptionally well-organized project management approach and corresponding technical skills level helped to stay within the budget and implement everything initially planned. Another great result of this collaboration was the Quebec government’s grant secured by MusicTeams’ stakeholders to develop cultural metadata. What an achievement!

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