Why Should You Use Flask for Web Development?

Why Should You Use Flask for Web Development?

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In web programming, engineers opt for using solid web programming languages and frameworks to achieve rapid implementation and top-class product quality. According to the Stack Overflow Developer Survey conducted in 2021, Python is estimated to be the third most widely used programming language in 2021, with global popularity of 48.24%. 

Flask is a Python-based microframework for accelerated and straightforward web product architecture. With it, developers can create concise web solutions as well as scale up to more complex products comprising sophisticated functionality. What’s more, it has no dependencies on external libraries, requires minimal scripting, and supports APIs. Many web developers opt for Flask when they need a lightweight codebase.

This micro-framework is included in the top 20 most wanted web frameworks due to the 2022 Stack Overflow Survey, which is a pretty solid mark. Market giants like LinkedIn, Netflix, Twilio, and Uber use Flask to achieve high quality for their web platforms. The concept of “micro-framework” implies that the Flask’s core is kept plain and extensible, so developers are able to adapt it depending on the requirements of the project. 

Flask is a so-called WSGI framework. This stands for “web server gateway interface.” In essence, this refers to the method applied for web servers to transfer the requests of web solutions or frameworks. Flask is based on the external WSGI library, accompanied by Jinja2 design templates.

Let’s take a look at the main features and benefits of this micro-framework and answer the question: is Flask good for web development within your project?


One of the key benefits of Flask is its components and features – they are lightweight and explicit. The framework itself is small, which ensures better performance and utility. In addition, it comprises only the required functionality needed to design web products with no excess features. Flask is an excellent choice to optimize the creation of a web solution, with the opportunity to build both simple and more sophisticated web applications. Due to this fact, this framework meets the requirements of any project regardless of its size, complexity, scope of work it incorporates, and essential purposes. 

By applying “light” to the web framework, we are referring to the way it is built – Flask covers a few building blocks that need to be created or modified and provides independence from a vast number of extensions for performance. This concept provides Flask engineers with an additional layer of control.

Flask is excellent in case the concept of your project requires Microservices implementation. In addition, developers can utilize any required number of its extensions built on top of Flask to rapidly prototype, create and launch Microservices. Accordingly, the software functionality can be divided into many standalone services that communicate with each other via APIs. Taken together, such an approach makes the web architecture flexible, easily modifiable, and testable.

Affordable development 

Flask enables developers to accelerate the process of product implementation and code debugging. The extensions built on top of this framework allow tech experts to cut down the overall time-to-market. 

Rapid implementation is conditioned by the framework built on top of Flask called AppBuilder (F.A.B.), the fundamental purpose of which is to make the development process much more efficient. Developers can enrich their capabilities with detailed security, auto CRUD (create, read, update and delete) generation for their models, Google charts, and many other features delivered by this extension. 

Apart from this, Flask functionality comprises an embedded Debugger. It shows a range of debugging insights during the implementation flow. With it, the debugging process is smooth and optimized.

Owing to these facts, the expenses decrease in parallel. This is facilitated by the direct dependency between the tech services costs and the number of hours spent on the project implementation. 

Easy-to-find developers offshore

Finding the necessary developers with deep expertise is simplified in the case of Flask. Due to the fact that it is the most popular Python framework, the number of offers from Flask developers is also pretty decent. The offshore IT market spans the vast pool of offers to hire Flask developers, which will decrease the web product implementation costs with the remote partnership capabilities. The opportunity to find IT specialists globally is an excellent way to hire a tech partner with reasonable rates. Thus, you will save outgoings with the remaining top-notch performance of a qualified tech vendor who fully reflects your demands for the project. 


A solid protection of web apps is one more vital reason why companies use Flask. This framework enables you to implement the basic security mechanisms into your web solution such as:

  • JSON Security
  • Security headers
  • HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS)
  • Content Security Policy (CSP)
  • X-Content-Type-Options
  • X-Frame-Options
  • Set-Cookie options
  • HTTP Public Key Pinning (HPKP)
  • Copy/Paste to Terminal

These reliable methods eliminate the possibility of data leakage and avoid not only significant financial losses but also law-associated issues. You protect your users from potential hacking activities and fraud, which are also the key purposes of why companies use Flask. 

Flexibility and extensibility

Among the benefits of Python Flask also has, we may mention flexibility and extensibility. Within the web app implementation, you are able to advance your product capabilities. It becomes possible with special extensions that ensure a more sophisticated functionality to a Flask solution. Apart from this, even in case there is no extension that fits your demands, there’s always the opportunity to design your own.

Such flexibility allows creating a web product tailored to your business’s specific requirements and successfully meeting the demands of your target audience. Extensibility substantially enriches your web app’s functionality and allows more customization opportunities with the high velocity of implementation and deployment.

Free of charge 

The leverage of Flask configurations and conventions is free-of-charge. The large contribution and engagement of the tech community, in conjunction with the fact that the framework is open-source, are also the advantages of Flask. The community-maintained extensions are also ready for usage with no fees required. 

Besides, when talking about open-source, we refer to the publically accessible code that requires no fees for utilization. It is designed by enthusiasts driven by the will to share their original concepts and ideas with the Flask community. Such a contribution is made with pure involvement that guarantees unique opportunities and features for your Flask-based software.


Flask is a good framework for startups since, with it, you are able to implement a laconic web product even in case you still don’t have the further development vector and build the gradual strategy within its scaling capacity. Consequently, even in case your initial project is small yet promising and guarantees accelerated expansion, but the following plan isn’t thoroughly built, then you should opt for Flask. Its usage transparency and few reliances allow seamless operation even within the up or downscaling.

Flask is a popular framework for designing web applications rapidly. The fact that it’s the most policed and feature-rich micro framework has made it one of the most famous Python frameworks. The opportunity to leverage it for both huge-scale and small projects defines its versatility and flexibility. You are welcome to benefit from its lightweight code, accelerated template, solid WSGI functionality, and comprehensive documentation. Thus, Flask is a robust option for startups as well.

We, at PLANEKS, use the broad spectrum of Flask’s strengths to develop high-performing web solutions that help our clients to gain the first position on the market. If you want to become an industry leader, it’s high time to switch to the renovation path with qualified IT vendors who will enhance your products, services, and business approaches, using state-of-the-art technologies.

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