Is Django Still Good in 2022?

Is Django Still Good in 2022?

Asking whether Django is still any good in 2021 is the same as asking whether your project’s success is still topical. Web software development with Django is a path to follow when you want your web platform to be built swiftly, cost-efficiently, and easily. Made by developers for developers, Django is nothing else but a high-level Python web framework encouraging pragmatic design and rapid development. Django allows you to focus on your project without the need for reinventing the wheel. Taking into account the enhanced security measures and the workload capacity Django is capable of processing, there is a preliminary conclusion to be made; Django is still good in 2021. Today, we are going to tell you why.

Django for Everybody

One of the major reasons Django is a solid pick for your project is that it is ubiquitously compatible. That is, you can apply it to any kind of project, both from business and tech perspectives. Regardless of whether you’re trying to create a unique web platform or whether you’re looking for a reliable open-source solution, Django software development is exactly what you need. Interested in learning some fascinating stories of success where the Python+Django combination played a pivotal role? Here we go!

How about we start with Instagram? That’s right! The world’s most popular network is built with Python and Django. If you wonder why the developers have opted namely for this duo, well, the answer is obvious. Instagram is meant to efficiently process mammoth volumes of data and ensure smooth user interaction. Django features a lot of ready-to-implement tools that will let you cater to the highest standards of user-oriented UX and UI design. There’s a lot more you can do with Django, and we’ll talk more about it soon. 

Do you find these features crucial to your project? Do you want your platform to be as capable as Instagram? Opt for Django and build incredible projects from scratch. By the way, if your next stop on today’s network surf is the news websites, make sure to check The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The Guardian, as they’ve also been coded using Django web development with Python.

You should also know that there is hardly a better option for creating an MVP of a web platform or conducting a POC than Django web development with Python. Django comes along with an already crafted reusable app called django.contrib.admin. It enables you to check your web app’s interface and data models while writing almost no code. The benefits are obvious:

  • If you’re checking a data model, it will take you roughly four code lines to make sure its CRUD interface is working properly.
  • It is a good platform for learning the full potential of the Django ORM.
  • Simplistic API and refined user interface will help you visualize your web app and get an idea of what needs changing.
  • There is an administration panel that you can use to check each of your models.

It seems like the Django+Python combination is quite a match to enjoy when it comes to creating an MVP and proving your project’s concept in the most cost-efficient of ways possible.

Oh, one more thing, we’ve almost forgotten. Given Django’s popularity, it will be easier for you to find skilled developers, as compared to hiring old-school Java or .Net. For example, Ukraine, one of the most popular software outsourcing markets, boasts more than 22,000 Python developers, which once again testifies to the fact that web software development with Django is chosen by many for a reason.

Easy-Peasy, Django-Squeezy 

Using Django for software development is like using a sharp knife for cutting – it gets the job done regardless of the circumstances. Some of Django’s features will surely come in handy when it comes to web development. For example, Django will provide you with:

  • A caching framework;
  • A gis framework;
  • Authentication backends;
  • An ORM for checking databases and models;
  • A forms framework;
  • Storage backends;
  • Class-based views;
  • Messages and session frameworks;
  • Template engine;

There are a lot more fascinating features that Django offers for web developers. Yet, the most interesting part is looking into what you can actually create with Django. While the framework was initially crafted as a web application for a newspaper publisher, it has reached far beyond the margin of its target designation and is now used to create:

  • Financial platforms capable of analyzing, synthesizing, and calculating approximate results and indexes.
  • B2B CRM systems for alleviating the communication between businesses.
  • CRM systems for custom management and maintenance of internal data.
  • High-load shopping and booking platforms.
  • Communication facilitation platforms.
  • Document management and maintenance systems.
  • Legal issues processing platforms, e.g., verifying loan payments, etc.
  • Evaluation systems for the real estate and other industries.
  • iOS and Android apps supporting integrations with web applications.

Another thing you should know about Django is that it can also fill in the shoes of a supplementary framework used to deliver some discreet, separate features. For example, you can harness Django’s potential to create:

  • Emailing and notification systems.
  • Algorithm-driven generators.
  • Data analytical tool.
  • Advanced logic filtering systems capable of processing data in the dynamic loop.
  • Admin dashboards.
  • Fund management interfaces.
  • Photo-based identity verification systems.

As you can see, Django is more than a mere framework. It is a universal tool for checking, proving, and developing your web platform while omitting and eliminating mistakes. So, if you ask whether Django is any good in 2021, stay assured it is.

Opt for a Single Technology Focus Vendor

Last but not least, if you’ve decided to stick with Django for your project, here is a bit of advice for you. It would really help if you opted for a software vendor with a single technology focus on Python/Django. As a matter of fact, there is a host of advantages for you to experience when opting for a tech partner with a narrow tech specialization.

  1. They’re surely better at what they do than a tech generalist. Whether you need end-to-end development services or an MVP development, a single technology partner knows everything about the technology you need to use. 
  2. They know everything about the technology you’re interested in means lower upfront cost for you, as you won’t have to pay twice. Very often, companies have to switch vendors because of scarce tech experience and expertise. It would be wiser to choose the right partner than starting everything from scratch all over again.
  3. Choosing Python to outsource a vendor may be troublesome, yet the vendor’s narrow specialization is a sign to consider. It will surely save you a lot of time, which you can use to focus on your core business.
  4. With a single technology focus partner, you get long-term assurance of having all the Django software development issues covered. All of your organization’s projects’ Python-related components will be dealt with in the long run, meaning you can plan in advance, which is crucial for your business strategy.
  5. Also, bear in mind that you will spend less on utilization and training when working with a specialized tech partner. Just imagine always having a dedicated team ready to deal with any technical Python-related issues your platform might only experience.
  6. Finally, with a single technology vendor, you can calculate your budget more efficiently. Forget about tons of invoices coming from copious freelancers which you used to hire to do one job. There is only stability and efficiency waiting for you in this scenario. 


Whenever you start developing a project you need to keep your end-users in mind. Namely, your users would like Django web development with Python to be the framework that you opted for. It would help your project if you understood that the world needs your project to be done with Django because it ends up being easy to handle on both sides. User-friendly interfaces and advanced security measures, coupled with all the integrations your product might need to succeed, are everything you need to build a brilliant web application. Drop us a line, as we know everything about Django, and we’ll gladly share our knowledge with you.