Pros and Cons of Software Development Outstaffing

Software Development Outstaffing

It seems like the year 2020 has changed the rules of the game in the IT industry once and forever. Even though the vaccination programs are being launched worldwide, the new work process rules established by the coronavirus pandemic are here to stay, especially in the software development industry. 

Of course, outstaff software development was quite a popular thing even before COVID-19. Yet, the lockdown has clearly showcased the full potential this cooperation model can boast of. Companies opting for outstaffing developers lend themselves a helping hand that cuts cost and yet delivers the result required. Sure, there might as well be some disadvantages to such a decision, so we decided to pay closer attention to this matter. Here’s our take on the pros and cons of software development outstaffing.

Team discuss the pros and cons of outstaff software development

Outstaff Software Development | The Cons

Let’s plunge right into the topic and face the adversities a company can potentially encounter when opting for outstaffing developers. Here’s a spoiler: those issues are not that noxious; still, one surely needs to take care of them.

1. Difference In Vision

We are all humans, right? It means that each and every one of us can follow a vision or a philosophy of our own. While companies are just like people, you risk experiencing business approaches’ incompatibility, especially when it comes to outstaffing developers from another country. Different management practices can bring copious problems to the table. Still, it feels like this problem can be easily avoided by a fruitful discussion you can have with your vendor at the very beginning of cooperation.

2. Communication Barriers

Even though the globalization process is booming in full swing, let us not forget that the language barriers have not been erased yet. Namely, the language barrier might become the slightest of problems to experience, as you can always hire a translator. Meanwhile, there is nothing you can do with the time zones and the difference between them. A large difference in time zones can hinder the development process. Imagine that the project’s manager needs to have an urgent call with you, as the programmers required a couple of clear-ups on the product’s features. A 10-hour delay can cause a significant stoppage to your product development.

3. Data Intrusion Risk

While the model of software development outstaffing is being gradually crystalized these days, there is a need to acknowledge that it still entails many risks. Outstaffing always means sharing your ideas. In most cases, you will deal with benevolent and honest vendors who find their image too precious to be hindered and lost because of data theft. Yet, you can never rest fully assured of your informational safety until you patent your idea or sign an NDA.

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Outstaff Software Development | The Pros

Now, as we’re done with the “hard part” of our discussion, let us move to the things that are more pleasant to read. Thankfully, there are more pros than cons to outstaff software development.

1. Funds Control and Efficiency

Let’s face it: when clients look for outstaffing the development processes, they look to cut the product development cost. Well, software development outstaffing is here to serve nothing but this cause. When you opt for outstaffing, you end up paying for nothing else but the product that you ordered. No taxes, bonuses, training expenditures, catering, etc., are there for you to pay for. Moreover, all the outsourced vendors come with their own hardware, which is another significant point to keep in mind. 

Last but not least, when you hire outstaffed developers, you can plan your expenses by choosing among a variety of cooperation plans they will offer. For example, you can choose to pay for the time and material they will spend working on your project, or you can opt for the fixed price services, meaning that you will pay a sum negotiated in advance, no penny less or more.

2. Narrow Specialization and Experience

When looking for outstaffed software developers, you’re seeking nothing else but a narrowly-specialized team to deal with a particular task for you. The project might be a short-term or a long-term one, but the goal is always the same: you want it done by somebody who knows the tricks. When it comes to talking about outsourced software development vendors, they pay special attention to core competencies, meaning you can rest assured that they know what they’re doing.

Oh, by the way, it is quite likely that your project won’t be the first they deal with in this niche. Besides the skill set required, they also have experience behind their backs, which is paramount in developing software. 

Hiring a separate in-house team to deal with the issue would cut a massive hole in your company’s budget, and the effort itself won’t necessarily be crowned with success. It is impossible to provide the right code for your product if you know almost nothing about coding yourself. This is why outsourced software development companies are almost always small coding powerhouses specializing in particular fields, like Fintech, MedTech, IoT, mobile and web development, etc. Hence, opting for outstaffing the developers for your project, you’re most likely opting for a high-quality product.

3. Insurance and Control

When you hire an outstaff software development agency, you gain more control over the project’s cost and delivery pipeline. At the beginning of your cooperation, you will have a meeting to discuss the product delivery deadlines, the product’s quality standards, payment ratio, etc. That is, even before the first line of the code has been written, the two parties are utterly aware of their responsibilities and obligations before each other, which brings not only clarity but also orderliness to the very process. You can’t do this when hiring an in-house team of developers, as they have no interest in finishing your project on time. They are paid as long as they are working on it, so why bother working faster?

4. Flexibility

Developing new technologies is a costly endeavor, and you have to plan every turn you will take on your journey before you even start. Still, the itinerary looks more flexible when you want to outstaff the developers. Everything you have to do is find a good software vendor and let them become your guide in the world of technological decisions. A decent outsource software developer will also take your project into working regardless of the stage you’re stuck at. They have all the resources and skills required to take over it halfway gone or build it from scratch. Flexibility matters in today’s business, and software development outstaffing is your chance to reach it.

Let’s Sum It Up

It is crystal clear that outstaffing developers is a rather beneficial than detrimental decision to make. Sure, there are some disadvantages to the process, as you might need some time to establish efficient communication with the vendor of your choice. However, those issues can be dealt with, and they won’t affect your project even by the slightest bit. Meanwhile, the advantages brought about by such an incentive hard to deny, as it saves cost and ensures the impeccable quality of the product you receive. It seems like outstaff software development is what you need when looking to kill two birds with one stone.  

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