What Is Django Used for?

What Is Django Used for?

What unites game development, web development, AI/ML solutions, and data science? They all require Python or Python frameworks to develop. Any business that wants to implement these cutting-edge solutions needs Python professionals. It comes as no surprise that Python hasn’t left the top five programming languages in years. It is beginner-friendly, does not require a strong tech background, and offers many easy-to-use frameworks that businesses have benefited from. In this article, we will focus on just one of such frameworks–namely Django. 

Django is an open-source and free-of-charge Python-based web framework. In this article, you will discover the key Django use cases in different industries, the solutions you can build using the framework, and how you can benefit from Django usage.

According to a Statista survey, Django has made it to the world’s top 10 most used frameworks. It is ranked ninth, with a Django usage percentage for web apps of 15% of respondents using it. SimilarTech reports that Django is one of the most used frameworks in the US. Almost 15K websites developed there were built based on Django. 

So, many businesses, including giants such as NASA, Atlassian, Instagram, and Spotify, use the Django framework for their solutions. Now, let’s look at the industries that use Django most.  


When it comes to building a solution that will process sensitive data, Django is widely used for personal data management, online payments, etc. 

Django hides the source code by default, and it is one of the frameworks that respond to a vulnerability the fastest. It has a robust user authentication model, and your development team can configure different users on your platform. Also, the framework alerts other frameworks about patches they should make to maintain security. 


When building a solution that will process sensitive data, there is no other like Django. So, no wonder the solution is widely used in the healthcare domain that deals with peoples’ health records. And here is why.

Django hides the source code by default, and it is one of the frameworks that responds to a vulnerability the fastest. It has a strong user authentication model, and your development team can configure different users on your platform. Also, the framework alerts other frameworks about patches they should make to maintain security levels. This all makes Django a very suitable choice for healthcare-related software. 

Telemedicine software

Telemedicine software is an online platform that patients can use to order remedies, sign up for online appointments, and access their health records. It can provide information on the schedule, patients’ records, etc., to the doctors. AI-powered Telemedicine software can be built with Python Django because it is one of the most efficient ways to develop an AI-powered solution. Python, a programming language behind Django, is an easy-to-write and easy-to-read language commonly used for artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions.

Electronic health records (EHR) software

EHR software is a system that helps hospitals manage patient medical records and automate clinical workflows. EHR systems allow to:

  • Create customizable templates for taking notes during patient appointments;
  • Generate reports on efficiency and compliance with government programs;
  • Communicate with patients and staff (e.g., notifications on appointments).  

Medical billing software

Django is a good choice for medical billing software because it has special libraries for payment processing and is highly secure. Medical billing software is a computer application that automates the healthcare billing process. Billing software includes functionality to address every part of the medical billing workflow, from scheduling appointments to processing payments. 


Transportation is an industry requiring high flexibility. For instance, if it comes to fleet management, the number of vehicles and their state can change. So, it is vital to be able to introduce these changes to the fleet management platform promptly. At its core, Django is just a series of components of Python, wired up and ready to go. These components are not dependent on each other, thus easy to scale.

Fleet management software

Fleet management is a complex process that covers many aspects. Managing hundreds of vehicles, tracking devices, or critical metrics manually is nearly impossible. So, many businesses opt for fleet management software app or web development with the help of Django. 

For instance, Spark – the Norway-based client of PLANEKS. Our customer needed help building a customized application for energy efficiency. We used Python, PostgreSQL, Celery, amCharts, and MS Azure, apart from Django, to deliver the quality solution. 

Together with the client, our professionals managed to build an application with a highly user-friendly interface. The users of the app get increased transparency on their fuel consumption overview. Spark vessels are ranked within the fleet according to fuel efficiency. The data is available on the smartphones of the staff. So, everyone can see an energy efficiency ranking of all vessels at any given time.

Warehouse management software 

Gartner defines it as a software application that helps manage the operations of a warehouse or distribution center. This software can receive, put away, locate stock and orders, and manage inventory, packing, and shipping. Django is a good fit for warehouse management development, as Django is famous for its scalability and reliability. 

NEMT software

NEMT software optimizes non-emergency medical transportation services by providing scheduling, routing, and billing management tools. This software works with sensitive data of such passengers, so the high-security level that Django offers makes it the best fit for such software. 


Python Django is famous for its frameworks and libraries for eCommerce development. However, each framework has its purpose and functionality. For instance, Django Oscar supports high eCommerce customizations for vouchers, products, and payment gateways. The Saleor, at the same time, offers progressive web app online shopping with enhanced SEO and analytics features. The Cartridge works as a Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD) licensed shopping cart, supporting eCommerce features such as promotional codes and anonymous checkouts.

Some other helpful eCommerce Frameworks for Django are Django Oscar, Saleor, Django Shop, Django Shuup, and Cartridge. You can learn more about why Django is good for eCommerce.  

Online stores 

Django is widely used when developing online stores. For instance, the PLANEKS team has established cooperation with EuropaFoodXB, the UK-based European food supermarket. With the help of Django and Django Oscar, PLANEKS professionals have built a robust, durable, and time-saving platform full of functionality. Our client’s customers got a new, user-friendly, modern online store full of benefits for their best shopping experience.


Django is a popular marketplace for those who want to build a marketplace able to withstand  high loads. The reasons are all the same: using this framework, we will help you to build a scalable and reliable solution. 

Booking platforms 

Booking platforms benefit from Django, as it provides in-built libraries and packages. They, in turn, enable tasks such as user authentication, content administration, custom menu designing, session management, and other features which are important for booking platforms.

Smaller hotels often times choose Django to manage their bookings, as you get reliable solutions for a reasonable price. This shows us the power of this framework and how it is built to efficiently manage any number of orders, deliveries, and other services.

Ticketing platforms

Django framework is perfect for building solutions for managing user registrations and invoices, generating revenue summary reports, and canceled invoices. So, it is no surprise that the framework is used for ticketing platform development. 


Django gives you the speed of Python with many additional built-in features to help build software for hospitality and APIs quickly.

Restaurant automation software 

PLANEKS team has built restaurant automation software for one of our clients–Atlas RMS. With the Django framework, we built a solution that connects restaurants’ labor, sales, reservations, and inventory systems to give owners and managers a single platform to view the entire business performance. 

Restaurant management software

Like other industries, the Hospitality industry benefits from Django’s structured nature. Projects that appreciate the efficiency of code, data management, and security, and an organized system that can scale well over time, for instance, restaurant management software, are the best fit for Django.


Django is highly productive and can help you develop online tournament management platforms and real-time score tracking apps. The framework can be used to develop, for instance, an outstanding scoreboard app or apps such as Soccer Scores web applications, Sports Club Management System, and others. 

Online tournament management platforms

One of PLANEKS clients–Upcomer– a comprehensive companion app for following eSports in real-time. With the help of Django and other tools, we stabilized, optimized, and refactored. It now aims at one million active users a month. 


Software built with the help of Django allows companies to reduce human involvement and waste, increase flexibility, and optimize decision-making. Industrial automation software 

With the help of Django, Celery, and PostgreSQL, s, we built an industrial automation platform for one of our clients. This framework allows developing an administration portal from scratch or just modifying a built-in one to manage your asset data and retrieve regular reports easily. 

Autonomous driving platforms

Such platforms should be able to withstand high loads of data. Autonomous driving is impossible without high technology that can analyze extensive data sets. BothPython and Django are among the tools used to create such innovative solutions because the framework supports managing large amounts of data by design. 

What is Django used for? 

One of the main benefits of Django is that it’s suitable for building numerous types of solutions. Compatible with most databases, it is a versatile web framework that can be used to develop a project of any size.

Data-Driven Dashboards

Django is frequently used to develop data analysis tools and data-driven dashboards because it provides many popular high-quality Python libraries for data analysis. The framework provides a user-friendly approach to pulling data or information from multiple resources to a single database for further processing and analysis.  

XaaS (everything as a service)

The framework is widely used in SaaS, Paas, and IaaS development. For instance, PLANEKS developers have been working with Taxomator. This is a SaaS for Amazon and Etsy sellers that automatically synchronizes invoices to accounting software. As a result of this partnership, we delivered a secure solution that helps our client to release timely updates, get feedback from users, prepare the roadmap for the new features to implement, and satisfy clients’ requests.


Django features a useful tool called Django Admin that allows the building of customizable CRM and ERP systems for internal data. That is why you may not need to develop an administration portal from scratch. You can only modify the built-in solution to fit the requirements of your client’s reputation management system.

API (API development)

With the help of Django and other tools and technologies, PLANEKS provides custom API development services. API development with the help of Django helps businesses expand their operations, make their applications and platforms feature-rich, provide better services to their own customers, and get results faster.  

Social Media Platforms 

Social media platforms need a scalable web framework that supports an unlimited number of user accounts. As far as scalability is concerned, Django supports leveraging horizontal scaling. 

The independent nodes can run your Django code separately from the database and session storage. As they are independent, web nodes can quickly scale and allow applications to work with many parallel requests. 

Online news magazines

Online news magazines, including such media giants as the Washington Post, use Django to handle their significant traffic, as the framework was created to power scalable content-based web applications.

What Django is best for?

Django framework is very versatile, so many different websites are developed using Django frameworks. Even such giants Instagram, Spotify, Dropbox, the Washington Post, and others may have been very different without Django. So this framework will most likely be a good fit for your project if you need to complete your solution promptly, value security, and want to develop a reliable and scalable service able to withstand high traffic.


With the help of the Django framework, a reliable Django development company can build a minimum viable product for enterprises, small to midsize businesses, and startups. 

Software for startups

With Django, it is possible to tackle projects of any size and capacity, as you can make applications that handle heavy traffic and large volumes of information. Also, the framework is cross-platform, meaning that your project can be based on Mac, Linux, or PC. Last but not least, it works with most major databases and allows using a database that is more suitable for a particular project or even multiple databases simultaneously.

Third-party API integration

Django is famous for having libraries with pre-written codes, scripts, and configuration data. If you want to develop API, you can use the Django REST framework that will help you configure authorization options, supported methods, data serialization, API documentation, etc.

Django is a perfect framework to choose for a wide array of tasks and industries. But hold on! Professionals are challenging to come by. At PLANEKS, we value professional Django development and are ready to meet your business needs. With years of expertise and leading-edge technology, we will help you implement top-notch Django-based solutions.

Contact PLANEKS Django experts today and benefit tomorrow.

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