Atlas RMS


Atlas RMS Case Study

“They were ahead of schedule and built far more advanced than expected!”

Turi Mercuri

/ Founder & CEO, Atlas Restaurant Management Systems

ATLAS RMS is a fully integrated, cloud-based management system that increases profitability by streamlining and automating a restaurant’s daily operations. By intelligently collecting data from existing software (POS, Labour, Reservations, Inventory, and other software systems), AtlasRMS compiles all of the business’s most meaningful KPIs into one central, easy-to-read Dashboard. In addition to this, AtlasRMS uses this same data for the proprietary 3-Point Check™ advanced forecasting module, PDF reporting, and Advanced Trend Tracking Calculations. Atlas RMS employs all of these features to increase the accurate data transparency, which in turn increases efficiency, which accomplishes Atlas RMS’s primary goal: increasing profitability.


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The client:
Atlas RMS
Restaurant Automation
United States
6+ months (ongoing)
Team size:
10 people
Atlas RMS dashboard


Our solution

Requirements & Solution

Provide management with actionable data

Atlas connects restaurant’s labour, sales, reservations, and inventory systems to give owners and managers one place to view the entire business performance. Data compiled from existing software is displayed in one central, easy-to-read «actual vs. target» KPI dashboard.

Cut huge losses of Labour and Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)

Atlas RMS increases profits by dramatically reducing the two most volatile and impactful costs a restaurant has: COGS and Labour. It gives the ability to monitor expenses against your budget daily.Atlas controls labour by:

  • Increasing Forecast Accuracy, which means Improved scheduling
  • Measuring labour daily and identifying trends early so as not to fall behind
Atlas controls labour by:
  • Tracking purchases budgets daily/weekly
  • Measuring COGS daily/weekly

 Forecasting & Trends

3-point check forecast module:

  • Uses 3 recent data trend points to ensure accuracy
  • Proprietary «walk-in %»
  • Automatically checks scheduled Labour VS Target
  • 50% more accurate than the traditional model

Modern, clear, autogenerated reporting

Now restaurant managers and owners get auto-generated reports, where they find relevant information quickly, while the report itself is:

  • Always accurate
  • Clean and easy to read
  • Easy to share


Technologies applied in the restaurant industry resulted in managers having more time, less stress, and bigger profits. Automation gives More Time, Control causes Less Stress, Efficiency increases Profits.

Assess your business potentials and find opportunities for bigger success


How our services bring about success

99 %

Job success rate


only by our clients

$ 120 mln

raised by our clients

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